Saturday, March 28, 2009

Murray Park

Today was the perfect spring day. The sun was up, flowers were bright, there were birds on the ground so Mason could chase was just an all around great day to be out

So we grabbed some old bread from our cupboard and went to feed the ducks at Murray park.
Mason and Hailey really enjoyed themselves. Mason kept aiming for the back of the ducks when he threw his bread. And 3 out of 5 times his bread would land on the ducks' back. He was so proud but we have to admit it was pretty funny.

Hailey on the other hand could barely get the bread a few inches off the waterline. But she was excited just to be getting some fresh air.
But Lily was the one that took it the hardest while we were feeding the ducks. She badly wanted a piece of bread so Mike compromised with her.She got to sit on Dad's lap while he feed the ducks. She must of liked this trade off since she stopped crying.

So what do you suppose we all did when we ran out of bread? Here's a hint....3 big kids (Mason,Hailey,Dad) and one big hill.....any guesses

You have to love a man who will roll down a hill with his kids and has more fun than they do.After the down hill rolling contest we all headed to the playground. Lily loves the slides so Mike and Hailey kept taking her down it until finally Hailey fell and it was our signal to go. (she's OK just a scratch on her leg ;-)

Monday, March 23, 2009


Today we are heading back home to Salt Lake City. We're really excited to see our kids again. We've really missed them. So after our last minute prepping Brent dropped us off at the airport. We had a flight connection on our way back home in Baltimore, MD. Since we might not be back this way again for a while we grabbed a cab and seen some of the city.We asked some locals where a good restaurant is that's not too far away from the airport and 4 out of 5 said G&M's. So we gave it a try.
It was a quite fancy restaurant for being a crab cake restaurant. It was voted by 2 Baltimore newspapers for having the best crab cakes in the city. So we took a seat. When the waiter arrived we asked for the house special . We had the choice of 1 or 2 crab cakes. We ordered the 1 since it came with 2 side dishes. When the waiter said it's for moderate appetite we thought that maybe after we can get a sweet treat from the airport but when our order came to the table the one crab cake was huge. It was like the size of a cereal bowl. Good thing we ordered just one. We were stuff by the time we hit our first side dish. But at $17 a plate we ate it all. Here we are outside G&M waiting for a cab to take us back to the airport.When we got there we had less than an hour to we played around. Here is Mike and Lily on the moving sidewalk. Like we were going to use our legs like a bunch of suckers. Lily of course fell asleep so we played around with her while she slept. Mike has this weird thing about picking the kids noses while I'm taking pictures.
And making the kids eat their boogers. Gross I know but still funny.Lily is just relaxed while she has some tummy time at the airport. She looks so cute here. But as our flight started she drank a bottle and was out for the rest of the day. It was actually really nice. When we started to fly over Utah and seen the mountains Mike and I were so excited that we kept moving around in our seats. We might love to travel and see new places but we love Utah as our home.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

New York City

Lily is probably telling herself..."Here we go again"

After church today Mike and I starting talking that tomorrow we're going back home to Utah and we might not be back this way for some time. So we decided to go to NYC. We rented a car from Dollar Rental. Brent and Patty let us use their GPS system and then we were off on the open road.
I (Angie) drove the car to the city. And wow it was crazy. The speed limit in some spots was 50 mph and I was MAYBE speeding a little more but cars were still flying by me. So I was nervous as a turkey on Thanksgiving driving around there so we parked the car in a garage right when we hit the city.
Look a New York pigeon....Anyways since Mike has been here before and I never have he let me pick where we were going to go. And since we only had time for one place I picked.....That's right TIME SQUARE. The heart of N.Y.C.Since we wanted to save a few bucks we walked everywhere. Which was no big deal since it seemed impossible to get a cab and I was still nauseated from the Boston bus ride. We walked all down Broadway. I was a little nervous to have someone take our picture just in case they ran off with my camera. But I think TV portrayed New Yorkers to be some ruthless people when actually they are just busy hustlers. We paid $15 bucks for a bottle of water, 2 hot dogs and a small pretzel. But we needed our energy so we dished out the cash. (NY should have a sign that says "Only Cash" since we had to keep hitting ATM's)

But Mike got himself a Sean John shirt from the Sean John store. There's only 5 stores in the world so chances of us running by one again is slim to none.

I got myself my Frada (Fake+ Prada=Frada) I had always wanted a Prada bag by my good conscience won't let me spend $800-$4k on a purse so I compromised with myself and got myself a knock off. It still looks great.

As we continued to walk we spent some money on some souvenirs, pictures, beanies, and this hat.This guy had a table where he would tag a ball cap with your name for $20 bucks. Of course we hustled the price down a little. But it was going to take about 40 minutes since there was other orders in front of us on the hat-line so we went to McD's. This wasn't any ordinary McD's but then again there's nothing ordinary in New York. Besides the prices being really high. All the items on the menu had the fat and calorie count right next to them. We never seen that before. Like these Mini McDonuts are 400 calories for the six of them. So we shared them.But the coolest thing about this McD's was it was 3 levels and on the third floor it played music videos on the walls. Mike made a comment that in SLC we have playlands for kids and in NYC they have music videos.
Anyways after we ate we went back for our hat and here's the finish product.It says "Lassig". Pretty cool huh?
After this we went to the Empire State Building.When Mike was in NYC last time he went in the morning so this time we went in the evening. He says it was a lot better this time around since we could see all the city lights.
When we got to the 86th floor and went outside it was freezing. We would only be able to stay outside for a minute or two then have to run back inside to warm up. It was beautiful sight to see with all the lights but froze us to the bone.We had our first New York kiss on top of the Empire State Building. I know...very Sleepless in Seattle like.But Lily on the other hand was ready to get out of there. (She looks so cute with her NYC beanie)We seen the real Statue of Liberty from a distance on top of the Empire State Building. It looked only an inch tall but was still very awesome to see. Next time we go to NYC (whenever that is) we'll have to see it up close but this one was a pretty cool substitute. We seen this Lady Liberty at Toys R Us made entirely of Lego's.
After our walk back to the car we loaded up on some Red Bull and drove back to CT.
Here's the toll booth were they hustle another $5 bucks from us.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

We went to Boston

Today Mike, Lily, Patty, Brent, Nina and her boyfriend DJ and myself all went to Boston, Mass.Our first stop was by the Boston Temple. Brent wanted to show us the temple he goes to. It looked very colonial and elegant. Not very big but has a huge importance. Then he headed to the city. Here are a few sights we seen. Patty was again very informed on a lot of the history but since we were trying to cram a whole city into one day we took a tour bus. Here I am with my daily caffeine fix.

I'm not sure what this building was but at the time we took this photo it seemed really important.Next here is the capital building roof made of 24k gold. That seemed really cool that Boston has style.

Then this church is one of the oldest in the country. I forgot a lot what the tour guide said since the roads are made of half brick and half cement.As we sat in the bus it would hit huge bumps in the road and had us flying in our seats. I couldn't help but laugh since Lily was trying to sleep and every few seconds she kept getting woken up cuz we would be jumping out of our seats cuz the bus hit a pot hole. But today was to first day of the Harbor cruise season so Mike and I decided to get off our bumpy bus and take a boat ride across Boston Harbor.

Here's our first kiss in Boston.Here is Lily and me waiting for the boat to move.She only liked the first little bit of the ride.When the water would hit the boat and cause it to rock back and forth she would get so mad cuz it would cause her to to detach from her bottle. So we got off at the next stop. But here's a picture of Boston from the waterfront.We got off at the shipyard where the USS Constitution was docked. Here's Mike trying to move a 1,000 lbs weight. He really thought he could move it just a small inch but no dice. Then we got back on the trolley since everyone else was ahead of us at Quincy Market.This place was just crazy. Music, Food vendors, shops and stores everywhere. This is the one stop tourist shopping center. Here's a circle of break dancers just entertaining the crowd. Mike loved it.

Now the show is over and we're waiting for the bumpy dangerous trolley bus to pick us up to take us back to our starting point so we can get back to CT. Here's Patty, Nina and her boyfriend DJ.But after our fun filled day Mike and I's favorite thing of Boston was the City Toilet. I know but let me's a circular building sits on a corner of a street and you pay 25 cents and then the doors open allowing you 30 minutes to do your business. We had to try it. So we paid to pee. After you're done it disinfects and sanitizes itself. This was way awesome.Here's Lily fast asleep with a duck blanket we got her in Boston. I loved this sign so take the advice.