Sunday, December 28, 2008

Random Pictures

Here's a few random pictures I wanted to share with you all in cyber world.

Here's a picture of Hailey's McDonald's drink on our trunk. We wanted to have a science experiment and see how far we could go without it falling off. We only lasted a few minutes. Mike turned and it flew off but he must of gone like 30 feet.Here's a picture of Mike giving Lily a kiss. But look at her face. She's trying to tell dad to shave. Their having a staring contest. Mike won that round but she challenged him for a rematch later.

She didn't want anyone to touch her baby doll.

Mason poking uncle Steve. We told him to but we didn't think he'd listen to his parents. What were we thinking?

Thursday, December 25, 2008

It's Christmas!!!!!

Christmas was sure an exciting day. At 6am Lily was the first one up and wow she was excited. Mike and I tried to sleep in a little longer or at least until Mason and Hailey woke up but Lily kept crying and cooing and yelling. So at 630am I went into the kids room and woke them up. I never seen them two wake up and jump out of their beds so fast. It must of been like 10 seconds. (I need to remember that when school starts again)But we torn right into presents.Santa gave Hailey a baby alive that I wish Santa didn't bring since I'm the one that changes her wet diaper and feeds her. Mason got a skateboard. Lily got a cookie monster that Mike and I enjoy more than she does. But it doesn't stop there. Grandparents from both side got them gifts. Friends, cousins, aunts and uncles....pretty much everyone. Dolls, cars, clothes, movies, candy, games, money, etc. Thanks everyone.
But of all the things Mike got he liked his Nerf gun the most. It kept the kids in line all day. Angie's parents came over to our apt. for Christmas breakfast and played a little more. After stuffing our faces with every breakfast food imagined we headed to Mike's mom house. Here's uncle Steve giving Mason a head lock for trying to take his toy truck. (Just kidding)It was a lot of fun having pretty much all of Mike's family under one roof. A lot of laughing and joking and teasing. It was great fun. But we needed to end the joy soon since Mike needed to head to work. (It's double time pay at his job) But we had a great first Christmas.

PS. Mom's favorite gift was her Judy Garland book. I'm obsessed with Wizard of Oz and Judy. I know I have a problem.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

X-mas Eve

Mike and I decided to start a new Christmas eve tradition. SLEDDING!!!!!
Since this is our first year together we have family traditions i.e. open one gift, make tamales, make Santa some cookies,etc. we each brought into the marriage but we also wanted to start our own. So today we took to the hills at Murray park and away we went.
Lily and I kept a safe distance and were the picture takers while Mike and the kids went down the steep hills. As a mom I admit I cringed a few times but when I could see the smiles on their faces it seemed to be worth it. Mason did really good with everything except wanting to start a snow ball fight at every chance he could. Hailey rode down with Mike most of the time. She did do it once by herself. She curled up in fetal position and rode down a small hill. She did great.
It was Mike that kept wiping out. Poor dad....But at the end of our adventure we all had a great time with tons of smiles and laughts and we all walked away without any injuries. YEAH!!!(See any comparison with Rudolph?)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1 month old

Today Lily is one month old. Time really did fly by. She is getting bigger. I'm not sure how much she weighs but your arm sure does get tired after a few minutes if your'e not used to her. But here's a few updates on her.

-She rolls over half way. She gets stuck on her shoulder but she keeps trying. Any day now...

-She still snorts when she is hungry. Not as much since she discovered crying gets her fed sooner but it's still adorable.

-She lifts her head up. She can only do it for a few seconds but she's doing it. she hasn't quite got the hang of turning her head yet. But she is always watching and looking at you. She's taking in the world. She might stare at the wall but to her it's interesting.

-She loves country music. Really any music but if she had her choice she'd go country. So needless to say we have one on our radio presets set to a station.

-She hates baths but loves warm showers. If she's having a crying session one of us will jump in with her and she calms right down. She can stay in there all day. Too bad our hot water heater doesn't allow it.

-She sleeps for about 5-7 hours straight at night now. I was determined to get her on a sleep schedule (mostly for my sanity) and now every night she'll fall asleep around 9 or 10 pm and sleeep until around 430am. That's fine by me.

-She LOVES to cuddle. She'll sit in her many seats (swing, bouncer chair,crib,couch, car seat,etc.) for only a few minutes before she wants to be held. So between all 4 of us she is always being held.
-She is a gold digging infant. I don't know where she learned it from since her momma is a pretty simple girl. She must of got it from her daddy. But she showed her baby blue eyes and see what someone gave her. $160 bucks. She needs to teach me that trick.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Hailey's Birthday

Yesterday was Hailey's 3rd birthday. After church (we have to admit we left alittle early) we started our fiesta! Mike and I decorated our apartment the night before with Dora decorations. Pink and Orange everywhere. When she ran thru the apt door all she could do was stop right in her tracks and gasp. It was adorable. Mike had brought this Dora dollhouse for her a while back and has been store it in our closet. Hailey and Mason played with it for hours. It was great for me.
For lunch we had pink toaster waffles per Hailey's request. After lunch Mike took the kids outside to make a snowman. (Look closely the snowman is hugging the kids) This is the first year that it's snowed on her birthday. I stood inside with Lily but watched from our apt. window. They kept running and throwing snow around.
Then we had CAKE!!! Yeah....
I don't know what a 3 year old wishes for but I hope it was a great birthday wish.

At the end of the day I think she had a great birthday.
Thank you Grandma Sue for the pants, hair ties and the doodle pad. She drew pictures of her castle on it and kept showing Lily it.
Thank you Grandma Felicia and Papa for the Dora body pillow and princess tea set. She slept with the pillow last night.
And we got her a Dora jacket that sings (I wish I had one at her age...gotta love technology), the dollhouse, Dora perfume, and Dora talking doll.
Happy Birthday baby girl....she's always my baby girl.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Much to our delay....

Sorry for not posting for so long. You know how it is. Time flies when your'e having fun. -Here's Lily at a week old. Her eyes are open and she's taking in everything. She turns her head and just stares at you. She on occasion rolls her eyes at you (especially Mike) when you so something dorkish in front of her.
- Here's a picture of Lily and Mike. See any similarities? Actually we compared baby pictures and she looks just like Mike when he was a baby except for her olive complexion which she gets from her momma.
(Here's Lily taking the spot light)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Temple Square

Tonight we went to Temple Square to look at the lights. Maybe since Mike and I are older but the exciting magic just wasn't there for us. Maybe we need a visit from the Xmas ghost but the kids loved it! Mason and Hailey ran around as much as possible however with TONS of people there they were close by our sides. They looked at all the trees and brushes with pink, orange,green, white lights. Hailey wanted so bad to touch the lights so when she did; she was so happy.

Lily of course was fast asleep thru the whole thing. When we were looking at some statues of lambs a random little girl asked me if Lily was baby Jesus? ....How cute huh? I said no that this is Lily. Her mom told her that baby Jesus was around here and being adorable the little girl thought that Lily was the Jesus statue. Mike and I had a good laugh.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

3 kids+2 parents= 1 crazy week

It's been an interesting week and truley a new adventure with 3 kids. The day after Thanksgiving we all went to The After Thanksgiving Parade in West Valley to welcome Santa to town. It was alot of fun. And mom especially needed to get out of the house.

There was music and dancing and candy being passed out and of course when the jolly fat man came by in his horse drawn sled the kids had smiles from ear to ear. We didn't see Santa that day since the kids hadn't made their list yet. (we let them cut out toys from ad papers and glue them to paper so if they freeze up when they see Santa they can hand him their list)
But things at home are a little crazy. We're all still getting in the routine of things. Lily and her feedings every 2 & 1/2 hours. But thanks to my mom, Felicia, she has been a big help. Mostly with housework and meals and giving me some good tips on how to stay sane.
Mason and Hailey are doing ok. I say ok cuz Mason is trying to push his limits a little more to see what he can get away with. And of course that's not flying by Mike and I. And hailey she loves being a big sister. Still always wanting to know what's going on with Lily and how she can help. She gets mad at Mike and me for not spending as much time with her but she directs her anger towards us not Lily. So that's a good thing. We're trying to spread our time out so everyone gets some special time. (any suggestions would be great) but we'll get the hang of things soon enough.
However through all the chaos and crying moments like this with Lily and Hailey make it all worth wild.