Saturday, February 28, 2009

Fat Cats

Saturday afternoon we went to Fat Cats. ( I know we're doing a lot of stuff..but we got our tax return and after paying off some bills we figured all save and no play makes us really unhappy)
When we got there we had to wait about 40 minutes for a lane. So we wasted some time in the arcade. Mason and Mike played Air hockey. Mason loved it!!!Even though Mike took it easy on Mason he still played to win. But Mason didn't go down without a fight. At the end of the game the score was Mike 7 and Mason 5. Mike decided to test his strenght with a middle high score of 8893. Good job babe. You're still tougher than me. When we finally got a lane Mike had to explain to the kids the idea of bowling.Mason picked it up pretty fast. He actually did a great job. He got his first strike and it was amazing.Hailey on the other hand did a great job with her 2.35mph ball rolling. It took the ball so long to roll down the lane the bowling ball actually stopped in the middle of the lane and either Mike orAngie had to roll another ball down the lane to get the ball rollin again. Lily just chillaxed in the hip sling while we bowled. She only got out of the sling cuz daddy had pizza. She smelt it a mile away. But at the end of the night the score was Mike 131, Angie 115, Mason 84, Hailey 56.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nickel-Cade Mania

Today Mason had no school so we went out for a family day. So after our slow delay of starting our day we headed to the Nickel-Cade.
Mike and Mason headed straight for the Simpsons game. They really got into the it. I'm not sure what was Lily was doing....maybe stealing some gamer tricks.
Hailey wanted to ride some the machine rides they had there. Here Hailey is in a yellow plane. She loves planes. Every time she sees one she tells us "I want to go in the airplane and fly". It never fails. But this time she wanted her baby sister to fly with her but obviously Lily is not much of a flyer. Then Hailey and Angie wanted to try out some pin-ball machines. She tried the Simpson's pin ball game. What can I say our family really likes Simpson's. She really didn't get into it. But she wanted a picture of her standing by it anyways. When it was Angie and Lily's turn- they really got into the Simpson's pin ball. I think she played there for about 10 minutes. Even when Lily started to get bored and cried a little she handed Daddy the baby. What can I say--Angie loves pin ball!!!
But all the while Mason stayed at the first game. Ater convincing Mason to try other games Mike and Mason raced in the Tropical Auto Race 500. I'm not sure who would of really won since half way thru it Mason got bored and left his game. But Mike was happy he won. A wins a win!

But then Mason and Hailey went to play the Jurassic Park Dino game. (of course...) Hailey got bored with this game really fast and wanted to go win some tickets to get a prize but Mason was hooked.

Hailey couldn't get the balls to go in during her game of Skee-Ball so she took control of the situation and ensured that she would win some tickets. After Mason left the dino game they played a water shotting race game. Mike helped Hailey out a little. But at the end of the game the score was Hailey 88 Mason 59.

As we were leaving we redeemed our tickets and after all her hard work and cheating Hailey won the most tickets out of all of us. 158 tickets! So we let her pick out whatever she wanted from the prize counter and our little sweet girl picked out a candy rope. She was so excited. Mason was alittle sad he only won like 30-something tickets I think. So he got himself a little pocket sized dinosaur. Mike and Angie redeemed their tickets for tootsie rolls. Yum!!!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

$4.26 and a diaper

This is what we left the kids in our will- JUST JOKING... Mike, Lily, and Angie all headed up to Millcreek Canyon for a nice saturday snow hike. When we got there Mike couldn't help himself . He loves to act likeTarzanBut then something amazing happened. We spotted an endangered species-The Pink Bear Cub. They haven't been seen in these parts of the mountains in over 100 years. And we found one lurking behind a tree just staring at us.Then we followed it back to it's snow cave where the cub fell asleep. Shh....the pink bear cub cries when it's woken up.But me- being a momma bear I was able to hold the pink cub without disturbing it. Mike tried to hold the cub and he woke her up!!! Mike purchased a flint and steel fire maker thingy from Cabela's. So we wanted to test it out but we weren't as prepared as we needed to be so we borrowed one of Lily's diapers to get the fire going.And only after 6 tries flames started. Yeah!!!! So after our little adventure we kidnapped the cute cub and went for some grub. We went to Smith's since it's the only place where you can get 2 Corn dogs, some tarter babies and a drink for $4.26.Who did I look like???....hint: she's my daughter who eats condiments....

See the pink bear cub loves bottles just like Lily. Good thing we had one for her.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Good Times

Tonight was a Jayme's 27th birthday. Here is Mike and Jayme at Good Times Bar in Layton. (Never fear we drank soda) She looks beautiful tonight. Holly made her dress up as a lady. Thanks did a great job. When we got there we were greeted by Mike's long time friends. They are so fun to be around.
Here's the guys being hard thugs. (Matt, Josh, Mike)Here's Mike playing pool. He must of had an off night. He kept losing. I even won him and I never win him. I won a kiss. Yeah for me!!!!I have no idea what I was doing when Josh took this picture. Oh well... that's what happens when you let someone else have your camera control. But it's ok-I look cute in it.Here's our couple picture. We never go anywhere with taking one.

Jayme didn't want me to snap this picture but she looks great. (Told you we were going to post it) Happy Birthday!

Daddy Daughter Dance Part 2

Here are the pictures from the Daddy Daughter Dance that Mike and Hailey went to on Feb. 11th. They are sticking up there tongues. We are a silly family.I think this is a great picture. They look so cute. But Hailey is becoming so possesive over her daddy. Mike is only her's. My mom said that next year it will be Mike, Hailey and Lily going to this dance. And she freaked out and kinda yelled at grandma and said "NO HE'S MY DADDY!"
We have a year to get her into line.

And to answer your question Mason, Lily and I watched a Indiana Jones movie.Mason is on an Indiana Jones kick right now. ( that's what kind of b-day party we are having for him this year). But I also had a few friends over and their kids and chatted and hung out.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines' Day

Since Mike and I had given each other our gifts a last week all we had to exchange was one small gift. Mike gave me a silver puffed heart necklace. The significance of this necklace was our first Valentines day he gave me a heart necklace that I later lost on our wedding day. I felt so bad about this. But Mike being a sweetheart replaced it for me. The kids made him 2 personalized shirts. He loved them! Mason was so excited to give Mike the gift that he told dad what was in the box when we handed him the box. And for the kids we have them a few lollipops....Lily loved her sour apple blow pop.Mike picked out a stuffed animal dog for each kid. Mason got a brown fuzzy dog. Hailey got a puppy in a lady bug outfit. She's obsessed with lady bugs right now. And Lily got a purple puppy. She was the only one that would let us take a picture of it. (Like she had a choice). Mason and Hailey each got a set of paints so they dashed to the table to paint their hearts out. They love arts and crafts. They painted so many pictures that our dining room walls have new wallpaper.Then the kids helped Mike put away a box of 500 rice krispie treats. (that's my husband..I love my spontaneous husband)

It took 6 Smiths bags to empty that huge box. We will never go hungry again.

After this we had strawberry pancakes for dinner. I didn't have time to take a picture before everyone dived in. But later that evening my mom came over so Mike and I can go out.

*BEFORE You continue with this blog entry take in count that Mike and I are going to wait to go to the temple. We talked and are just not ready to go.*

We got tattoos. We had another plan for our evening but we drove by a new place by our apt and decided to stop in. Here is Mike with his outline of his half of our tattoo. Then it was my turn. Actually I went first but all I did was cringe so I only have silly pictures. But here is Mike with a big smile on him not even flinching. Brave man...Here's Angie's half. Can you tell what it is????When we hold hands it completes a tribal heart. We love it. We're together forever now. Then to dinner at the hospital. No..not cuz of ink poisoning.
This is where we first got together. So we returned back to the scene of the crime. But in all honesty they have some great food for being a hospital.

Mike and I stuffed our face like we always do. I loved their fries so much I got a little crazy.

This was a great Valentines day for us all. The point of the day was to show our love to our loved ones and we feel mission accomplished.