Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party

Mike's sister and her husband threw a great Halloween party. There was tons of food. (however I still packed Cati and I some paleo pizza) Some yummy root beer ( i think homemade). Tons of family we haven't really seen in a while. And a few games for all the kids. Plus tons of candy. 
So I'm just keepsaking this party with photos. From both my mother-in-laws and mine. 

 Mason in his wolf jacket.
 Princess Ducati
 The only picture I got with baby A looking right at me. :-)
 Dinner time with the cousins
 Mason-he's such a goof!
 Mike with baby A. (not her name but don't want to blog her name since she's not my kid)
 Baby A showing me her feet for the photo. Love it!
 Playing Halloween bingo.
 Grandma helping Ducati.
 Cousins playing bingo
 Great photo of where Lily cut her own hair. *sigh- that girl!
 Cati eating her prize Dum-Dum
 Blurry picture of Mason. But love the smile on Grandma's face.

Where's Carmen Sandiego and Waldo? In the garage cuddling. :-)
 Hailey enjoying herself
 Spin around. Now tape the hat on the witch.
 Lily spinning herself.

 Watch out Little Red the wolf is right behind you.
 Ballerina, Waldo, and Princess
 Everyone had such a great time.
 Aunt J and Uncle S.
 Aunt D, Mike's sister, with her baby A. Such a cute monster outfit.
 My brother-in-laws.
 kitty cousins
 Not sure if it's a good idea to have Death lurking behind grandma. But it's funny! :-)
 Aunt D trying to organize all the kids for game time.

Halloween Family photo. We're looking at someone else's camera when grandma snapped this picture. So no one is looking at her camera. But oh well... it was a great party! :-)

While driving home Mike and I ask our kids what their favorite part of an activity is so tonight Hailey beat us to the punch and asked everyone what their favorite part was
Ducati- making Aunt D happy
Lily- the scary costume that a guy was wearing
Mason- the games
Hailey- the goodie bag
Me- the homemade root beer
Mike- getting pictures done with me since he got to cuddle me alot. Awww!
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