Tuesday, October 2, 2012

43 cent dress

I love to coupon shop!

Most people know this about me. With a family of 6 we need to be careful where we put our money. With coupons we've be able to stretch those dollars even furthers.

My latest deal that I'm really happy about is my Kohl's purchases. This store is really expense for our pocketbook. But ever so while Kohl's will send out coupons for $10 off $10. I love these coupons! Last time I picked up school clothes for Mason and only had to pay tax of around 50 cents.

This time I picked up something for me.

This tank dress retails at $44.00. Way too much for this type of dress in my opinion but was marked down to $8.80! Great price for me. Just add a sweater I already had and it makes for a great fall outfit. So to make my chart reach $10 I picked up a nice green tank top that was $20 marked down to $2. So with coupon I paid 86 cents! Savings over $63!  I'm so happy with these great finds. So will now be called my 43 cent dress!  :-)
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