Wednesday, June 29, 2011


With being half way into summer I regret to say that our kids haven't experienced some of those timeless summertime experiences like the ones Mike and I experienced during our childhood summers. So we're going to get back on track and start checking off those awesome memories!

So today we pulled out the good ol' Slip-N-Slide!

It was such a blast to watch our kids enjoy themselves.
 Lily- she is trying to slide backwards down the slide. Didn't work out the way she thought...but she still was smiling the entire time. So I don't think she really cared which way she went
 After each of our kids tried to slide but couldn't make it half way down the slide so Mike went to change into his swimsuit and to show our kids how it's done. That's my man! Always volunteering to teach our kids the fun things.

Cati- she didn't want to give up her turn so she would just stand at the little waiting pool at the end of the slide so no one could go next. She's such a hoot to watch!

 But Mike stepped in and showed Cati how to slip and slide down . She loved it!

Mason- he got the hang of it after a few tries and just loved it! He didn't want to be done but after 30 minutes of soaking our lawn the soil started to get squishy under the slide.

 Hailey-  She was the 1st to successfully slide from start to finish. I'm very proud of her for overcoming her fear of falling. I just want to say that I love watching her develop her own indepence. She sees how fearless Mike is so she copies him on 80% of the things he does. She doesn't want to be scared of things when she grows up so she'll tell you that She has to be brave so she's never scared of things. Makes sense to me :-)

After drying up from every one's slipping fun we had a Family Movie Night! Our family loves the movie Nacho Libre. We could watch this movie over and over again and never get tired of it.

So for tonight's family movie night I thought it would be fun to add alittle twist to it. Mike and I made it into a full on Nacho party! We had tacos with Eagle Eggs (deviled eggs)
 Each of us had our own Nacho mustaches. I love Target's $1 bins!

 Lily thought it was so funny to be wearing them that she couldn't stop giggling.

 There are certain parts of the movie that are just so funny that I had to minick them.
Mike ate an Eagle Egg when Nacho ate his magical Eagle Egg.

When Nacho drank the yolk of the eggs I passed out Orange Julius to everyone. It was sort of gross to watch him drink the yolk then look down in your cup to see a mysterious orange drink. Mason was questioning the drink but Hailey braved it out and took a drink. And of course everyone loved there Orange "Eagle Egg Yolk" Julius.
But what's really funny was Mike....he have me a Lucky Machete! I can pass it on to my kids and in hopes that they will say "My mother gave me her lucky machete" Mike's so funny- what am I going to do with this thing. I guess I can use it to cut lettuce or bread. haha...jk!
This was so fun that we need to make another Family Themed Movie Night!

I love Mike's Nacho smile :-)

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Like to Hike!

After needing some peace and quiet after a rough few days we thought heading up to the mountains would be a nice retreat. But with rivers flooding we had to head down an unknown road which lead us to such a beautiful spot that we could oversee most of our town. The view was amazing!

 After taking in the view and exploring around alittle.

Mike made set up the fire and our kids found some sticks so we could start making dinner.
Something about campfire hot dogs and smores that brings a smile to everyone's face.
After  everyone was full from our delicious dinner that I didn't have to cook we cleaned up everything and went on a hike. Well.....the best we could with having 2 toddlers. About 25 yards into our hike Ducati started to get hives from an allergic reaction from ???something???
So we sat for a few minutes and enjoyed the view....

 Hailey really enjoys exploring as you can see. I asked her to smile and after 1 second she started to walk into a field of flowers. She's so fun!

Our 2 tots really love their daddy.

Even though we wanted to go further but with Cati's skin getting red we headed back to our van to clean her up from whatever touched her skin.

But as the kids and I started to walk back down the mountain I turned to see Mike just sitting in deep thought.

All most like he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. Whatever he was thinking I pray that the world takes it off his shoulders soon.

This was a great evening together as a family. No TV, No phone calls, No facebook (haha).....just us. That was nice!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Family Dates

Today was another typical summer Saturday....BUSY!

I started out our morning with a Relief Society Birthday Celebration. It was nice to have an hour to myself and be able to have adult conversations. Conversations that consist of diapers, baby weight, potty training.....So I guess you can take the mother out of the home but you can't take the mother out of the woman.

After this our day really began- Mike w/ Mason and Ducati went to the Museum of Ancient Life in Lehi. Mason got himself a new dinosaur. His old one died after being played with for 3 years. So Mason was really happy to have gotten a new one.

They had a great time but since we have only one camera I took it since Hailey, Lily and I went to
(I love the way they are smiling right here- It's pure joy!)
 When we entered the kingdom we got dusted with princess Quizzle dust. Hailey and Lily received their Princess goodie bags that held their autograph book with the story of Princess Mila. The festivals very own princess. So our mission was get as many autographs as possible within the 3 hours we were there. But we didn't even put a dent in it so next year I'm reserving a morning spot. 

But the festival had every princess you could think of plus a few more that I haven't heard of....

Priness Illassa from the story book the festival handed out.
 Sleeping Beauty/Aurora
 Hailey is really Rapunzel now.
 Lily was so excited to see Rapunzel. For the past 3 day and nights I made our girls these Rapunzel dresses. When Lily seen "Tangled" Lily said: "My mommy made me your Tangled dress"
Rapunzel said to Lily :"You look beautiful just like me Princess Rapunzel"
 Lily: "No you're not Rapunzel-you're Princess Tangled"

Either way she was really excited to meet her favorite princess.
 Here's Lily and Hailey with Belle and the Beast
Princess Winnifred from the Princess and the Pea. This was really cute to hear Princess Winnifred and Hailey talking. Winnifred asked Hailey if she felt the pea. Hailey said "I can feel it" So the Princess said to her "Only true princesses can feel the pea so you are a TRUE princess." I remember how Hailey sat up like 3 inches with her eyes so big from excitement and said " It's true. I am a princess!" Oh so adorable- I really enjoyed my afternoon with these 2 girls.
 And here's Princess Mila. I love how Hailey is giving Mila some major love cuddles.

But everywhere we went at the festival the princess's were either singing a song

or performing a skit that had some type of valuable lesson to it. For example, Snow White's skit was about finding someone to love based on their inner beauty; never their outer looks.
 But I have to give kudos to the Evil Queen. She was such an amazing singer that I was rooting for her.

A really awesome moment. The Assistant Princess to Cinderella was stalling so Cinderella could get ready. So she started singing with all the kids. They sang the ABC song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Popcorn popping on the apricot tree. I loved it! Every little princess knew that primary song and was sining it in a loud princess voice.

 Cinderella and her Prince. Hailey sat right in front of them and she was beaming from ear to ear from seeing them dancing. She told me that she wants her Prince to dance with her forever. I love it!
But the most fun I seen was the 12 Dancing Princesses. They had a dance lesson in a cave so here's Hailey getting her groove on with Princess Citrine and Princess Diamond.

Hailey and Lily had so much fun. Every Royal Princess they met loved their dresses. This made me happy knowing all my hard work was worth it when Hailey and Lily would just smile after hearing their compliment.  Our girls complained only once-when Mike told us it was time to go. But this will definitely have to be a new tradition.

(Our Princess's sitting in Cinderella chariot. She won't mind)

After our fun filled afternoon we all headed to my parents for a nice visit. Everyone ate dinner and played with water guns. Well everyone except Mike and me...we went on a date.

Gotta' love grandparents who understand the value of date nights. Since Mike and I didn't know when all our family dates were going to end we just headed to Jordan Commons and went to the first movie that was playing which was, 17 Miracles.
This is such an amazing movie. The experiences and condition these LDS Pioneers lived through just to get to the land of Zion. Our hearts were touched when the spirit testified to how our Heavenly Father will provide for us if we keep our faith in him. After seeing all the miracles the Pioneers experienced it touched our hearts so much that we couldn't help but shed ALOT of tears. This will be a movie that we will buy right when it comes out on video. Even if there's no coupon I'm buying it. :-)

I'm not going to complain about how busy Mike and I were today. Because as I write this post I really don't remember the stuff I forgot at home. And Mike didn't mind put his to-do list aside for the day. Today was a special day. We spent time together as a family. We shared in a memory with our kids. Mike and I spent some time together to help strengthen our bond. And our kids spent time with their grandparents which always helps with helping family ties stay strong.
So this was much better than any typical was our Family Date Day.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Family Reunion

Being a parent can mean that at times I am going to be more focused watching our kids than remembering to take photos.....and this was one of those times.

Mike had his family reunion tonight. It was nice to see some family so I was focused more on my kids so I  selfishly only took photos of them.

Since we got to Aunt Springs 1 hour early we were able to mingle before the crowd and our kids enjoyed that playtime.
Mike and his Aunt Spring are enjoying some hula- hooping
 Mason learned how to hula-hoop just a few minutes before me taking this picture. Fast learner!
 Cati and proof photo that I was there :-)

After everyone started showing up I put my camera away since Hailey was now misbehaving. She sat by me and had to "enjoy" in adult talk. Oh well...she enjoyed herself since she's a little grown up.

But Lily was a sweet treat to everyone. She asked her cousin to help make her plate. This is what happens when there's no parent supervision. A plate full of cherry tomatoes, cheese balls, and chips.

 Cati's problem solving skills. Doesn't she look like Lily from our wedding reception.

But it was a great evening.