Saturday, December 26, 2009

Schiebe's Annual xmas party

For the past 3 years now my friend, Sarah, and her family have a Christmas Dinner/Party. I look forward to it every year.
Sorry... I caught her while she was blinking...but Ducati looked so cute and cuddly laying in her arms.
All our kids played their little hearts out, Mike and I talked with her and her hubby about...@#$%...everything. She made a very delicious dinner that the kids just skipped. They were too busy playing with her son. But after we all enjoyed the yummy food we did our gift exchange.
Here's Mike's camera skills....
He got a photo of me nursing...
We must of been going too slow passing the gifts out. Lily started to lend a helping hand

then she got bashful when she got busted.... She's so adorable when she knows she caught red handed

Now the kids had new toys to play with so they played some more... that's OK. When we drove home they were all out like a light.

But before we left this is Lily's newest trick (not sure what to call it) She likes to steal Ducati's pacifier, suck on it, then give it back. So we found some of Lily's old pacifiers so when she's feeling like a theft she can steal back her things. Oh the cleverness of us...

Friday, December 25, 2009


Lily was the first one up. When she seen all the presents her response was a huge gasp. It was adorable. She ran over to the tree and started sorting all the gifts.But Dad could of slept in a little longer... (too bad) But Lily was too she opened her presents early. Mason and Hailey weren't home until later in the evening. So here's Lily's and Ducati's photo gallery....

Didn't like:
the clothes....what kid likes clothes?

this rocking giraffee
or getting a shiner from hitting the toilet

musical fish tank and some tower building blocks

a baby doll and a new chair

Ducati liked everything...she didn't complain once.Every one of my girls now has a cabbage patch kid. It's something from my childhood. (See the doll even matches the girl. )

Next was Mike....we went smaller on each other since we're saving for a big toy later next year.

He got some new Lugz, slippers, this airplane thing, Igor and Transformers movies and a new jacket.

I got a new camera!!

I'm still learning to use it. Along with 2 new purses and the "New Moon" game. After this we chilled and watched some movies til it was time to get the kids.

Then it was time... Hailey got everything she wanted. She even liked the new clothes she got.

Mason....He got a Lego set, some cars and trucks, clothes, a robe, books, a telescope but this was the most awesome gift. It's Santa's gift.And the big guy gave Mason.....COAL!!!! ha-ha... We warned Mason that boys that act naughty towards their parents and sisters don't make it on Santa's nice list...he didn't believe us but I hope he takes this as a warning so next year he can get back on Santa's nice side.

But after the gift exchange and hanging out for a little bit Mike had to work so that's the end of our Christmas. Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

The next 24 hours Santa and his little helpers (mike and I) were very busy. The stockings were hung.....

The candy cane cookies were made....
And were tasted for quality by this little elf...

Lily and Ducati were in their new pj's....
And were all nestled in their beds.....

So that gave Santa the cue to come on by....And boy did he deliver!!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


With having a baby and the rush at the stores Mike and I were feeling very Scrooge-like.
We didn't want to do anything besides stay home.
So to get out of the funk we first went to Temple Square.
How can you not feel closer to Christ?

The kids enjoyed it.Everyone got to take a picture at there favorite colored tree.
Orange fans....
Red fans....(no I'm not pregnant. I'm carrying Ducati in a moby)Mason didn't want to take a photo. But after looking at the lights for a while the crowd started to freak Mike and I out. With 4 little ones and hundreds of people we were scared to lose one so we headed out. But not after getting some Hot Chocolate and cookies at a vendor. Delicious!!! It was a fun night.

Fun story: Hailey had to go to the restroom so Mike took her into a building. Lily, Mason, and I waited outside since we had our drinks. While Mike waited for Hailey to be done Lily seen him in the lobby. Lily started yelling "Hey!" and banging on the window. It was so funny to watch.

But to make a long story short Mike and I did some service, visited some friends and family and seen a movie. (The Blind Side) After all this we felt much better. It felt more like Christ-mas then Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

14 going on 4

Hailey turned 4 this wonderful day. So Mike and I tried to make it wonderful for her. Besides meeting her baby sister for the first time which was a pretty awesome gift if I don't say so myself but we had a butterfly party.

It's too exclusive that only our family was invited. Anyways after the meet and greet we all went out to the family room. And she seen her butterflies. We made butterflies from paper, I made this butterfly mobile that after our party Mike hung it above her bed to have butterfly dreams. She really liked it.
Mason picked out his gift for her. He gave her a bag of ring pops and a fairy stamp set. Of course she loved the candy!!!
Mike and I gave her a lady bug purse filled with goodies IE., Dora hat, lip gloss, bath set, sticker book, etc.

She really liked this butterfly jewelry set we found at Wal-Mart. Yeah for Wal-Mart!!!

Then Grandma Sue gave her some markers and sketch pad and hair ties. She really is digging all the new Crayola stuff. Why didn't we have such great color changing markers growing up?

After presents I made Hailey her favorite breakfast. Eggs, hash brown, toast, sausage and egg nog. I know.... her own grand slam.

Then we got dressed and ready to take one princess to see another. This was our first outing as a family of 6. Wow...Mike and I had our hands full. But it was a fun experience.

We returned home and I made her favorite dogs and fries. It doesn't take much to make her happy.

But after lunch the birthday princess was acting like a royal pain so she was sent to her chambers for a nap.

After her beauty sleep...we watched a movie, ate dinner and had cake!!!It's a strawberry butterfly cake. It was pretty easy to make. And everyone really enjoyed eating it.

Hailey really loved her birthday so I guess Mike and I did a good job.