Monday, August 31, 2009

9 month check up

Today Lily went to her 9 month child check up. I know I'm alittle late...but time sure does fly when you don't remember stuff...

Anyways she weighs 17.6lbs. and 29 inches tall. She actually lost some weight since her last check up. 3 lbs to be exact...Crazy but the doctor said she's becoming more active and stretching out. The doc said Lily's still tall for her age. Oh well...

I think when you're child grows before your eyes it takes those light bulb moments to realize how much they actually have grown.

Lily now has 3 teeth(2 bottom-1 top) and her 4th is coming in slowly on top. She laughs all the time and tries to talk to us when we're talking to her. She is slightly crawling. Shh.....I guess she doesn't want the cat out of the bag but I've spotted her crawling forward a step or two to reach something then stop. I've tried to move whatever she is reaching for further to make her crawl further and she only just sits there and looks at me with this "DUH MOM!! I'm not going to get it now!" look.

But here are a few of Lily's favorite things:
- playing her piano. She loves musical instruments. I think this will be her party theme for her birthday. So people who live close to us- expect your invites next month. Her party is on a Monday evening. What better way to spend family home evening than with all your family celebrating the birth of a beautiful baby.

- screaming matches with Mike. She loves this!

-EATING!!! she only eats people solids food. I have tried to give her some baby oatmeal and she just gives me her stink face.

- clapping....I have no idea why she does this but she'll just start randomly clapping for no reason

-pulling hair

- splashing in the bath tub

-stabbing people with her straws

- her binky (this is going to be UGLY when we have to break her from this)

Well that's all of Lily's happenings. But she'll always be my baby boo. XOXO

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


As far back as I can remember (maybe for a few years now) I have always shopped early for Christmas. And usually whenever someone hears this the usual reaction is laughter. But I want to show you my greatest buy this year.
I got Mike this designer brand suit for Christmas. He couldn't help but model it (and afterwards put it on his side of the closet). The retail price is $495.00......and I got it for $25.00!!!! I lost my breath when I seen the retail price. Mike was so excited that he now owes a designer pin strip suit and I'm excited it fit in our little budget. So I guess I get the last laugh. Ha Ha

Flower Child

Mike, Lily and I went for a little hike a few days ago. We seen this field with some colorful flowers so I couldn't help myself.

She is named after a flower after all.

P.S. I think yellow is Lily's favorite color. But she doesn't look good wearing please no ideas k

Back to School

Mason started school today. He's in 2nd grade. He's such a big boy now. When I dropped him off for class this morning. He wanted to show the other kids he's an independent type and wanted to walk in alone. And me-having some attachment issues had to walk him into class. It was wonderful to hear after school that he liked his teacher.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ducati A.M. Lassig

Here's the lastest pictures we have of Ducati A____ M____ Lassig. Mike and I know the sex of the baby. But we've took a vow of silence not to tell anyone. Any guesses?
D' already has big feet. But so cute!!

P.S. The M_____ is because this baby is going to be named after Mike. If a boy his name is Ducati Aiden Michael L. and if it's a girl her name is Ducati Alaina Michaela L. Why? Hailey is named after me....her middle name....and Mike doesn't have anyone named after him. So instead of a Jr. which is kinda lazy name guessing we decided to name this baby as I mentioned.

Monday, August 3, 2009

California Love

Today we are leaving to go back to Utah. And I really wanted to see L.A. before we left. So after packing up all our stuff we drove the 2 hours to LA. I mostly wanted to go there since there was a museum I really wanted to visit. And since Mike loves me to pieces he agreed to take me to the museum. So as we drove we jammed out to 2pac's "California Love"
Such a great LA song and Yup-Mikes' wearing his tourist hat. That hat has been between Boston and LA. That has to be a line in a song somewhere.
I'm not sure if anyone heard of this museum but in my tourist book it is called "The Museum of Tolerance" When we arrived our car was searched and we all had to walk thru a metal detector. A little bizarre but this museum holds in the lower levels some history of the Holocaust. I have always been interested in this piece of history. I think this is the only history I care to remember. There was no cameras allowed into the museum so I'll try to describe it the best I can. The entire tour of the entire museum takes about 4 hours. It would of been nice to see the entire thing but honestly with 3 kids under the age of 7.... I was sure dreaming.

But I seen what I wanted to see. The Holocaust exhibit. It took about 1 1/2 hours to see the entire exhibit. While on our tour we each got a card with a person's name and photo who was involved in the Holocaust. As we went about the tour we learned a little more about our person and their life during this period. Out of the 5 of us only Hailey's character had lived. His name is Peter Berlowitz. It was really depressing to know that 1.5 million children were killed and only a few survived. But at least we got to see the story of one lucky strong survivor. Mason was upset that he died at the end. But there was one point in our tour that we had to walk thru iron gates into a concentration camp and walk in either 2 tunnels that led you into your fate. 1 tunnel was marked "Able-Bodies" for those who will work until it was their time. The other tunnel was marked "Women and Children" and that was lead to a gas chamber. Mike and I started to tear up when we had to part into the separate tunnels. Man, I'm getting teary eye just talking about it. Mike won't let go of Mason's hand so he took Mason with him into the Able-Bodies tunnel. It was really sad. I don't know why we paid to cry. Anyways I got to hear from a survivor later in the afternoon. Mike was kind enough to care for Lily so I can hear this amazing woman's story. Wow is all I can say. If you're ever in the area this museum is a must.

Then on a lighter note we drove around LA and seen some great sites. The traffic in LA is way more crowded than San Diego so a lot of photos are in passing while in the car.

Creepy looking LA tree!
Do you see what these benches say? Bus bench for humans only. Wow I never thought to see that here. But we did see a few things while there i.e. the walk of fame, a $1.5 million 2 bedroom apt. but due to traffic our time was cut short so we can do 2 things on our list. We seen the famous Hollywood sign. And we each got a picture with it in the background. There's a hike that's available to get closer to the sign but like I said due to the time crunch we just stood on the street. Mason asked why we stopped there. And I explained that Hollywood is the city where movies are made. He was just in awe. He loves Hollywood now. But we wanted to hit one more beach before we started our drive home. Plus we were trying to wait it out until the evening to drive so the kids could sleep. Clever us!!

We went to Santa Monica Beach.
It was absolutely beautiful here. There was an actual board walk on the sand. Sorry I forgot to take a picture. We were wanting to jump into the water.
These waves were big and strong. They knocked me down a few times. But the boys just loved it. Meanwhile the girls and I just chillaxed on the beach
But we soon had to leave. But not after taking a look at the Man or Mouse area. (that's what Mike called it) since this beach is called Muscle Beach.
There was a special area with weights, climbing ropes, pull up bars, etc.
But these men had nothing on Hailey. She said she has muscles cuz she eats all her vegetables and fruits. Smart little girl.

If we lived in California we would be such beach bums. But can you blame us?

We sure are going to miss the CA especially the beach.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mission Bay ***** (those are stars)

Today was the best day of our vacation. We went to Mission Bay. It was exactly what we had in visioned California to be....

When we got to the bay the parking was really bad. Just a fun fact....the most common sentence spoken between 2 strangers is " Are you leaving?" so they can get your parking spot. I managed to find a spot but I admit I suck at parking so Mike had to help out. And this is why....the spot was so small that I had to take the kids out of the car before he parked since this was the only way he was getting out. And we weren't the only ones doing this either. But none the less our car was parked.
Here's our first stop.....
This was a outdoor amusement park. It was pretty reasonable priced so we indulged and had a little fun. Each kid got to pick 1 ride of their choice. Hailey and Lily wanted to go on the boat ride. I swear they both kept ringing that bell the whole time that ride went on. But now they want to be called Capt. Hailey and Capt. LilyMike and Mason went on the Famous Giant Dipper Roller Coaster. This is the ride Belmont Park is famous for. It's 70 yrs old and I was a wreck when I read that it's over 2,600 feet of track that was made of old vintage wood. This was the only picture I could get. There was tons of gates and rails. Mike has a nice head huh? But then we went on something safer....the carousel.

Mike had a turn with the kids on this ride. Then I had my turn with the kids. I wasn't able to get a shot with Mike and Lily together. It kept moving too fast. But Lily loved the carousel. She kept kicking her feet and screaming in delight. Mason and Hailey loved to yell out HI to me as they passed around and around.

Then it was lunch time.
Here's a few random pics while we were there.

Check out this purse . I wanted an authentic CA purse that I would only get away with in this state and no where else. So Mike got it for me. I must say it's one of a kind.
Then we went to Mission Beach. It was perfect. Water was calm so everyone could enjoy it.
After splashing around for a little bit we did some sand art.I made the heart with our initials in it. But Mike made the equation. Peace+us=happiness. Cute huh? But Mason was the one who really got into the sand art. He must of made like 7 or 8 huge pictures. But here's only a few. I like his picture of a whale.

Mike decided to twist things up a little and instead of making a sand castle he made a pyramid. It was a hit with the other kids at the beach. When the tide began to come in all the other kids tried to save the pyramid.

Anyways after making fun stuff in the sand we just played in the sand.The sand was actually kinda cool. It was the typical color of sand on top and below it was black. This is why Hailey is sitting a black pool of water. It's a sand hole we dug while we were looking for sea shells.Lily on the other hand ate sand from every beach we went to. I guess this was her way of savoring her CA experience. Except she pooped sand the entire time we were there. Our family photo at the beach. It was so much fun here.We absolutely love San Diego.