Saturday, July 30, 2011

Smurf-ing Fun

(let me see how many times I can say Smurf in the post :-)  )

Our kids have been smurfing excited to see this movie. So when Grandma Felicia offered to take us all to the movies we were so smurfed! So with a few days of planning we made this movie date into a special smurfing date.

After our kids did their chores I handed them each a special blue and white Smurf present. I used blue smurf ribbon to wrapped a  Smurf character coloring page with 1 package of white coconut M&M's and 1 package of blue pretzel M&M's inside of it. Got to stay true to the white and blue!

After everyone colored smurfed their pictures we headed to Grandma Felicia's mushroom shaped house where she and Papa made us a Smuring great brunch..... Blueberry Pancakes!
After we ate our delicious smurf food my parents had a small smurin' gift to for each kid. So it was time for some Smurf playtime!

 Mike doing this smurfing best to figure out this transformer car.

 Lily painted both her nails and Grandma's nail so they both looked like Smurfettes.

Side Note: I had one of those mom moments with Hailey that left me teary eyed. I know...I'm smurfing crazy. But as she was putting on her lip gloss and doing her hair I took that moment to talk with her about how she could show more of her inner beauty by only wearing alittle bit of make-up. I shared with her a few smurf beauty tips that I've picked up. I showed her how ladies will put their stuff on a counter so they can see everything and make a choice of which color or flavor to apply and how ladies will comb their hair both front and back so it's shaped nicely around their face. I was so sad to be having a talk with my 5 year old on how ladies can wear make up without looking like a Smurfing clown. But c'mon now she's 5 all her makeup consist of is 2 lip glosses, 2 chapsticks, a body spray and 2 scented nail polishes. But it was a real eye opener that she's growing up.....Smurfing great!

Enough with the heavy..... after everyone played for alittle bit we headed to the theater.
 Here's Grandma with her little Smurfs
 Our little Smurf. She's trying to get inside the train.....haha.... I smurfing love it!

I would give the movie about .....5 stars ***** only because of all the laughing we heard from our kids

I would have to give our kids..... 7 stars ******* for sitting nicely in their seats, only dropping half a bag of candy on Mom's lap, and losing only 1 sock. 

So all and all it was a Smurin great movie.

Afterwards Grandma treated us all to these Smurf ice cream cones. How clever! I bet the theater made a Smurf fortune off these. It's a cone, 2 scoops of blue raspberry ice cream, a shot of whip cream and a tiny teeny smurf size hat cone with a dot of whip cream on top. So cute and so expensive! 
 But that doesn't matter to me.... we had so much smurfing fun today. I love how with the help of my mom this ordinary movie date was made into a Smurf-ordinary movie outing!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Saturday, July 23, 2011

X-Mas in July

Who doesn't love Christmas? We love Christmas so much that when it was our turn to have a family party the idea came to Mike and I....X-MAS IN JULY!

We decorated our living room with our Christmas tree, lights everywhere,  a bunch of ornaments, snowflakes all over the walls and ceilings, our stockings, and we even wore our Christmas appearl.

But we did make 1 rule- Nothing spiritual for the party. Just great food, some embarrasing games and a few  funny grab bag gifts. Viola! Super Fun!

Everyone broke up into 2 teams:
Team Grinch:   Angie, my mom-Felicia, Julia, Sara, Hailey, Lily, and Daina
Team Ice #2:   Mike, Steve, Aaron, Big Aaron, Mason, Sue, Ducati, and Katie ( all the ladies above were #2's when we divided up into teams so they thought they would "Ice" all us #2's.... that's not very nice :-))

Now it was time for the games to begin!------

 Aaron playing Bobble Head. ( a pedometer is attached to a headband and the person tries to get to 120 in 60 sec.) Both Aaron and Hailey were able to get it in the 50-80's. Everyone thought it was impossible to get it over 120. So after the party I showed everyone how it's done- I got it to 132! Mike recorded me doing it and soon I will have the power to burn that onto a DVD and hide it FOREVER!

(The joys of a bunch of blurry photos to show how much fun everyone had)

 Big Aaron making a Pot Shot. (a ping pong ball bounces off a pot into the cup) Mike and I are addicted to the game Cupunk! He made this shot in 4 seconds. Brilliant!
 Sara making the same shot within 7 seconds. She's so awesome! Go Team Grinch!
 Penny Pincher- getting pennies from the bottom of the pantyhose without using anything but your hands. Mike barely completed the task in 57 seconds. I was able to do it in around 30 seconds.
 Face the cookie- task is to get a cookie from your forehead to your mouth without using your hands. It was so funny to watch people wiggle and giggle trying to get the cookie down. Steve and I won this task within seconds of eachother.

 Breakfast scramble (put together a puzzle of a cereal box) Harder than it looks. Especially since the box was yellow (Cheerios are harder)

Head Trauma ( put the cup onto of your head and throw the ball into it) 

 Melted snowball toss- (water balloon toss) Steve and Aaron went the furthest within the 60 seconds. 36 ft before the balloon broke.
 Julia and Daina made 26 3/4 ft. Great job ladies!

 After all the tasks were complete the kids participated in a snowball fight. It seemed that they enjoyed themselves.

After adding up the score Team Ice 2 won! Great job everyone- it seems that you did "ICE" Team Grinch.   Also, Aaron was the MVP of the Xmas in July games. He completed 2 tasks in 7 seconds! That lead him to his title of MVP and he won a box of Life cereal! I know....but it's suppose to be silly!

Then it was time for the grab bag gifts. I have to say it's alot harder finding silly gifts for people than nice special gifts. So I just had to close my eyes when I went searching at Target's $1 bins. So people ended up with either a star pen, socks, chap stick, a toy car, a rubber ducky, a clown nose, etc. It was all meant in good humor and silliness.
 But I think most of our X-mas guest enjoyed themselves and their grab bag gifts.

 We couldn't end the party without giving everyone a special "X-mas in July" gift.....sunscreen!
Mike and I had so much fun. Our kids want to throw another party ASAP! It was so much fun that Mike wants to make this an annual event. So this was "The Lassig's 1st Annual X-mas in July Party".
After everyone left and we put the kids down to bed. Instead of cleaning we had a quiet moment to ourselves and had a date night.

Things have been really hectic at our house for the past few weeks so date night was the 1st thing to be  put on the back burner. So it was nice to have some special time with just me and Mike.

Since it's summer I'd be crazy to serve hot cocoa with our cookies. So I substituted it for chocolate milk with cake cookies. So yummy!

 Mike's been wanting this movie for a while now but it's only available around Christmas. So of course I picked it up during the after Christmas sale. And it's been hidden for 6 months now. That's a new record for me! (I usually give him his gifts the same day I buy them)
 So we had a great evening continuing our X-mas in July themed day. Drinking chocolate milk, cookies, watching ELF, and spreading joy and good cheer to eachother.
Happy X-Mas in July!

Friday, July 22, 2011


Mike's dad, Brent, and step-mom, Patty, came to Utah for a visit. And visits from them are always fun.
Moments like this I really kick myself for not charging my camera. So with 30 seconds of battery life I only grabbed this picture.
 Cati with Grandma Patty.
Cati was hiding and won't let Grandpa Brent hold her. But after about 30 minutes and an ice cream Ducati let down her guard and allowed Grandma to hold her. It was so adorable. But soon after this photo moment we had to leave. The kids desperately needed their naps and Mike needed to go to work.

But the next day (Friday) we spent more time with Mike's dad, Brent. Patty to go back home across the country. But even a small visit with her was a nice visit.

But back to Friday's family outing Grandpa Brent wanted to do something that all the little kids would enjoy we suggested The Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. Between our clan of 6, Mike's sister, Chrissy and her 2 girls, and Grandpa Brent-we all had a blast running around like a bunch of kids!

After a lunch break at McDonald's Mason and Hailey had to go for their weekend visitation. But that didn't end our fun family outing.

 Memory I can't forget: Lily stood at these pegs for about 10 minutes filling each board with peg sticks. It was so amusing to watch her become so obsessed with these pegs.
After a little while of playing we had to part for alittle while since we all needed naps. Playing on a kids energy level can poop out pretty much any adult. So Mike and us all went home to take a much needed nap.

Later in the evening we went out to eat with Grandpa Brent and all of Mike's siblings. It was so awesome to finally meet his sister, Angel, who he's never met. So the dinner was alittle  awkward at first but after a few minutes of warming up we all broke the ice. Especially Lily...Little Miss Firecracker!

She was dipping imaginary tortilla chips in salsa then feeding them to Grandpa, licking tortilla chips and giving them to Aunt Chrissy, drawing turkey hands and giving them to her cousins, and laughing so loud that everyone had a smile on their face.
We had such a great day spending time with family.  We really need to keep more in contact with Mike's dad's side of the family.