Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wheeler Farm

I love UEA weekend! 
 It's a true rarity when I will have all 4 of my kids on the same weekend that Mike has off. So this weekend we truly lived it up! :-)
Today my mom took us to Wheeler Farm's Pumpkin Days
I haven't been to Wheeler Farm for years and forgotten how fun it is. 
But this time of year they put on the Pumpkin Days and Hay Maze event. Which we never been too but were very excited when I looked it up on-line. 

My kids were so excited to see all the fun farm animals. 
I think they would have been satisfied to just pet all the animals and me not bug them for a photo.

Proud momma moment. While feeding the cows Hailey overheard 2 boys squeal and scream when the cow licked their palms when grabbing the grass. The mother of these 2 boys tells them to be careful-Cows are not pets. They'll bit their fingers right off. Hailey tells the boys, "Cow's don't have top teeth so they won't bit your fingers off. They use their tongues to grab their food. " Then she shows them how to feed a cow (palm up) They boys looked at her like she was a weirdo. Hailey looks at me and I reassure her that she's right. I was impressed she remembered all this from her farm field trip last year.  After I praised her for teaching them about cows she then calls those boys, "City Kids." Too funny! I can't help but agree. What sort of mom dresses in heels, bangles, and Chanel to go to a farm? You know there's poop everywhere. I love it! Back to our trip.....

 "Oh my gosh! Bunnies" said Lily.
 I could not get 1 of my children to look at me long enough to take a photo. So most of my pictures are half faced, rolled eyes, or turned heads. Oh well.... in this photo my mom is trying to get Ducati's attention long enough so I can take a picture. She's tempting her with a leaf. Not much but all I needed was 3 seconds which is about how long Ducati turned her head towards me.
 My mom and Mason checking out the pigs.
 Lily's just staring at the piglet. I'm really not sure what's she thinking but she looks puzzled.
 "Ducks! I love ducks." said Ducati and Hailey at the same time.
 Lily wanted to feed the ducks but I didn't have any bread so she got creative. She was going to toss in a huge pile of leaves ( I stopped her in the knick of time) but I couldn't help but laugh at her creative genius thinking.
 Hailey really enjoyed herself here. I think she kept hinting to me that she wants a pet duck.
 While my mom went to purchase wagon tickets she also picked up 2 bags of duck food. I had no idea that they sold duck food. Oh well....we were all grateful. Now to only have my kids share. :-)

 Next was a wagon ride. It was a nice little ride.
 Mason, Lily and my mom.
 I don't like the photo with Cati and me. It's alittle blurry but I do very much like her smile. So it's worth posting just so see that smile.

 The wagon ride was...lame! Maybe it's better at night with all the lights but my kids just kept laughing when they seen a mask with a garbage bag body.
 Hailey she couldn't help but laugh when she seen a bunch of cardboard witches standing in some trees.
 She couldn't stop laughing which means I couldn't help but laugh too.
 But I can't complain. Laughing kids are WAY better than scaried kids.
After the wagon ride the staff handed out candy so we took a quick break to enjoy the sweet treat.
Now a quick play break to work out some of that sugar.

 Next, Hay Maze. Ducati wasn't a fan of this so she stood with my mom while Mason, Hailey, Lily and I went for a little adventure.
♪♪ We are lost, We are lost. I don't know where to go. ♪♪
 Twist with turns, climbing through holes, and walking in circles I finally did the grown up thing and peaked over the hay piles and seen the route to the exit.
 We were all excited to get out of there.
 Last but not least, the pumpkin patch. The tickets for the Pumpkin Days includes a pumpkin from their patch. So everyone got to pick their own favorite, funky, orange pumpkin.
 I say funky since most were very oddly shaped. But it's OK- it adds character to them.
These kids had so much fun. 
 When Mike got home from work he was overwhelmed with all the stories each kid was trying to tell him about the farm. I'm really glad that my mom treated us to such a great afternoon.
And I know my kids had alot of fun since the drive home Cati fell asleep. Sleeping kids means success!

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