Wednesday, October 10, 2012

FHE: Popcorn Trees

After conference Mike and I made a promise that we were going to spend the entire Monday night as family night. Usually it's a quick hour then we're all off doing separate things. So tonight was the first of our entire nights together. 
For FHE it was Mason's song, Hailey's scripture, Dad's treat, Lily and I did the prayers, and Ducati had the lesson. 
For her lesson she shared with us her favorite primary song,

" ♪♪ I looked out the window and what did I see. 
 Popcorn popping on the apricot tree ♫" 

She's sounded so cute singing it. But for our family activity she wanted to make popcorn trees. 
After looking up an easy recipe the day of I took Cati to get her ingrdients. Popcorn and marshmallows. Easy enough :-)

Bad pixels on these photos since I just used my iPod. But the memory will last much longer so that's alright.
Everyone had a sheet of aluminum foil for their working stations. I greased everyone's hands, melted some marshmallow into bowls, and popped 2 bags of popcorn. Then everyone mixed, shaped, and molded their popcorn onto their sticks. It was funny when we would take a bite into them and then the tree would collapse onto our foil trays. I were suppose to wait a few minutes so the marshmallows could harden again but.....we couldn't wait. :-) 
 This evening was so much fun. It was nice to take the time and spend an entire night with each other since it hardly ever happens anymore.
Next week is my turn for the lesson....what to do? what to do? :-)

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