Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dance Again

This year we put Hailey right back into dance. We tried to sway her into trying something new but she has her mother's stubbornness and wanted to go to dance class again. But this year she is doing really great. She has made some new friends. She is doing the dance steps and really participating but the newest thing that I'm not use to is the BIG EGO.

Sure she is adorable in her outfit and I admit from one dancer to another she knows how to leap, spin, toe point,etc. We just have to help mode that ego into confidence. But so far she is doing great. And we were going to have Mason go into soccer but due to the unfortunate events that occurred at Kearns High School no way were we going to take him there. So we pulled him out ASAP and since there is no other openings for classes other than at Kearns H.S. we are just going to wait until the next activity schedule comes out in maybe March and sign him up at a school closer to home. But doesn't he look cute in his new glasses. Turns out he is far sided.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lily's 2 months

Today Lily is 2 months and she is learning and growing so much. Mike taught her how to stick her tongue out.
Mason and Hailey taught her how to deliver a very nice upper cut.
And I taught her how to do "The Woman Look" I figure she will need to learn this very important skill so why not teach her early.
But in all honesty Lily has grown so much. At her check up she weights 11lbs 13 oz and 24 inches. She's in the 90% percentile. Just meaning for how big she was born and she's growing great.
She wears 3-6 month clothing. Told you she was a big girl.

She still loves her showers. She recognizes the sound of the shower water and gets really quite and just waits for her turn.
She laughs and smiles all the time. She giggled for Mike once but I got her laughing. I mean really laughing. It was cute. This is the second time I got her to laugh and I tried to record it the best I could. It has a low volume so put your speakers up loud to hear her laughing.

She looks around at everything. It's kinda creepy when you think about it. Two little blue eyes just staring at you.Following you around as you walk about.
She still loves to be cuddled. I brought a snugli (baby carrier) She hated it. I thought she would get use to it but after 3 weeks she would just cry while in it. So I took it back. She loves skin to skin. That's fine. We're a cuddling family.
And thanks to grandma Felicia who brought her one of those baby 3-in-1 gym things. Lily finally has something that entertains her and it's not me.

Oh yeah she also got her first set of shots. Granted Mike and I are going to limit some shots she's going to get but for the ones she got today she was a champ. Cried only for a few seconds. And after that Hailey comforted her and she was smiling away again.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Angie's Birthday!!!

Today was  my (Angie) 25th birthday. Mike had planned it all out but nothing went to his plan. He wanted to let me sleep in and make me breakfast in bed but with him getting off work at 4am then trying to wake up at 6am to get Mason ready for school would be insane! So being the fantastic wife I am- I took care of the kids so he can get a small nap in. But he did wake up just before Mason went to school and they gave me my presents.

Mike gave me a card that had a really sweet message in it. The kids made me a card. Home-made cards are the best! Mike gave me a massage cushion and a Cosmo. A few days prior I told Mike my day in heaven would be to sit and read a magazine from cover to cover without interruptions and not cook. So I sat on my cushion and read while he cooked breakfast. It was great!

The kids each picked out a charm to complete a charm bracelet for me. Mason was obsessed about getting me a dolphin and sure enough he found a blue dolphin charm. Hailey got me a green frog. And Mike picked up Lily's which is a moon with a star on it. Mike got a silver bracelet for me so I can wear all my great charms. He says he wants to start making this my birthday tradition but even if he doesn't this was a great gift. Good job babe! (and if anyone gave him this idea I say thanks to you too)

But Mike did make breakfast. French toast that came out really good and sausage that caused a small fire on the electric stove (he tried :) ] But afterwards I could tell he was exhausted so I took the girls out and let Mike take another nap. (good thing I don't charge for awesome-ness or attractive-ness) So the girls and I hit the sales racks and I got some clothes for myself.
Then when my mom heard about this mornings incident she offered to make us dinner. We were going to go out to dinner but the offer of my mom cooking for us was only good for that day so we took her up on the offer. She made a great Mexican dinner. Yummy!
But in the evening we headed home for a family movie night. I picked the movie and Mike made a German chocolate fudge cake which turned out great!

As you can see the kids thought it was there birthday too and wanted to help me blow out the candles. But to be honest it took me a second to think of a wish. World peace and free money weren't on my top wish list. But after looking back from last birthday to today I thought of a great wish. SHH...I can't tell you though.
All though Mike had another plan for my birthday I have to admit this was a great way to celebrate my 1/4 century old birthday. Thanks for such a great memorable birthday.
PS The day prior my parents gave me my birthday gift early. They paid for my hair to get done. Cut, Shampoo, Blow dried, Styled. And a new outfit for my still changing body. Mike said I look punk-ish but what does he know. He's a guy. I look hot!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Years Resolutions

This entry is something I was debating since it's something personal and if I don't live up to it only I would know. But when I was reading an article in a magazine it stated to write down my resolutions so I would have a better chance of keeping to them. So here I am...

Mike said he wasn't the type to make resolutions but he made one. I think he made on to follow me. But me on the other hand am such a new years person. I believe that each year is a new start, a fresh start to do what I didn't do the prior year. So here are our resolutions for 2009.

  • Be more honest. (This is Mike's) This doesn't mean to tell the truth when you're lying. It's more on the bigger scale. You know all those thoughts that come in your mind but you feel that they would be either to weird or too mean to say but it bugs you because you didn't say anything. This is what we are talking about. There are times when Mike bites his tongue when he wishes he didn't. So this is his resolution.
  • Be more supportive of those around me. (This is Angie's) I have a tendency to take the lead on a lot of things. Or be too opinionated, or try to fix every thing that comes before me. So this year I am going to stand beside people instead of leading them.
  • Expose the kids to new things, new ideas, new cultures, new experiences. (Both of ours) Last year Mike and I did a lot with the kids. Festivals, hiking, Hailey and her dance class,etc. But there is so much more that they haven't seen. Cultures, Foods, music, sports,etc. We're not traveling across the world (granted that would be nice) but there is so much right here in Utah that we can teach them and show them. So my first order of business with this resolutions we put Mason into soccer and Hailey back into dance. We tried to sway her into something new but she didn't take.
So as the year goes on I'll let you all know how our progress goes. So to everyone Happy New Year. (I know it's the middle of the month. Maybe I should add being on time. Yeah right :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Just having a hard day. She only wanted to eat lunch.

All Smiles

So Lily spends all day with me and all I get is poopy diapers and farts but when Mike comes around she's all smiles and laughs. I always knew she was a daddy's girl.