Sunday, November 22, 2015

Red Rock Lake

These post I am writing are very long over due.
But it's better late than never so I'm writing them anyways so I don't forget.

This past summer Mike and I wanted to travel with our kids and enjoy some of Utah's hidden treasures. This time we went to Red Rock Lake. One of  Mike's childhood places where his mom took him. So we packed up our summer water toys and enjoyed ourselves.
 No lake experience is complete without a frisbee

Our kids had so much fun.
Lily wanted to make double sure she wouldn't drown that she wore a floatie tube on her floatie gecko.
Mike was trying to make a long water bed. It didn't work out.
Especially since our girls kept splashing at him.
 But I don't fear. He can handle himself very well.
 Ducati is such a doll face.
 Here lays Me and Mike in red dirt at the red rock lake.

Funny Bunnies

Having bunnies is so fun.
They lick our cheesy Cheetos fingers
They steal pizza bites
They drink your coke thinking no one is looking 
Funny bunnies

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Manti Pageant

This summer we went to the Mormon Miracle Pageant. But everyone in Utah just calls it the Manti Pageant since it's in Manti. This is my first year attending. I've lived in Utah half my life and never went to this event. So I'm very thankful that Mike helped someone who then paid him for his assistance since this was the exact amount we needed to pay for the gas to get to Manti.

We stopped off at Walmart to pick up some snacks and drinks while we waited for the show to start.

Me and my sweet lilybear. I see so much of Mike in her but moments like this I see my cheeks and how our eyes crinkle when we smile.
 While we waited for the show I felt the spirit to much that my heart was already filled by the time the show started.

Lily and Ducati made lots of friends. They talked to everyone that came close to us and wanted to know their role in the show, how they learned their part, how many times a certain family attended, etc.

Our girls talked to the missionaries who gave them pictures of Jesus. They were so excited!
Mike and I laughed that one of the big stigma's on homeschoolers is that they are socially awkward. I'm not even sure what that means since most kids we see are on their phones/texting while our kids are off talking to people. Maybe that's the awkward part. :) 

Anyways while watching the show about Joseph Smith and the story of the Book of Mormon I teared up a lot. I was amazed at how hard everyone worked to make this pageant amazing to all people.

A special moment to me was there was a woman who was driving on her way back to Louisiana and see an amazing building from the freeway. So she just had to come see it. She had no idea what was happening or what the Book of Mormon is or that the building she seen is the Manti Temple. She just wanted a picture of this beautiful building so I gladly took her picture in front of the temple and told her to look it up on-line. Manti Temple on

This is a horrible picture. My cellphone doesn't do well with night pictures but I wanted to remember this moment so I'll take a bad picture over no picture any day.

Monday, November 2, 2015

A few special moments

I'm not sure actually when these pictures were drawn but obviously it was this year. And I'm glad I took a picture of them since I don't know where they are now.
Anyways Lily and Ducati both drew Mike. We thought they were so cute!

Ducati and I had a mommy/daughter date. We went yard sale shopping and went out to lunch.
 Look at this smile. She's so beautiful. Ahhh!!!! She's so adorable!

Lily and Mike went on a Ninja Date. Literally there's a place where the set up is learning how to walk on walls, swing over pits of foam, jump on tramps, etc.  They loved it!

One day while driving....somewhere.... I looked out my window and noticed in the mirror my little Lily copying me. It is something small but it's a mommy moment of gratefulness that she's adopting something from me.
 And the one and only time I curled my hair. I'm not a fan of it so I had to take a picture to remember this day.

And a temple picture. Working at Temple Square has it's pro and con's.
And this is a HUGE PRO!
I love looking out the windows and seeing the Salt Lake Temple. I catch myself staring for minutes that last longer than they should. I remember being sealed inside. I remember the stories of all the Pioneers who helped build this temple. Just being close to the temple I can feel the spirit and feel such a peace. I love it!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Water Park

This summer went to a water park and enjoyed the heck out of it.
We found a great deal on KSL that we were able to get into this water wonderful for half price.
We're all about cheap activities.  

And in our luck Mike only had to work half a shift so he was able to come with us.
He stood out among the swarm of pool moms.  
Our kids love playing at waterparks.

 Mason pretending to be a croc in the shallow end.
This is what happens when we tell our kids that it's time to leave.
Pouting time!
They still haven't comprehended that pouting doesn't help their case in staying longer or returning again. Haha..... one day they will understand this.
Either way we had an amazing time enjoying Utah's summer sun.