Monday, October 21, 2013


This man is one super awesome dude!
For some time there he was working 3 jobs....
1) Lifetime
2) church
3) weekend handyman

So he was always busy and tired. But anyone who seen Mike knew that Heavenly Father was truly helping him. Working 3 jobs, callings, family, home life, projects, and still tried to sleep somewhere in between there. But then when the time came Mike got promoted at his church job. YEAH!!! 

With that promotion came a raise which gave us enough to be able to quit one of his full time jobs. We prayed and it was confirmed that he's to quit Lifetime. So that meant saying good bye to his lifetime buddies. These people are so nice and kind that not just Mike but our entire family is going to miss them. But it was time.

The last day was bitter sweet. His co workers have him a good-bye party at work.
Which gave our kids the idea to throw Mike a "Welcome Home" party. So on the following monday when mike was asleep they made him some cards, breakfast in bed, and surprised him with a song.

Sweet kids! But even sweeter to have Mike home :)
So for the moment Mike does the 2 jobs. Which is more of a little 1.5 jobs. Since the handyman job is more on Mike's schedule.
But it's great! Life is great!

101 inventions

This is the main reason why I love homeschooling. The...


My mom took us all to the Leonard's exhibit of 101 inventions that change the world. This museum is truly an interesting one. The exhibits change so my interest peaks each time a new exhibit comes there. 

 kiddos trying to create electricity with a bike. Mason was unable to get pedaling fast enough to light up the light bulb.
 Hailey on the other hand was able to make the light bulb shine. She giggled the entire time the light shined on her.

 Animation exhibit. Computer sensors copy our movements so then the little cartoon dances like you are. My kids loved that! Anyone want to moon walk with them?

The next meterologist tv stars.
 and some much stuff that kids are encourage to touch and play with that my kids were having tons of fun :)

then the presentation of the 101 inventions. While the movie payed my kids danced. That seems about right :)

Thanks Grandma for the great AND educational day. :)


After much debate (mostly with myself) and a lot of praying (to make sure I was understanding my prompting) we are homeschooling this year. We homeschooled Mason for alittle bit but that ended when both Mike and I have the prompting he needed to go back to school. 
So we followed. 
Then we had the prompting again to bring home all our kids and home school everyone. So we did. 
This is what our first day of school looked like. Pj's at 10am. Smiles and giggles. Jumping around since we all got to spend MORE time together. It was alittle rough for me to find balance with school lessons, house work, grocery shopping, couponing, cooking, play time, and etc. We're still learning that balance but it's helpful that we have one motto to help us keep track:
Remember to have fun! 

Summer Good-byes

Every summer since Mason started 1st grade has been filled with fun and homeschool. I always homeschooled our kiddos during the summer to their brains didn't turn to mush and to help them get a head start on next years school lessons. But this year we did something different. Since we're homeschooling this year Mike and I decided to not do 1 lesson.  Besides doing our reading which is more than a school lesson it's a life lesson we just enjoyed ourselves. 

So our summer days were filled with.....
Trips to Lagoon with friends

A couple of summer festivals

 birthday parties....

teaching our kids how to yard sale...

2 car accidents.....

learning how to baby sit....

late nights with friends.....

playing outside.... ALOT!

Kids only spa days.....

 fixing our broken van...

making new friends.....

 and just enjoying each other's company.....

 This summer was so much fun that we weren't ready to get back to reality. But all good things come to an end. And that's OK. Now our kids have something to look forward too. Summer!