Saturday, February 19, 2011

Blue and Gold

Tonight was the first of many Blue and Gold Banquets that we will attend. It was so awesome to see all the scouts especially Mason enjoy one fun night.
(It's a Luau out party)
Our girls had alot of fun too.

But Mason received another belt loop. We're so proud of him!
He's learned so much from becoming a Cub Scout. I've seen him grow into such a young man. ( I have moments I don't like it...but it all comes part of the parent gig)
After dinner and award ceremony there were tons games to play.
We headed to musical towels. It was fun. Lily won the first round. Which I thought she would forfeit after a few circles around the towels but she loved it! Hailey won the second round. And Mike/Lily would of won this round but he forfeited this spot. (Yes my husband it playing against a bunch of kids.)
It was a really great evening. Go Scouts!

Friday, February 18, 2011


We have never been to the Mayan Resturant in Sandy. We've heard great things but figures all great things come with a great price. And this was the most expensive dinner we've ever paid for as a family. But I can't complain that much...there was a nice show......
dinner was great......
(Cati stole Haileys basket of fries when she went to watch the show)

 .....and Cati again stole some bites from Mike's dessert
.....but the company was excellent!

It was a good change of pace.

Monday, February 14, 2011

True Love's Day

I love Valentine's Day. I have always thought it was a wonderful way for slackers to show their loved ones that they hold a special spot in their heart...and in this case it was me. So I have been planning this day for a while now. But like anything we ever plan nothing went according to the plan. Alot of minor things got forgotten or cancelled. But my main goal was to ensure that my hubby and kids were feeling loved.

I started with giving Mike 1 of 4 love letters the night before. But this morning things went got alittle crazy so this was the first thing that got cancelled.  But the kids and I wanted to do something to show Mike how special he is to us. S we made a special Valentines breakfast-box. Each kid made a special valentines tag for their choice of breakfast snacks.

Lily wrote "I'm stuck on you" and glued it to a sticky bun.
 Mason wrote " I soda think your awesome" and tied it to a can of Mt. Dew.
 Hailey wrote " I go monkey for you" and as you can see tied it to a banana.
 Everyone's Valentine breakfast snack.

 Mike's breakfast box. He loved it!
 After he ate breakfast we headed out for our day. Our first stop turned out to be cancelled. So I gave Mike his 2nd lover letter which told the story of how I was falling in love with him the 1st day we met. I remember he was jamming out in my car singing every song on the radio while I drove him home from a night of chatting at my job. I was taken away by his crazy music skills. So in honor of that special "love" moment I wanted to have another ''fall-in-love" moment so we headed to our 2nd spot which was- Karaoke Cafe in Murray. A really fun family environment. Most karaoke places are bars but not this place. No alcohol so no drunk singers.
Since we arrived right when the Cafe was opening we were the only ones there. After ordering lunch the "Lassig Variety show" started. Our kids loved karaoking. Hailey was shy at first but soon craved the spot light. Mason really surprised me. He knows more about music than I thought. Lily kept saying "I'm scared. You do it!" But after taking her up to the stage she was hooked.

Hailey singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
 Mason singing "Humpty Dumpty"
 Mike singing "Kryptonite". He was so awesome!
 Look he's got a groupie!
 We're singing " Itsy Bitsy Spider" This is the moment when Lily fell in love with the stage.
 Lily and Mike singing "Old MacDonald" Well I should say Mike sang it and Lily was caught lip syncing.
 Mason singing " Bingo" and Lily being his back up dancer.
 The girls and I singing  "The People on the bus"
Mike and I singing " Dilemma" We were so great we had the crowd rush us on stage. The life of being a rockstar!
Mike and Hailey sang "Hallie's song" from Eminem. It was so adorable that they sang a duet.

But after 2 hours of the singing we headed to a nearby park to have a Valentines Day Treasure Hunt.

I hid everything while Mike distracted the kids. It was fun to watch everyone running around the park finding their Valentines Day treasures.

I admit I helped Lily and Ducati......just alittle....but here's everyone showing off their loot. It was really windy by this time. I love windy pictures. We all look like we've got funny faces.
But when we got back to the van everyone torn open into their bags and showed off their treasures.
And I didn't want Mike feeling left out so I have him love letter #3 with his gift. A photo canvas of us.
I wrote how I absolutely love the fact that I am Mike's wife. That growing up I always dreamt of marrying a prince and living happily ever after....forever. Who knew I could see the future when I was 6 years old? I am very blessed to have Mike now and forever. I am going to be with him here, there, everywhere so to celebrate this forever love we were taking a walk around Temple Square.( He loved his photo canvas!)

I love taking walks around Temple Square. I was Mike's wife for 2 years before we were sealed. But now knowing I'll be his wife for all time and eternity it always makes my heart melt.

 Our kids were loving this day!  They kept telling us "This is so much fun. I love Valentines Day"

I love Valentines Day too. But after our walk we headed to appointment #2 which was also cancelled so we headed home. After enjoying a long day full of love I made our traditional heart pizza and then later enjoyed decorating cupcakes.
What's Valentines Day without some type of sweet treat? It was fun to watch everyone pour about 1 cup of sprinkles on top of their cupcakes. I love Mike! (random)

But of course this wonderful day has to end.....for the kids. After they headed off to bed I gave Mike his last love letter.
I wrote " I love been called many names in my life. __maiden_name__, Brown, Gigi. And I have been given many titles in my life. Mother. Daughter. Sister. But knowing I am Mrs. Michael Lassig has been the best name/title that I have been honored to hold." At the bottom wrote " P.S. I love you" and of course I attached the movie with it. 2 champagne glasses and a nice cold bottle of apple cider. I love this stuff.

Not all my details in my brilliant plan came to life but the main detail went to according to plan. I cuddled with my best friend last night. I fell in love with my lover all over again.  We showed our children how to love and be loved. This was such a wonderful Valentines Day.

PS A spotlight for Mike: I have to say this Valentines Mike really did a great job. I admit that I have moments of being cheap......really cheap. I try to stretch our dollars as far as they can go and that means having to wait sometimes for certain things.  I have been waiting for a certain book (Driven)  to be either on sale or for a coupon but neither has happened. So he brought me my book at FULL PRICE! And wrote a special note inside".........Some things are far more important than you! PS I paid full price for this book just so you would be surprised" I was surprised! This is one of many reasons why I love my man. :-)

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Salomen Center

Mike is a thrill seeker. Always has been and most likely always will be. I love this about my husband. However I am a very low keep type of person. So when Mike suggested to do these activities for his birthday I chickened out. So after some time to gather my courage we headed back to the Salomen Center in Ogden. 

First on the agenda was I-Fly! It's an indoor sky diving experience that was totally awesome!!!!
Here's Mike in the blue suit! The flight time is 90 seconds which seems like forever when you have winds up to 160 mph blowing at you.

The I-FLY guide guy was cool enough to give everyone in our group a  2nd 60 second flight with his mad flying skills! He twisted and flipped us around the tunnel that it made everyone say  "WHOA!"


Here's me (Angie) in the red suit. I am completely freaking out. I forgot everything the guide told us to do. I forgot to bend my arms. Keep my legs out. Keep my chin up. I forgot to relax and be stiff all at the same time...while the wind is blowing up my nose. Be serious dude!

But despite the spit that flies out your mouth. The adrenaline that rushes around your body. And the boogie that came out (lol) it was completely awesome!!!!

 I love my adventurous man!

But the date isn't over yet.....
After I-FLY we went to Flowrider. An indoor surfing house.

The idea of it all made it sound so much fun. 

Surfing or knee boarding indoors. Sounds easy right? Completely wrong.... I got up on a board for about 1 second until....

I wiped out! I am totally feeling this wreck as I type this post.  Mike did pretty well for about 3 seconds until he wiped out as well.
We had our behinds handed to us. I hurt my left hand and my fingers instantly. So I called it quits. Don't judge. Mike agreed with me so we headed out. I'm glad to say we tried this but never again.
After taking a break and grabbing some bad Mexican food we headed back to the Salomen Center. 

Last I-Rock! ( the title says I rock...haha)
Since my finger and hand hurt I spotted Mike while he climbed. He did great!

Here he is at the top of their 55 foot wall. Easy Breezy! But I had to fess up and tell him that my hand was killing me. So he was sweet and ended his "rocking" experience.
This was an amazing date. We learned and tried new things. We fell in love with sky diving. We fell out of love with indoor surfing. But we fell even further in love with each other. Nothing says love like bruises and Ben-Gay massages.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance

For the past 3 years Mike has taken Hailey to a Daddy Daughter Dance. This is the one event she talks about all the time. For an entire year this is all I hear's sweet! This year it wasn't any different.

Hailey got a new dress, I did her hair, she borrowed some earrings and Mike got all "handsome" for his date....then off they went!

 Their photo gallery of their date:
 There was dancing.....
 roses the dad's could give their special ladies.....along side snacks and refreshments
 clowns who made balloon animals.....
 and more dancing. But this year Hailey did something that made me even more proud of her. She asked to sit down while the DJ played songs that required booty shaking. She didn't like that type of dancing.
 So next year their date will be at a new venue but just as special.....or even more.