Monday, August 30, 2010

Rain, Rain, please stay

At 6:52 am I woke up to hearing Lily calling for me, "Mommy". I knew she had woken up from the storm outside. So after a few cuddles of comfort we grabbed a blanket and sat outside. I thought this would help ease her fear of rain. When she seen the rain she kept saying "It's wet." I smiled to seeing her try to grab the rain. Soon she would turn and cuddle with me under our blanket.

It felt so good to just have this private tender moment with her.
 So please, please rain don't go away

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mosiah 2:17

 “when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye are only in the service of your God.”

It's never to early for Lily to be learning service. She did great telling the Elders where to put the boxes and throwing garage away. But Mike on the other hand surely got this verse covered. After 10 hours of work and 3 hours of sleep he did: 2 hours of cleaning the church, 2 hours helping neighbor move, 1 hour home teaching. 1 hours of grocery shopping, 2 hours of garage time and still finds time for school work, eating, giving me a hug, and playing with the girls. He amazes me.

Friday, August 27, 2010


Have you met our Ducati? She has been crawling now for about a month. It's so adorable to see her little legs scrabble by my feet. And she hates to wear clothes on hot summer days. I don't blame her.

However sometimes she falls victim to a hit and run....
Did you know that she is a quiet girl? She doesn't say much but she is very observant.

Did you know she loves to play outside? Her favorite things are to eat grass, play with chalk and try to touch bugs.

Did you know that when she gets so excited she will flap her arms in front of her?

Did you know that when she smiles her nose wrinkles up like this? It makes our hearts melt.

Did you know that she loves belly raspberries, eating ice cream, and cuddles? Did you know she loves it when you suck her thumb? But did you know that she will continue to grow and someday these won't be her favorite I am sure going to enjoy them right now.

My cup runneth over

We  attend church every Sunday. Although on some Sundays we make it in our seats by the time the opening prayer starts we are happy to say we do make it to church. Mike and I plan our family home evenings every week and take advantage of every missionary moments that we can see to teach our children. But I admit I wonder how much of what we teach our children really sinks in. But today I felt my heart fill with joy and the spirit testify to me that I am on the right track.

Mason, who should know better, stole Hailey's snack pack pudding. Hailey who is only 4 years old but moments like this I tend to believe she has an older spirit that her tender years show. Of course I sent Mason to his room. I needed a moment to think and figure out how to approach this situation. What to say to him? Discipline or lecture? Then my prayers were answered. Hailey said to me “Mason’s brain (this is how we explained to her that Mason’s brain has something different called Autism) told him to steal my food because he is hungry. So that’s what Mason did.” At that moment I realized she was teaching me. She was reminding me to be more Christ like. I asked Hailey what she felt she wanted to do. She grabbed a snack pack pudding cup from the counter and walked to Mason’s room and told him “I forgive you.”

I watched from the sidelines as Hailey and Mason started to talk about the act of stealing. Mason apologized again, Hailey forgave, Mason said thank you and began to eat his snack. Hailey walked away with a smile on her face and I walked away with my heart and spirit feeling very humble and appreciative to have seen such a wonderful example of forgiveness.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hold Me Tight

I love my husband and I cherish our marriage. I am so lucky to have him in my life. He has brought so much joy and love to my heart that I have never felt before. But this book has opened our eyes. I am not being paid to advertise this book but I need to tell everyone I know (and even the people I don't know) that this book changed our lives,our love, our We now have a more emotional connection and I know with all of me that this mans loves and needs me in his life. And that is a wonderful feeling to have.

No-TV diet

Mike and I have started a new diet. Usually when someone diets it is based on bettering their bodies. So someone might cut out sugar, carbs or chocolate (crazies!) But our diet is based on another bettering idea. I read an article few weeks ago that an average child will watch 22 to 28 hours of TV a week! Between kids shows, movies, video games, and even adult shows. I know my kids will watch " Bones" with me. So I did the math and realized that if this same kid kept the same habit for 10 years that kid would have watched 13,000 hours of TV. Which is around 1 and 1/2 years in front of the TV. This shocked me at first but then I blew it off. Thinking that my kids don't fall into this category like this kid in the report. But then I had my light bulb moment. Mason says to me "It's 6pm-that means it's Simpson time" I don't think Mike and I unplugged the TV and haven't touched it since. I thought we were headed down hard times with the kids withdrawal but it turns out it was more me. I used the TV as a distraction so I can get 30 minutes of "Quiet time" Shame on me! But after adjusting a few things in my schedule and with myself we have not watched TV in almost a week


We put this time to better use like making a worm farm, writing snail mail letter to loved ones, playing outside for hours on end, making a doctor bag (and giving shots every few minutes...OUCH!) or roasting marshmallows on our deck at 10pm at night. It's been an adjustment but it has it's benefits.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I woke up this morning after a horrible nights sleep. The girls each took turns waking up and needing some cuddles. Mason refused to do his school. Mike played outside while I cleaned the kitchen. My hands were warm to the touch. This means to me that I am getting angry. It was my grumpy day today. And what made it even worse was I had planned to attend the temple today with a sister in my ward. I told Mike several times that I should just cancel. But he wouldn't let me. So I dressed, left my children unbathed, and left for the 10 minute drive. While driving someone cut me off. Seriously on the road to the temple someone cut me off!

But after entering and getting ready I looked for my friend. I was unable to find her. But I went inside anyways. As I sat in the house of the Lord; I prayed and prayed some more. I could feel the anger and tension leave my body. I felt in touch with my spirit and was able to unwrapped all those negative feelings that I was harboring. It was amazing to return home and feel the love that I know I had in my heart. I was able to laugh, joke and cuddle with my family.


When I returned home from the temple it was almost 10pm. I would of been home earlier but I got lost a few times. I hate night driving! But when I pulled up I seen Mike and 2 of our girls outside with a bonfire ready to roast some marshmallows and to make our family secret smores. I smiled to see our telescope finally out of the box and being used. The girls laughed with delight since they were the only 2 who stood awake to enjoy our evening snack. We had to remind them a few times to be alittle quieter since our neighbors had work/or school the next day. But like all other things it went in one ear and out the other. But this time I was able to giggle when this happened. After about an hour Mike put our girls down in their beds and waved his magic wand and both girls were asleep within 10 minutes. I am amazed that he can do this. But I am grateful that he can as well so we can enjoy some alone time. We talk and enjoy the warmth that comes from our bonfire. I told him about my temple experience and he listened.


I know I take advantage of how lucky I am to have such an amazing life. But tonight as I sat and watched and listened with my heart I seen how lucky I am- and I am not going to forget.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's a tie

It's Sunday morning and we are heading out the door for church. And I see this....his tie is perfect in the front but the back is weird looking. I smile realizing that since he can't see the back-it's like "out of sight;out of mind." But the fact that he was ready and out the door before I even found my shoes made me just smile and giggle to myself.

New Start

Today I am making a new start for myself. I am accepting the love I have for my life. I am a mother of 4 wonderful and funny children. I am the wife of a tender and very good looking man ;-) I am an only daughter to my parents and I am a sister in my church.


Every day I see miracles happening. And for the most part I store them in my backlog mind catalog or I might write in it in my journal but when my hand begins to cramps I lose my train of thoughts. So I want to show the meaning of my life. The moments that take my breathe away for both good and not-so-good reasons.

Friday, August 20, 2010

County Fair

 A couple of women from our ward invited us to come along to the county fair. And of course we went....It was such an amazing event. Mike and I were as prepared as we would of liked to be....we wore all wore pants in 90 degree weather and I forgot the baby wipes) So we only stood for a couple of hours. But we were able to do alot in that short little while.

The kids went into the petting zoo and really enjoyed touching all the animals. Afterwards Mike and I kept hearing..."Can we please have a __(animal)____?" It was hard saying No but we stood firm and kept walking.
Next each kid received a pony ride, we watched SplashDogs, grabbed some carni-food, and Mason seen this. So he did it! If was so fun to watch him. He would tell the controller man to be careful. But Mason did pretty well.
But when we seen our girls hiding in the shade..... we knew it was time to go.

Monday, August 16, 2010


My parents took us all to Lagoon for a wonderful family outing. Our day was filled with laughs, snacks, giggles, naps, and a few tantrums But it was really heart breaking with Lily crying on her first 3 rides,

but after some cuddles she was all smiles on the next 3 rides,
Mason and Hailey had so much fun that I can't even put it into words how many they thanked us for bringing them here, ( I took some of the credit even though it was my mom who invited us to her employee appreciation day)
Ducati...besides sleeping some of the time she enjoyed the 3 rides she snuck onto without paying....
(train rail)
(Ferris wheel)
But what lead me to title this blog entry was after 2 years of not being able to go on any festival, carnival, or amusement park rides I was FINALLY able to ride on one (due to being pregnant all the time)
 Here's Mike and me on a roller coaster about the hit the top and ride down. He is trying to snap the photo before we fell. It was so much fun! I laughed the whole 60 seconds we were on the ride.I felt like a kid again.
I surely enjoyed sitting next to my hubby on these stomach turning rides. But after 9 hours Mike and I were exhausted so we called it a day. But of course the kids wanted to stay longer. Oh to be young again...
Lily, Mike, Ducati, Hailey, My mom-Felicia, and Mason. My dad went to get their car and someone had to take the photo ;-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

East Canyon

Today we met family and friends at East Canon Reservoir to celebrate Aunt Daina's birthday.  It was suppose to be a surprise party but I'm not sure it was much of a surprise since most people showed up late to the meet-spot. But it was a great day of splashing around in the cool water,
                                                                                 Hailey planning to squirt me

                  Hailey running into the water to wash off her mud scrub...can't tell her no. Ladies pay $$$ for this
                                                                            Cousins playing together
                                                             Grandma Sue taking her great pictures
Lily being so cute
everyone except Me did some water favorite water run that went by me was when Mike, Steven and Julia where in the Sea-Doo and I could hear Julia's screams from the shore. But the amazing thing was all the kids where in the boat sitting and seemed pretty calm.

                                                                                 See everyone's smiles
                              Mason and Hailey were so excited to be on a boat. This was their first time on one.
My hubby, Mike, look how awesome he looks. Except for the horrible sunburn that followed him
Hailey was loving this
ate some great food.......don't judge us...Ducati's eaten worse stuff.

laugh with our loved ones.....

Remember Lily eating sand in CA....Deja Vu'
Aaron and Sarah...they have such great smiles
Lily being cute again
And not sure what this is....Mason, Aaron, and Lily where making this....rock wall. When a wave would come to shore I could hear Aaron tell Mason "We need more pebbles and mud!" I was so funny to watch and listen to those bunch of kids.

But it's not a party unless someone ends up in the ER....

It's sad to say that Grandma Sue fell down the trail and sprained her ankle pretty bad. So Mike and I took her to the ER in Park City. But she's such a strong woman that she didn't complain once while at Daina's party.

But it was a fun and wonderful day to spend time with family and celebrate Daina's old age. Ha Ha