Friday, October 19, 2012

Free Fishing

Snowbird was offering free fishing in their pond during their customer appreciation days. So it only seem fitting to add  fishing into our plans. But this time I had Mason help out alittle more. He's working on one of his activity pins to help get his scout badge so he planned his part of the trip.

He helped pack the lunch, the first aid kit, some activities for those who had to wait a turn for the fishing pole, and helped plan out the trip with a map. Alittle more work but worth it so he can pass these off.
 I didn't plan on catching anything since we're not very experienced fishermen. But it was a great learning experience. Lily learned to hold a fishing pole. So she's crossed that milestone.

 Mason learned how to cast out his line with only a few tangles.
 Hailey learned how to hook a worm. Gross since I had to show her.
 Cati she enjoyed all the snacks Mason and I packed and drawing on rocks. That was one of his activities  to bring up markers so we can draw a rock family.
 Then I guess Ducati had an urge to catch something since she used our net to catch Hailey. We all laughed so hard.
 And there's the zone. Until Ducati threw all our bait into the pond so this trip ended quicker than we expected.
 Lily's teaching Ducati how to hold a fishing pole. Even though she just learned 30 minutes prior.
 She's so proud of herself. She catch a few leaves and a stick. It was a good day for her. 
 While Mike was teaching Lily alittle more about fishing I took our other kiddos on a little adventure hike.
 There's a bridge not to far away from the pond so we played there for a little bit.
 The things our kids imagined. There was a troll who ended up chasing us so we had to hide in the forest from the wicked witch.

 When we were done with our troll/witch/bridge adventure we went back to pack up when I found that Lily went all country while I was gone.
We didn't catch any fish. Which was a blessing since we had more things to do. It would have been awful to drive around with a funky fish smell all day. But we all enjoyed and loved this family bonding time. And I loved that is was all free. :-)
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