Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is the Place Heritage Park

This summer was busy. But we did make some time to attend This Is The Place and we all fell in love with this park.
The kids played in a garden learning about how these plants and herbs helped families with healing.
 Made a cloth doll just like the pioneers did.

All our kids enjoyed themselves.
 Here's Cati's Dollie
 Listened to a Native American dance and song

 My kids wanted to be honorary Native Americans.
 Enjoyed a nice train ride to get to the next activity lot faster
 My boy, All grown up :)
 Helped print a sheet of a newspaper. This was more work than they thought
 Where we also enjoyed some crafts (non-pioneerish) in the room across from the printing press.
 But they couldn't resist making a foam animal
 After a little break our family went to the Native American tee-pees and learned all about arrowheads, huts, spirits, importance of eagles, brother bears, etc
 And this sweet lady shared her chair with us so we can try out Native furniture.
 And the best part was the pony rides. Our kids aren't natural cowgirls but they got to steer their fear.

We visited a blacksmith in his shop where Mason tried to lift up everything. He says, " Mason means strong hands so I can lift up anything".... he cracks me up.
 So this side story.... Mike's pocket knife was dull so I asked the blacksmith if he did side work like.... sharpen people's knives. And he does for a small fee. So Mike got his knife sharpened old fashion style.
 But even with the heat of a Utah summer Cati went to every one of these barrel water fountains since they look "so cute in the bucket".

 This was one of the many things we did this summer. And even though we were here from open to close we still didn't get to see everything. This is our new family favorite place.