Saturday, July 31, 2010

Laugh Out Loud

 Mike and I went on a fantastic date. Lately we have been trying to get more dates in for each month. Having so many responsibilities they can put a wedge in our "couple-ness". But it's our goal to find time for us to be together no matter what else is happening. So on this Saturday our wonderful friend,Melisa, tended to Lily and Ducati so we could go to WiseGuys in Trolley Square.
When Mike and I first were dating we would go here and enjoy the jokes that were being made of 'old' people. But now this time we realized we ARE the old people that the jokes are made from. But it's a great skill to have when you can laugh at yourself.
Since we arrived early (we were to excited that we dropped the kids off early) we roamed around Trolley Square. We found an amazing shoppe that we should not have gone into but our taste buds forced us to. A truffle/chocolate shoppe.
We ate 2 truffles before I could pull out my camera to take a yummy photo.
Then we did some window shopping. But then it was time for our show to start. We found some seats, ordered the Famous Poundcake, and started to work out stomach muscles due to all the laughing we did. It's a great night when you laugh so hard you begin to cry.

Thursday, July 29, 2010


I want to introduce someone who has been a blessing to have in my life, Laurel. In April of 2007 I was converted and baptised and this wonderful woman was the sister missionary who was there for my big day. She taught me so much about the gospel, about Jesus Christ, the atonement, etc. I felt she was sent to me personally to help me through this journey. Over the years we have kept in contact. (she lives in Canada) But then due some wonderful spontaneous planning she and her brother made the trip to Utah. I was so excited when she called me and planned to come visit my family and I. Mike seen the smile I carried and was excited to meet her as well. It was amazing to talk with her and talk about those days that didn't seem so far away. I feel there are people that come into your life for a reason. Some leave because they have done their purpose. And some- if you are fortunate enough will stay in our life. She is one of my blessings. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Great Clips

It was time for the family to get haircuts. Not very eventful but this time I think it was. I didn't really like the idea of spending all that $$$$ so I eHow'd it. I love that website. After reading and feeling my confidence rise I gave it a whirl. I did Hailey and Lily's hair. Cute little a-line bob.
The photos don't do much justice but Mike was in awe how cute they look. I guess he didn't have much confidence in me. That's OK. Here's Mike's hair-do:
Beat that Great Clips.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Shower

In April of 2007 I became a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. At that moment I had reasons that led me to make that choice. Over the years my testimony has grown and more reasons have led me to make more choices. But last night was one of those nights that really made me (and Mike) feel like "This is what LDS is". Sorry if some might not agree but this is our blog and we can do whatever we want ;-)

There's a sister in our ward that is expecting a baby girl next month. Awesome yet a common occurrence in our ward. But this sister didn't know she was pregnant until she was 5 1/2 months along. Due to some issues she was completely unaware. So most people know that preparing for a baby takes time. So this is where one sister/friend/neighbor stepped in. She threw together a baby shower for the sister.

There was a lot of sneakiness to get this to come together. She was told that this was a Dove Chocolate party. Although that would of been nice to attend-this was way better especially on my waistline. So when she  walked in and everyone yelled "Surprise" she was completely shocked. After the shock settled she looked so happy. There was a few members from her family but a majority were women from Relief Society.

Everyone visited, enjoyed the sweet treats then it was present time.
She got so many diapers,wipes, and adorable baby girl clothes. Every outfit was followed by a cute "Awww"
That box is from Mike and I....It was full of things from diapers, wipes, baby bath stuff, lotions from momma, and a Moby. I love those things!!
This was such a wonderful night. I can't explain it but I (and Mike) are so thankful we moved to Farmington and have met so many wonderful people. Farmington 4th Ward is so kind and caring to everyone who enters. I am so happy to have been part of this. Moments like these are the shining reasons why I became LDS.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

98 degrees cont'

We all enjoyed ourselves more this time around since Lily actually enjoyed being in the water. Yeah!!! We think Lily wants to be a surfer girl. Mike couldn't be happier.
She is so fearless. I sometimes hate this quality but I am sure glad she has it.
Lily surfing solo but Mike a few inches from her.

Mason doing ?@#? I have no clue. But it must of been very cool.
Ducati enjoying herself. See her 2 bottom teeth. So cute when she smiles it makes my heart melt.

After playing for a while we sat and ate dinner. After eating we feed the seagulls and Lily loved it. She is really into birds right now. She gave up the elephant love and switched to bird fondness. She she would throw a cracker and tons of birds would flock to it. She wasn't even scared. Brave girl. But the main thing we remember about our meal at the Bay was the birds laughing. You know that weird squawk laugh. I can't explain it but when the birds laughed we would laugh and that lead the birds to laugh some more. It was an endless circle of giggles.

Ha- Mike found these flippers. Does the same rule apply to adults-finders keepers?

Great idea babe! We had such a great time that we all slept good that night and into late the next morning.

98 degrees

This day and most days after when the weather is in the 90's the best way to cool down is playing in nice cool water. Usually we have water fights in our yard or play in the sprinklers but today we decided to change it up. First we went to Disney Days water party at downtown Gallivan Center. (my camera was broken so I had to use Hailey's camera today)

At Disney days there was guarantee games that kids won water guns. That Mike later used.
Watch out-he's armed!!
Also there was dance contest that Hailey chickened out of doing.
Free ice cream (yum) but there were more things to do but all the kids and I wanted to do was play in the water that the fire dept sprayed in the crowd that is where we spent most of our time.
I have no idea what I am pointing to...but Ducati and I enjoyed the water. While we played Mike came up with a great continue our day at Willard Bay. So we said Good-Bye to Disney Days and headed home to get ready. Next Post.................

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

One Great Day

Mike and I started off this great day with a downtown date. I got to pick this date from beginning to end which I was really excited to do. We started with a nice bullet bike ride to SLC. I admit I am really liking our bike rides now. Then we grabbed a large salad from Pier 49 and went to the Gallivan Center. There was suppose to be a concert but I guess the band called in sick but there was some nice music being played from a sound system.

We ate our salad and read from a book we are reading "Hold Me Tight" This book is completely life changing. Next we went to the Salt Lake Art Center. There is an art group called Project 337. They do such amazing things that are out of this world. But first here is some random pics from the other exhibit called "Not just another pretty face"
Mike was really getting into the art.

2 of my favorites.... (above and below)

But here is 337's work. They made a mini golf course which was pretty fun, interesting, and hard to play but great to admire. Here's the photos from that:

the birds eye view
a few interesting holes..... this one played the Donkey Kong theme when you got the ball in the hole. Behind the wall are 3 old school arcades ie Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Super Mario.

Crossing the border...
Paper shredder. It was hard to find our ball when it went into the paper pile.

Kill the clown. We just gave up on this hole. We didn't know how to get the ball over the other side.

Regan. We thought this was going to be a straight shot since the hole is on the other side of the desk. Nope! There was plexi glass under the desk. Laughs on us!

Sneaking a kiss IN Hole 16. We had to hit our ball up an incline. And I followed my ball and soon realized that the incline dropped.....along with me. Mike being such a gentleman followed after me.

And a few other holes....
I won the art course by 1 stroke!! I rock art (ha ha)
But then we took a walk upstairs so see the last exhibit and wow I was blown away. This is a rehab program through the jail called A.C.E. ( i think) and I was so moved by this man's story. I will try to enlarge the photos so you can see his story.
He gets hurt at work and starts taking pain killers so he can go back to work. But then becomes addicted. He loses his wife and son. So he robs a house for money to fed his addiction which lands him in jail. This moment is why I love art.

Enough with the heavy stuff...
After this we headed back home to relieve our new sitter. And continue our great day with our kids.

As a family we wanted to try again the whole idea of taking them out to a restaurant so we headed to Prairie Schooner Steakhouse in Ogden. If you never heard of this place- don't feel bad. We didn't either until I see it on CityDeals. (thanks Diana for telling us about citydeals)
The kids were in awe the whole time we were here. We ate in cover wagons, there were stuffed animals everywhere, and the entire restaurant was dimmed so low that the lantern was our only light. So needless to say it was kinda hard to find something if you dropped it.
But we wanted the kids to have an awesome time so we did desserts first....they were so shocked!!
Lily's so stinking cute! We had some small appetizers afterwards. Sorry I think these are so cool looking I had to take a photo.
At the end of our meal Mike and I were pretty partied out. So we gathered up our million of kids and started our way back home.
The kids had a great time....and so did we.