Thursday, September 24, 2015


This school year we're doing something different. We are still homeschooling our kids but instead of an on-line school where they have lessons daily and are required to log into conference sessions I found a school in a new direction. They provided me with a list of topics that my kids need to learn this year and each subject has one worksheet. For example rock erosion. So I teach my kids this lesson however I chose then they fill out the worksheet. Easy!

So far I'm loving this. It's just enough structure where I stay on course but enough freedom to do other activities like field trips to the library, parks, Spanish class, soccer lessons, and have family time. 
 But another plus side with this school is once a week class. They go to school for a few hours to take science, art, p.e., etc.
  Here are my kiddos showing my some love on their first day. 
They love this. They hang out with friends, develop social skills and independence all the while I  grocery shop by myself. 
So far this school year has been different. We're so use to "school" like structure that it made learning sucky. Now I'm trying to bring an joy back into it. Slow and steady my kids are wanting to learn. They want to do math. They want to write in their journals. It's different for sure. But we needed different . 

Dressed in white

Weather is changing.
 Cooler days.
 Freezing nights.
 Sweaty afternoons. 

So a task I've been doing this week is going through all our kids clothes. Packing up some summer stuff. Getting rid of the stuff that doesn't fit. Having a few hour long fashion shows having each girl try on the other sisters clothes to see what item fits who. 
So after clearing all this out it's time to step up to the challenge of clothing 4 kids for under $100! 
So I've used coupons, cartwheel, on-line credits, yard sales, and thrift shops. And so far I'm right where I need to be. 
Until I seen this..... 
Lily found this beautiful white dress at the thrift store. It's in fantastic condition. So beautiful that all my kids just begged me to buy it for her and just to put it away for her baptism. 
To remind you she's only 6. So she will have this dress for 14 months before she can use it. 
But after looking at her in it I was speechless. I haven't seen Lily dress like this since Mike and I were sealed. The way she looked in this white dress.... I brought it. 
It hangs in my closet where every morning she comes in and looks at her dress. She talks about how she needs to start making right choices since she'll be getting baptized soon. That she can't be playing around with temptation if she's going to show God how much she loves him. All this from a dress. 
It's true a dress can change a person. 

Monday, September 14, 2015

Out of luck

 Cati has been the victim of so many accidents lately that I'm tempted to make her a bubble girl (like from Seinfeld) and keep her there until everyone else works on their aim.

She got her first black eye from Hailey hitting her with a golf club. Purely an accident but still ouch! 
Mike tells me that he's thankful for my medical training. Even though I never finished nursing school the fact I know how to care for my family has saved us in many situations. 
Anyways I stopped the blessing, applied icy veggies on her eye (veggies fit better in her eye socket than those block cube ice packs) and applied some essential oils. After a few minutes she told me she didn't feel any pain. She was all giggles and wanted to go golf again. 

Next were her 7 shots for kindergarten. 
It's more than average kids since we don't believe in immunizations while our kids are babies. So she had to have a few more to catch her up. 
 Then she stepped on broken glass. I was able to calm the blessing down and were able to pull a few big pieces from her toe but I couldn't get the tiny micro pieces so Mike took her to instacare. 
I hate knowing I failed her by not bein able to do this but sometimes I need help. So the doctor took those tiny pieces out and sealed her up with medical grade super glue. :) 
So now she runs around not looking out for any sharp corners and just plays freely like she always has. At least she's resilient. 

Getting ready for kindergarten

Getting ready for kindergarten shots is tough. 
"Mom don't let the doctor find me"

But after the promise of ice cream after she gets her 7 shots she obliged and went through with it
Along with 2 suckers from the nurses she was in sugar heaven.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Dress me

As I'm in the bathroom takin care of my business #mygirlducati pushed an outfit she picked for me under the door. She's so helpful. #my5yearolddressesmewell #alwayshelping #personalstylist