Monday, April 27, 2009

We're Moving!

We are moving to Farmington!!! Yeah!!! We are going to rent a 3 bedroom 2 bath house. Of course since this is the internet we're not going to tell you the address but just know it's really awesome. Each room has a walk in closet. Mike loves this feature alot. He has more clothes and shoes than I do. Seriously!Lily likes the new soft carpet.Hailey likes the yard that we now have.

Mason likes the fact he has his own room. He already marked his territory.

I like the red door factor. (see opening photo) Actually I like the layout of the house. And Mike likes how he has a garage. I guess it's a guy thing. We have a lot of planning ahead of us. But we will post some pictures later when we move everything in. But it will be a slow progress since I have my first PAID wedding cake this week and Mike works all week. So next week we will start moving things in.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Racer Party

We're at our friend,Sarah, son's 5Th birthday party. Here's Mike and Hailey drinking some root beer! They're such party animals.I made the cake...of course! It was a speed racer cake. Their son loved it! (of course)

Lily loved the cake too.
At the party we played in her house for a while since it was raining outside. We played balloon tag, ate sandwiches for lunch, had some yummy cake, and opened presents. Actually her son didn't have to left a finger. All the other kids opened his gifts for him and gave them to him afterwards. He got a bunch of race cars, trains, and more race car things. He loves race cars!
After this we all went outside since I seen a mouse come into her house. I screamed like a teenage girl seeing Zac Efron face to face. So when we all went outside Mike started up a game of X-Treme Kick Ball!! Sarah had a huge yoga ball that we used as our kick ball. We all were on teams and tried to take out the kids. Mike and me were on the same team.Yeah! Mason flipped over the ball a few times since we were playing on wet grass. It was hilarious. But us adults got so tired from playing we all headed back in when the mouse we securely trapped under the sink. Then the birthday boy put in the movie we got him,Speed Racer, and the kids all sat and watched it.
It was Mike and I that were tired and wanted to go home. The kids could of partied a little longer. We're so old!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Float like a boat

Today was the kids last swim class. They learned alot while they were in the class. took Mason a little longer learning this since when ever the teacher let go of him and he realized he was doing it he would freak out.

Swimming like a frog. Hailey really caught on. She still needs some help coming back up for air but other than that she's ok. Mason he keeps touching the bottom with his toes. So the teacher took him out to the deep end. 8ft deep! And he was able to do it until he realized he was and then freaked out again.

But as for the diving board. Mason is still afraid to do it. He says it's cuz it's too high up. But we'll see. Hailey she will jump in all by herself. I'm so proud of them. They learned to swim (somewhat)

We'll put them back in to make sure they know everything the next time classes open up.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

5 months old

(She thinks she's so cool!) Lily has grown so much over the last few months. We can't believe she's 5 months already. But we're glad she's has experienced alot of important milestones. First the self discovery that she really loves herself.

When we weren't looking she got herself a tattoo to express who she loves more.

She is rolling over from stomach to back alot more now. She's been doing this for about a month however the back to belly she's not to fond of.

And our little girl is becoming so independent and thoughtful that she wants to feed herself so mom no longer has to.

We got her ears pierced on Friday. I got tired of people calling her "Sport" or "Buddy" even when she's dressed all in pink. Sorry but it was hard to get a picture of her ears while she's moving her head from side to side.

She loves to growl like a dinosaur with Mason and she loves to cuddle in Hailey's princess bed. I'm glad to say she loves her family.

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Have you ever heard the saying "He fell asleep on a drop of a hat?" Well Mike holds that title in our home. And we found out that medically its not healthy to fall asleep that fast. So Mike went to a sleep specialist who suggested he take a sleep study. So from Friday night until late Saturday afternoon/early evening he was in the study. Here's a picture of how he had to sleep. He complained that it was very uncomfortable.Saturday morning Lily and I went to visit him at the sleep clinic and brought him breakfast and our great company.But after seeing Mike's big fluffy bed Lily decided to take in on the sleep study too. During the day Mike had to take #5-20 minute naps. So when he had his naps I grilled the sleep tech on everything that was happening. I learned a lot about sleep. There's actually a science behind it. Who knew..? The results of his sleep study won't be available until next week. So until then sweet dreams.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Starting an old hobby

Maybe you didn't know but I was a cake decorator before I had Lily. I have loved every minute I have spent as a stay at home mommy but lately I have wanted to start up my old hobby again. Usually I do only friends and families cakes for their special events but now I'm taking one step further. I placed an ad online and made another blog page to show my creations. Mike and I know we're not going to make big bucks on my cakes. It's more of a fun hobby for me. But it will help me feel that my talent isn't going to waste and it can give me the freedom still of being able to enjoy my mommy moments. so check out my page at


Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Living Planet Aquarium

Today we all went to the Aquarium!!!!Lily really loved it. As the fish would swim by her face she would press her head onto the glass and kick her legs in every direction trying to get into the tank. Maybe she thought she found a shower buddy. It was really cute to watch her.
Hailey and her diva pose....I have no idea where she learned this.But as we explored we seen an octopus moving all his tentacles up and down on the glass, glow-in-the-dark-jellyfish, tons of different fishes, we even seen Dorie and Nemo, sea horses (they're my favorite since the daddy's are the ones pregnant...wouldn't that be nice), an anaconda, a bird eating spider....yeah I know it's crazy but above all we seen SHARKS!!!....yes real sharks.......(Mason was excited for that part)Then we seen the electric eels. There was a display that you could touch 2 prongs and it would shock your fingers with 1 volt charge so you can get a small sense how it felt. Of course we all tried it....we never claimed to be a smart family just an adventurous one. Here's some random pictures while we were there
Here's Mike touching a sting ray. How many people can say they touched a sting ray in their lifetime?Hailey tried but her little arms wouldn't reach.Here's Mason and I taking our turn. Actually I had to bribe Mason into doing it. But who cares he did it.
I accidentally didn't roll Mason's shirt sleeve up enough before he put his arm into the water. When he was done touching the sting ray his arm was all wet. Oops...
Since Lily didn't touch the sting ray she decided to tease some Parana. She held up her feet to the glass and a few Parana gathered by her toes.
Then after we seen everything we went to the gift shop and got a few small souvenirs.
Then after our underwater adventure we all went to lunch.
We're such cool parents.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bouncin' Off The Wall

Well you might not of heard of this place cuz neither have we. I (Angie) found an ad in a newspaper so I called it. Only on wednesdays from 3-7 it's "Open Bounce". So the kids pay $5 each but the parents are free. So for $10 we all had some fun. When we got there is was amazing! There's a room filled with those inflatable slides that you might see at a fair or carnival. Immediately after taking off our shoes the kids and Mike were gone. Hailey and Mike went down this slide so many times I lost count. Mason-he ran so fast I didn't even see him leave. But since the room has only one entry I wasn't worried about him leaving so we let him explore and gain some independence. But Hailey had so much fun. She needed some help getting up the slides since plastic and socks get alittle slippery.But that didn't stop her.
Mike even went a few times by himself. He's such a big kid!Here's Mike tackling Mason so Hailey could get a touchdown in this inflatable field.This was really fun to watch Hailey throw the ball into the net especially since the net was a few inches taller than her. She would pull it down and spike her ball in there.And yes even I went with the kids a few times. I have no idea where kids get all there energy. Mike and I had to switch cuz we would get tired. (You might not see me that well but I'm behind Hailey. See my arm?)But sad to say that Lily was not allowed to bounce. I would hold her on the side of the football field but that was not safe since Mike and Mason were bouncing like a couple of monkeys. Next time when she's a little older or taller. But I think Lily got the better end of this deal. We all walked away with ouches on our elbows, legs, and Mike even got one on his stomach. Next time we'll be more prepared and wear long sleeve shirts.