Sunday, September 19, 2010


We've been slightly  busy but I hate missing an opportunity to blog so here's a few small happy moments we've had lately.
Here is Lily, Hailey, and little ''A'' decorating cupcakes. I didn't ask her mom for permission to blog her daughter's name-so she's ''Little A". We've have weekly play dates at each other's house. That means the kids have some fun and us-mom's have a small break. YEAH!!!

Lily speaking Spanish. This girl amazes us. She gets yes and no confused but can speak Spanish.

Hailey wanted to make Mike an "I love you Daddy" party so she decorated our front room. When Mike came home from work he was surprised. It was really thoughtful for her to want to celebrate Mike. I thought it was a really sweet gesture. 

 Lily loves to look upside. Once more this is something I'm not sure where she learned but it makes her so cute.
 Cati has a ponytail!!!! I had to really work the elastic in but it counts. Now people comment on her ponytail instead of asking if Cati is a girl or boy. I love it!

Small things are just as important as the big things.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Derby Time

That's is Derby Time! The time of year that dad's go crazy over their son's car. Weights,Speed,paint and design all need to be top knotch. But we want Mason to do his best-not Mike's best. So Mason tried to make the most scariest car on the track in hopes that other cars will be too scared to race him. He makes me smile when I hear his wave of thoughts come through.
After Mason received more pins,patches and belt loops during the pack meeting it was off to the track.
Hailey and Lily seen Little A and Mrs. S. and wanted to sit with them for a little bit.
 Race time..... 

After about an hour Lily was getting antsy. I admit I was getting antsy too but she had a great idea. She headed to the nursery and met some other kids. Great minds all think alike cuz they were having a blast!
Mason didn't win the Pinewood Derby. He was bummed about it. But we talked to him and explained how to be a great team player. I had high hopes that this lesson would sink in....but we doubt it since when Mason was asked if he had fun-his reply "It would be great if my team let me win the race" Ummm....that's a whole other lesson. But Mason was proud of himself for getting the award of "Most Fearsome"
 That put a smile on his face. And I was glad to see him smile and know he can scare other cars. (He had a dragon car)
Oh yeah....What was Cati doing while the races where on? She was discovering how beautiful she is.I truly love this girl.

Family Reunion

I have always known that Mike comes from a big family. He is 1 of 14 siblings. So today was a great chance to meet some more family from his father's side. Which turns out is even bigger than we both thought. It was really awesome to hear stories about family members, about my father-in-law, and to see how much of Mike's traits come from his dad's side. :-)

The kids mostly played at the huge family park in their backyard. Here's Hailey playing with her 2nd cousin
 (I think??)

Mike taking a minute to play with us. He can't resist a good swing.
Mason and Lily had so much fun playing at the family park.
Lily.....she's growing up so much. She was shy while we were here. She just kept to herself, ate a few cookies under a picnic table and played on the swing set.
Ducati's 1st time on a swing (I think???) How embarrassing that I'm not sure. Oh well....this will be the 1st on a swing that I took a photo to remember the memory.

"Small baby with a big button." Everyone wore name tags which was nice. With as many people that were there I enjoyed not being asked "Who are you?" They just simply looked at our tag and knew how we were related. ( Even Cati got tagged.)
Here's those cookies I was talking about. Best cookie EVER!!!!

Here's the whole family with Mike's grandma, Fern.

It was really nice to see and catch up with so many family members. But we had to leave due to tired babies and Pinewood Derby. But  afterwards Mike and I talked and realized that we had experienced an even more amazing event today- all 4 kids got to meet and spend time with their great grandma. I hope they remember today later down the down years.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To Grandma's house we go

 Today we went to my parents house. Seems small but these two are the most busiest people I know.
Being a bakery manager is a tough job. But today she worked a normal 8 hour shift so in the afternoon we were able to head down and spent some time with them.
Mason had to finish some school work before he was able to play. He was able to play later on so I didn't get a photo.
This was funny...Mike told Hailey to come my Mom's dog came.....
I thought it was funny. Here's Cati being a camera hog.
It was a fun afternoon. And the kids just loving seeing their Papa and Grandma.

Monday, September 13, 2010


Cati ("Ca'-tee"....just take the Du off her name-it's what we call her) had her 9 month check up. She's healthy, smart, funny but just alittle on the small size. She weighed in at 17lbs and 26.5 inches long which made her in the 25%. No big deal for us...I love how she's so small and just the right size for cuddles. She's checking out Mike's tongue. She's strangely fascinated by it. But we're so glad she's with us. She was a surprise/bonus baby but she fits right in with our family and brings us such joy to have her in our lives. We're so grateful/blessed/thankful/honored to be her parents.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dear Mom and Dad

Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us to Thanksgiving Point Ancient Life Museum today. We really needed a field trip day. We were getting bored with home school work.

 We had so much fun looking at the animal and dino skeletons. And thanks for letting us play in the kid fun-lands. They were so awesome.

 But why did you laugh when Ducati ate the sand? Sand is gross -not funny.

And did you know that Ducati is bigger than a Compsagnathus? I think that's how you spell it. It only weighs 4 pounds. I think she could eat it.
And Dad....that was not funny when you tried to put me in the sharks mouth. Don't do that again!
Mom...look we found Kevin from UP. You said it wasn't real.

But tell me why we can't kick each other in the head?
 She wasn't even awake. Fine....Sorry
Thank you Mom and Dad for taking us to the museum and we promise that next time you can pick where we have the field trip.
Love your kids

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Hero

 The heart grows fonder with absentience. So Mike help with that one...

He made this swing lock door for our kitchen. I love it! No more "Lily" interruptions while I am cooking or cleaning. I love my husband!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Us

Mike and I were finally able to get some time aside and just be together. Between  work and school and more schoolwork we only have a few minutes with each other a day. Some might think that's good enough but we're spoiled and need each other more than that. So today was our and ice cream for lunch, reading under a shady tree and helping a charity fundraiser. And to top it all off...we won a fly fishing trip in ID. So date #2 already planned. Yes!

Princess Lily

She is almost 2 years old. Any given moment I have no idea what she is going to act like...cute and cuddly or mad and tantrums. But at this moment she is cute. Lily has been wanting to dress herself. Fine for us!
It's adorable to see the outfits she picks out but it's so MUCH MORE adorable when she dresses herself in this dress.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Party in my Bathroom

I love my girls. I love to hear them laugh and squeal in delight. I love seeing them smile from ear to ear. Occasionally I will do something funny that will lead to their joy but most often it's due to funny Daddy doing something crazy and silly. But these laughs were all mine.

Kids make up set. Best clown face contest . A few glossy kisses for daddy. And a sweet memory for mommy.

Ha Ducati is still deciding if she would crawl away or join in....she just watched.