Monday, October 15, 2012

Primary Book Markers

I'm not sure if I posted this but last month I was called into Junior Primary. I was alittle nervous at first since I'm home with Lily and Ducati all day. I wasn't sure I would be able to. I was thinking selfishly- I admit it.  I really enjoy attending Relief Society. It gave me a chance to talk to sisters and have conversations that didn't reference to Dora some how. And this all must of been on my face since I don't hide my emotions since the member of the bishopric who came over to visit with me said to that me that they (the Bishopric and Primary Presidency) need someone who will love these kids the way they should be loved. And they know that I can love them and be there for them. 

I was hooked right when he said that and accepted the calling.

Mike reminded me that Heavenly Father will help me with added strength, patience, and love to care for his precious children. And Mike promised to help me if I need more adult time :-)

Anyways it must of taken me about 3 weeks to get into my class. The previous teachers were not released, then they were out of time, then the temple dedication, and Conference. But now I'm in my class and absolutely loving it. 

Besides teaching the lesson from the manual I wanted to add alittle more for my class. So I made these this weekend. Primary Scripture Bookmarks. I looked on Pinterest but couldn't find anything. (Shocker!)  That's OK; these were really easy to make. Some foam bookmarks from Dollar Tree and bubble eyes and I already had. Mike helped me with the rhythm. So cost $1 for 8. Not bad :-)
I asked each child to bring with them scriptures when they come to class. I know my little 5 year old kids are barely learning to read but it's never to early to start familiarizing themselves with scriptures. So my plan is to write down the following weeks scripture on the back of the bookmark.  Hopefully the parents will help them find it during the week. So when in class and I read the scripture from the lesson they can open their books up and read along with me. It's a small stepping stone but nevertheless a step.

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