Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sight word ball

Our latest home school lesson- Word Ball!
 I seen this idea on Pinterest and decided to make one. We had a beach ball somewhere in our garage and I had a book from the library with 100 sight words. It's for kindergarten kids but hey...it's never too early to teach kids to read. So I wrote 16 words on the ball with a sharpie. And for our lesson we played catch. 
Well alittle more than that. After we caught the ball we read and say aloud the word that's facing us. Lily pretty much has mastered these words with an exception to Cat and Ducati. She get's those  2 mixed up. But lowly I'll add more words to our word ball until she got's all 100 words.
But it's been a nice change of pace not having to do worksheets. :-) 

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