Friday, January 29, 2010

Derby Time!

Mason had his first Pine Wood Derby tonight. Here he is with his shark car. He worked on it for about a month. Not bad, huh?
We were so proud of him. Some of the other cars were built with some "Dad-Assistance". But after the troop leaders gave out some awards and applauded some of the boys for a great job at a project it was time to race!!!!
There's Mason's car in lane 1. He came in with #4 place along with 20 other kids but for his first derby we couldn't have asked for any better. Good job Mase!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Ducati's Blessing

This morning was Ducati's baby blessing. It was a wonderful experience for not just her but Mike was well. He did a great job and she was even quiet during her blessing. It was the first time she hasn't cried while Mike held her... what can I say- she's a momma's girl.

But after sacrament services everyone headed back to our house for some bonding time and lunch....

Here's some of the men who were in her circle...Uncle Steve, Uncle Aaron, Cousin Bryon (not photoed: Uncle Dan and two men that Mike home teaches) She's so loved!

But here's a few randoms from after everyone ate. Ducati and "Aunt" Heidi. I've known her for 13 years so she's an honorary member of the family.

As well as "Aunt" Sarah. Her son, Eric, was of playing with the Boppers and our Kitties.

Cousin Love.....

This little guy is Bryon's son....He's so stinking cute!!!

I didn't get a chance to take a picture but Grandma Sue, Aunt Daina and Aunt Julia were here enjoying the luncheon. But I forget...sorry :-(

But with all the love in this house for this little girl it shows that we're truly blessed to have her with us. Especially since now she cries when it's our turn for the photo.

Friday, January 22, 2010


Today is Angie's 26th birthday!!! Yeah for getting older...not really but today was a special day so I can't really complain. When I woke up I came into the living room and seen a wonderful surprise...But before I could open my gifts I had another surprise....Ducati wanted to be the first to wish me a Happy sweet!

Then after breakfast Hailey gave me her card.... she was inspired by the movie "Cloudy with the chance of meatballs"Here's Mason's birthday card: Then Mike woke up and I got to open my presents....
How did they know I love Twilight? Great guess....For lunch we headed to a great little place... Sugarhouse Barbeque Company....

They served yummy Memphis style food... the kids weren't that brave so they ate corn dogs and chips but Mike and I were fearless. I had Jambalaya and he had a full slab of ribs. That's a lot of meat.
Then the kids and Mike had to leave for work and visits but not before cake. Mike made this for me all by himself. Actually he brought the cake and he made the design. But for a beginner he did a great job!This was such a great birthday. I guess turning 26 isn't that bad!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Family Night

This night was so much fun. We haven't done an outing for a while so it was much needed. Mike suggested we all go bowling. It's our thing.... so we called up a friend of ours, Sarah, and she brought her son, Eric, and we all headed to Pullman's Alley. Hailey did awesome tonight. She and Eric tied with a score of 76. Mason lost with a score of 72. But it didn't seem to matter since he was stuffing his face with fries and fruit punch.
Lily bowled a few times with Mike but she was mostly interested in eating the fries and napkins.
Mike won the whole game. His score was 106, Sarah scored 103 and I scored 101. I think I should get some bonus points since I bowled with Ducati sleeping in my moby. But I guess it's alright since Sarah now has a new high score.


Mike and I finally felt we got our temple recommends and received our endowments. Mike's escort was his home teacher from when he was a teenager, Mr. Brian Thatcher and his wife. My escort was a dear friend of mine, Diana. (She had to leave before I remembered to grab a photo) I've known her now for almost 3 years. She's taught me alot of who I've always wanted to be.
Mike and I decided to go to Bountiful Temple. Mostly for 2 reasons: it's close to our sitter, Aunt Daina, and we see this temple almost every day when we drive to and from the valley. So each time the kids see it as a sign we're almost home. But either way it was a beautiful experience.
Now to get sealed..... :-)

Monday, January 11, 2010

One Month

This past month sure has been a whirlwind. Getting back into a routine was harder this time but that doesn't stop Mike and I.

Here's Ducati's updates:
She is such a cuddler. She always wants to be held.She's a perfectionist already. She likes to be held certain ways with certain blankets.

She eats all the time. Mike has already introduced her to chocolate.

(I think she liked it)

She is a night owl. I'm trying to change her body clock but she's like Mike. She likes to stay up late and sleep in.

She lost some weight but now she's back to her birth weight. She still has blue eyes and this dark brown hair. Sorry no long eye lashes. Or at least not yet.....

The kids love her so much.Hailey loves to hold her whenever she's not crying. But lately she's been pretty colicky so it's not very often. Mason will hold her but he says she's too little so he's not very comfortable holding her for too long. And's so adorable. When you put aside the fact she'll steal Ducati's bottles and pacifiers she loves to give her hugs and kisses. We truly have a great family.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Sue

We all went to Daina and Aaron's new house for Grandma Sue's birthday party. Their house is so's nice, huge, and very colorful. But that's besides the point.... It was nice to see the family again.

We all chatted about our broken computer (but now we got a new one), ate some yummy tacos, and passed around Ducati.... :-)but we had to holt the fun for PRESENTS!!!!

Mike and I and our kitties gave Grandma Sue a photo box with all the grand kids pictures in it. We seen it and it looked really nice and we were glad she liked it.Then came her big gift from the rest of the family- Mike loves this expression......She got a bird. She couldn't stop smiling.... Those two love birdsAfter everyone got a chance to meet her bird we headed to the kitchen....Daina and Aaron made this delicious cup-CAKE. Great job guys!

After cake everyone went to play Dance Dance Revolution. Mike and I aren't big game dancers so we chatted with Aaron while Lily tried to free the birdie.But it was a fun Saturday afternoon....Happy Birthday Grandma Sue