Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Color Date

I have been wanting to do a Color Run for so long now. Doesn't it look like so much fun?
You run (or walk to enjoy the fun alittle longer) and the staff throws Holi powder at you. Which is just dyed corn starch. So after the run you look like this young lady. All smiles :-)

But things just never worked out in my favor when these runs have come around. Either we didn't have the money for registration or Mike worked, or no sitter. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

While the girls were playing at a friends house I set up a quick date for Mike and I.
First I needed to take a short drive to an Indian gift shop. They sell these bags of Holi powder for $2 a bag.
Next I told Mike to dress in his most crummiest clothes (since this stuff does somewhat stain). BUT he had to wear a white shirt. He was alittle confused but he gladly followed instruction. I packed a little snack for our date and drove up the nearest canyon. 

We hiked until I could find the most perfect spot. Flat ground, trees to provide some cover, and secluded. Then I informed Mike of what we were doing. He was alittle confused on what
 "A Color Date" 
was until I pulled these bags out of my sack. 

 We were both pretty excite. Here's us BEFORE


 You can see my hand print on his shirt. At least I think it's my hand print :-)
 That's OK because I got him good. His entire neck was red. haha :)
 And you can see which color he used the most of.

We had so much fun. Afterwards we had a little snack then enjoyed the hike back to our car. It was pretty fun to see all the other hikers just smile when they seen us coming. 
I think I am addicted to these powders. We had so much fun! We want to plan a family "Color" date sometime soon. Yeah for messy dates! :-) ♥

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