Friday, October 19, 2012

Snowbird Tram

This weekend Snowbird was having it's customer appreciate days. 
So Snowbird had discounted activity tickets but I was more interested in the free activities. With either a $3 donation or a canned good you could get a free tram ticket. So with my crazy coupon skills we took up some soup, toothpaste, and can veggies which I got all for free. So this was truly a free activity. 
 We were all pretty excite since none of us have ever been on a tram.

 Just look at that view. Absolutely beautiful.

 Mason was the only one alittle scared of the height. But he managed just fine.
 Lily and Hailey were lucky to squeeze in between some adults to they could look out the window. At the end of the ride everyone exited and enjoyed a completely breath taking view. Breathe taking since it was freezing up top.

 But we could handle it as long as we kept walking. Thankfully there was a warming hut that gave us a few minutes of warmth.
 Hailey looks so cold....I mean cool in this picture. :-)
 I would have smiled but my teeth were freezing. hahaha
 The tram is back! Yeah-everyone hurry to get in line.

 Some people stood on top of that mountain. Some hiked back to the resort. So this time the tram was practically empty. So we were the 1st ones on. That means window spots. :-)
 Our nice tram family photo.
 Even though I was freezing this view was so amazing.
 On the way down our kiddos enjoyed the window view. They seen everything from people walking, deer running, trees hitting the windows and snowy spots. They really enjoy this ride.
 Cati enjoyed looking out the window. As long as I stood by her she wasn't afraid of the height.
 Lily kept saying, "Best day ever!"
 The view that kids got from the front the window.
 Yup even Mike is enjoying the view back down.
 The view Cati and I seen from our side window.
 Here I am playing with Cati to help ease her since her ears were beginning to pop.
 She's such a cutie pie.
That's it for our tram ride. It was over and done within 1 hour. But our family loved every minute of it. But that's not the end of our Snowbird trip.
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