Saturday, January 24, 2015

Missed Truth

Mike gave me the wake up call that last year I only journaled 9 times. 9 times! Our life contained more memories than that.  We moved, then moved again. My stepdad left. My mom lived with us. Then she got her own play. My mom's new boyfriend. Broken down cars. Christmas miracle of family bringing the Christmas party to us. Holding a new nephew. Mike losing his best childhood friend, Wes. Losing a friend of mine, Andrew. The lost of family members, Alexander The Great. Meeting a new nephew, Jory, who's 19. Seeing my father in law, Brent, and making memories with our kids about laundry baskets. Our kids going back to school. Then back to homeschool.
I know there's more but at this moment it's all become a missed memory.
So I'm going to be restarting my journaling again.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

I'm 31

Being 31 feels great. Honestly I love being in my 30's. I feel more comfortable and secure with myself. I have more confidence in my choices and where I am in my life. I still have dreams and goals but I feel great being this me right now. 

So for my birthday I woke up to lovely decorations in our living room. 
 I was fed oatmeal breakfast in bed, given the most beautiful drawings in the entire world, and got to do a little shopping for myself. This lady got herself a new pair of jeans, shoes, and a purse. Nice! :)

 For lunch I was treated to a sugar cake. (As a family we're cutting sugar out til March but Mike says that it's my birthday so I should get whatever I want. And I wanted a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. My fave flavor of cake.)
 I never want to forget how amazing this cake looked. Mike made it for me. His first cake he's ever made. This was a gift all on it's own.
 After getting the sugar jitters we headed out to Chuck E Cheese. This was the best place to be. It was empty so we had it all to ourselves. It gave all our kids a chance to run around like crazies to get that sugar out.
 We have a birthday tradition to win as many tickets as we can and give them to the birthday person so they can get the prize. So everyone did their best and got me over 500 tickets!
 Most came from Mike beating the high score on basketball. He'd win the bonus tickets which was about 250 of the 500.
 Ducati gave Guitar Hero a go. I really hoped she'd love it but she didn't. I mostly hoped since Mike and I played this game so much that she would cry if we didn't play the "Sex is on Fire" song that we'd play that song over and over again until she fell asleep. Which by this time made Mike and I master players that we could play that song with our eyes closed.
 Mike playing the rest of Ducati's game. Man I miss this game but we got rid of it since we were starting to get addicted to it.

 Our twins (Cati and Lily want us to call them twins since they are so close in age and do everything together) following Chuck E Cheese and dancing behind him
 At the end of their dance Chuck E. threw tickets in their air. After I got my prize (which was still toys for my kids which I will hide for their prize box) we headed to SubZero.
 We love this place! You can pick your base cream so we chose almond milk or low fast yogurt. Then you can pick your flavor then a topping. It's all liquid based so it looks like melted ice cream until the worker adds the nitrogen to it. Our kids love to see the smoke cover the counters and leak out from under the glass. All we hear is, "Mom it's so cold" or "Dad it's freezing my fingers". But they mostly love to see their ice cream being frozen in front of them. It's a tasty science experiment.
After this we headed home and enjoy a few Redbox movies, How to Train a Dragon 2, and , The Good Lie. <--- This movie is amazing. It will be one we will be owning soon.

Reflecting back on this day I had such a great day. My mom, mother in law, and sister in law, Daina, called and texted me Happy Birthday. It was great to spend the day with my family. It was such a special day for me that I'm glad I'm journaling it so I don't ever forget.