Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shy of 6 months

Lily will be 6 months old this Saturday the 23rd. But since I can't wait to post her new developments I thought I would do it right now.

-She rolls everywhere now. If you put her down for a second 2 out of 3 times she won't be in the same spot you left her. She even rolled off our bed. Good thing it's on the floor.

-She loves American Idol. We watched it last night for the first time this season and she was jamming out every song they song. Oh's and Ah's, Coo's and screams. Kicking her legs and smiling from ear to ear. Maybe we have the next American Idol 2016.

- She has out grown her crib. :-( I know my baby girl is now in a big girl bed.

Every morning some part of her body would be sticking out of the crib. So last night was her first night in her bottom bunk twin size bed.

I admit I slept next to her on the floor just in case she woke up. But of course she didn't wake up. She actually slept in longer this morning. - Daddy got her a walker that she loves. It has all those baby bells and whistles that can annoy a parent.

She her pig tails. She hated me for putting them on her. Oh well....I'm the mom!

- She loves to eat!!! Mike and I went to a BBQ on Saturday and she must of ate 6 animal cookies, a piece of cake, a bottle, some crackers, etc. Of course some landed on her shirt, my shirt and the floor. But at dinner time she just looks at us eat our food. And gives us a puppy dog look and she gets a bite of whatever we are eating.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Part 2

To continue our wonderful holiday we woke up a little late and got ready for church. This is the first time in our new ward. And it was an experience.

Do you remember the Cheers' song? "Go to a place where everyone knows your name" Well that song fits our ward. We were greeted by tons of people that I honestly can't remember everyones name. But we would rather be greeted than ignored.

It turns out that Hailey's primary teacher is our neighbor. And our bishop lives on our block. He knew us already by the color of our car. Little Creepy but it's OK...

Afterwards I was surprised when I came into my kitchen and seen these...

along side with a card with a sweet message from my loving husband and a very nice watch.

Mike made lunch for us all. Quesadillas...yummy! Sorry I have no idea how to spell it but you know what they are.

After that Mike took a nap. The girls and I watched a video for rest time. Then we all went outside for a water balloon fight.

Nothing says I love you mom like a balloon in the back. It was a lot of fun. Unfortunately our time was cut short since Mike had to work today. But the neighbor kid came out to play with Mason and Hailey. It was a little new for us to have neighbor kids playing with us. But that's the new life we wanted.

After our super soaked fun we went inside and chillaxed. Mason was grounded so his fun was cut short. But he still got to have a small highlight of this very important day.

I got hugs, kisses, pooped on, threw up on but I feel great!!! Happy Mother's Day to all the great mom's out there.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend Part 1

( I also got the sunglasses for Mother's Day. Yeah for me!)
To start off my wonderful Mother's Day Weekend. On Saturday I laid around the house. Mostly since I wasn't feeling too well. Working all week and not having a break can really catch up to you. But around 2pm we finally got out of bed and got ready to pick up the kids.

First on our weekend agenda we went to Fat Cats... this is the only activity we all like to do together. Here's Hailey doing her bowling dance. She did this leg thing after every roll. But it must of been her good luck charm since she was hitting 9 pins each time. Lily enjoyed herself. She pooped all over her clothes so she's wearing Hailey's jacket. But poop or no poop she still was a good luck charm with me. I hit a strike while I was holding her. But Mason was the big champ tonight. Mike was going to let me win since it's Mothers Day and I rarely ever win anything against him. He was going to choke just for me. Now that's love....but half way during the game Mason got 3 strikes. So all bets were off with Mike. We didn't want him to win against his parents. But he still did. Mason scored 101, Angie 92, Hailey 85, Mike 58. So much for me winning the game. After our game we went for a sweet treat. (Like my new earrings?..I got them for Mother's Day)Yes...after playing a hard game of bowling we all wanted ice cream...and where else are we suppose to get it...Looks delicious huh? Mike and I shared a Strawberry Cheesecake milkshake and the kids shared a chocolate milkshake. How can someone not share? These shakes are SOOOO BIGGG!
After we got our shakes we had to make a small pit stop to Wal-Mart to buy Lily some clothes. So a $3 onesis is good enough so we can get this show on the road.
Next I was wanting some Chinese food. I have been wanting it for a while but with the move and all and not knowing where a good place is in our new neighborhood we found this place driving around in SLC. It's a Chinese food buffet. Granite the place had some really good just-made-when-you-order food however there's no price list. We didn't figure this out until it was too late. The little lady kept bringing us plates full of different types of noodles,rices, etc. Since we never been there before we had no idea what she was doing. Finally when our table was full is when she stopped. But it was worth it when Hailey did this.She took her straw from her drink and sipped the sweet and sour sauce.
She's not just a fan of American condiments anymore. She's gone international. That's my girl!!To help with the cost even Lily helped out with eating some of the food.
I must of eaten too many egg rolls cuz I was sick to my stomach afterwards. So we came home and I went to bed.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

First paid cake

On Friday I delivered my first paid cake to someone I didn't know. I made $12 from this order. But that's ok with me. Mike knew I wasn't going to be rich from this but he was happy to see me excited again doing what I love. So afterwards we all went to McDonald's. Yeah!!!

Sorry no pictures. The groom's mom made me nervous so I didn't snap a photo. But it looked great.

Cave Man Dayz

We moved from our apartment on saturday. And while the move from apt. to house we went without internet for 6 days, no home phone for 3 days, no camera for 7 days. Why? Cause we're crazy. No, on saturday Mike was a ''Packing-Machine" and packed everything and anything. His sister,Daina, and her fiance, Aaron, and Kaden came over to help since I was feeling under the weather. And Mike even packed Daina's purse and jacket with our stuff. There was no stopping him. But since saturday we finally got our internet up tonight. We finally have a home phone again. Yeah!!! we were sure using up our minutes fast. But still no camera. So you'll have to use your imagination for this.

Our 3 bedroom house is a total mess. Boxes in the living room, in our master bedroom and in the garage. But it's been our purpose to get the kids settled first into their new rooms. So on Saturday night we went to the thrift shop and got a head board for Mason and a cool space lamp for his room. He was so excited to see his very own bed with a headboard. He had a dresser even though he has a huge closet. It's being used for our food storage.

Hailey and Lily will soon be sharing a room. My (Angie) mom went on a shopping spree getting the girls everything they would need for a girls GIRL room. That's fine since it was free to us. :-) They got a pretty pink curtain, a baby pink bean bag, each a polka dot sheet sets, some butterfly lights to hang in their room and some butterfly decal stickers to put on their wall.

I know it sucks with no camera but this weekend it's my mission to find that thing.
Anyways we are loving it here. (Except the bugs)

Mason likes his new school. He's already made some new friends. But he doesn't remember their names. Such a boy....

Hailey learned to ride a bike with training wheels. She's so proud of herself.

We learned Lily has allergies so she's been booger face lately.
But Mike and I are doing great.