Monday, October 29, 2012

FHE: Snack

For Family Home Evening we have our board with every one's name and which part they are responsible for. But lately I've been noticing a little trend. 
I have snack. every.single.time.
Oh no. Not by choice. Not because it was my turn. It's because I'm a push over. I will be the first to admit it. When I see  (insert name)  having a busy day or just needing some help I will usually jump and help. Or others might call it "rescuing" this person. 

So this week Mason was in charge of snack. Monday morning he says to me, "Mom what are we having for FHE snack?" (clue #1 of me being a push over)
I tell him, "Son, you're in charge of snack. Did you pick a recipe?"
Mason says, " I'll have what you cook." (clue #2 that I am a push over)

So to help out 1 small bit I picked up a box of GF cake mix and left it on the stove. After school he came home and asked if I was going to make it. (clue #3 and last straw)

I explained to not just Mason but also Hailey that I am their mother. And as their mother I am blessed to teach and guide my children. I'm blessed to teach them life skills. I'm blessed to watch them grow. I am blessed to help and serve them. But I am not blessed to be their servant. I am to teach then let go so they can learn themselves. 

I told Mason to read the box directions and if he had any questions to come ask me while I sat at the counter reading my latest parenting magazine. ( haha....parenting magazine.) 

 After a few minutes of Mason fumbling around in the kitchen Hailey stepped in and showed him where certain things were. She told me she learned from Cake Boss. Wow- I got completely overlooked tonight. :-)
But after 30 minutes of prep and another 20 minutes of baking Mason made 8 yummy chocolate GF cupcakes. Afterwards I sat down with him and explained that the things Mike and I have taught him so far like laundry, cooking, home repairs, checking car oil, etc are things he'll need to know as he becomes an adult. I explained that when he goes on his mission he'll need to cook. He'll need to know how to clean his room, clothes, home, and himself properly. I explained that when he's looking for a bride he'll need to know how to cook for her. Then things started to click with him. I wasn't being mean. I was being helpful. I was watching him. I was ready to help if need be BUT not without him trying first. So I not only taught another valuable life lesson I also got out of snack duty.

And on a side note the cupcakes he made were really moist and delicious. He didn't soften the butter when he mixed it all the ingredients together  So when he put the batter into the muffin in there was chunks of butter in each muffin. But when the muffins were done they were so soft. Maybe he's on to something. I'll have to try it myself next time I bake :-)
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