Saturday, December 14, 2013

Hailey's 8th Birthday

Today is the big day. Hailey was at her other dad's house in the morning where she received everything her diva self would have ever wanted. Then in the afternoon she came home to prepare for her baptism.
 Here is Mike and Hailey. They are so excited!

Soon all her family and friends came. She loved all the support she received on her special day.
The program was done beautifully by the families of both Hailey's. Mike spoke about the gift of the Holy Spirit. He actually winged it since his my opinion.... sounded like something more appropriate for Elder Quorum. But he did a great job.

After all was done my Hailey took pictures with all her guest since she didn't want to forget who came. 

 Her friends and their mom's.
 Her Grandma Tena
 All 3 of her grandma's.

 Her other dad
 Haha.... alittle photo of my younger guy and me. :) He looks so grown up
 Both Hailey's. She look so adorable!
 Hailey's sweetheart friend. She's is so attached to her that I feel very blessed to have this amazing lady in her life.
 Our fabulous family on this special occasion. Doesn't Hailey just look amazing?!

When we got home everyone changed so we could celebrate before Mike had to head to work.

 Gluten free cupcakes for our sweetheart

 It's been a while since she's eaten cake. Yummy!

 And for her birthday Mike and I got Hailey a pair of roller blades.

 But since it's December and wet/cold outside she practiced in our small tile kitchen.

She roller bladed so much that she didn't want to take them off when it was time for bed. She's very persistent so we made a deal that she can go outside so long there as no ice,snow,rain, or stuff that's wet. A deal was made :)

I absolutely love this girl. She is such a gem to me. She is a blessing to me, our family, and all that meet her. 
Happy Birthday Hailey. xoxo♥

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ducati turns 4!

Our little girl is transitioning into "Big Girl" territory. It's hard for me to grasp how fast she's grown up.
 Lately she's been in love with Sophia from Disney's Sofia the First. So we went with that theme. When Cati woke up she found her special birthday princess dress waiting for her.

After her special birthday breakfast we headed off to Boondocks for some family fun.
 She was having so much fun! I just love looking back at these pictures and seeing her beautiful smile.

 And it's a tradition in our family that we give all our tickets to the birthday person. So Ducati was collecting 100's of tickets every couple of minutes.
 She loves this game ♥
 Here she is making a very important decision. Which candy should daddy get her?

 She was so happy that couldn't help but to dance on the bathroom sink.
 She truly is our little princess.
 She's so girlie. She loves all thing sparkly and pretty. She loves accessories and never leaves the house without a skirt.
 She loves to paint her nails and wear her make up (chapstick). She loves having girls night with Lily and me where we put cucumbers on our eyes, do facials, mini pedi/manis, watch a movie, and eat popcorn.
 But she still has a love for sports, hiking, digging in dirt, and climbing anything.
 She's so happy. She tells us everyday how much she knows we love her. Parents score 1 for the team!
 After hours of playing and winning tons of tickets for her to win her own toy we headed back home to enjoy the rest of the days activities.

She was completely surprised that she got some many Sofia items. 

 After singing her ♪ Happy Birthday♪ she opened a few gifts while we waited for Mike to come back from the store.
 Her Monster High purse :)

 That smiles just melts my heart. Well...anyone's heart really :)
 One tired daddy but he ran out to Target to Ducati the new Sofia the First movie.

Yup! Mike even watched it with us. He was getting into what Amber and Sofia were doing. 

Our precious girl is such a blessing to our lives. Not just Mike and I but our entire family. Her smile truly brings light and love into our home. And this cutie pie now wants to be a mommy when she grows up. No more kitty cat dreams.
Happy Birthday Ducati! ♥

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Hailey's Baptism Photos

My daughter will be turning 8. This is such an important birthday in our faith. She has chosen to be baptized which is so special since it will happen on her birth date. So Mike and I talked with Hailey on what and how she wanted to celebrate this special decision. She told us that she wanted to invite everyone she knew to witness her special day.
So I got to planning months for her baptism date.
* Get white dress- CHECK
* coordinate with other girl's mother on details- CHECK
* make sure Mike has the day off- semi CHECK
* bishop interview- CHECK

The only thing we needed to do still was prepare her invites. So once the Primary president informed us on the time her baptism will be taking place we booked the photographer for her photos.

I wanted Hailey to have special photos of her on this special day. Something tangible to look back on as time passes by and temptation started to come. But our photographer was booked. So after trying to reschedule several times it just didn't happen so I have it a try. Hey I did work in a kid photography studio so I'll have to dust off my old skills and give it a crack.

Hailey was so kind to do this in a December winter. Although it was a perfect freshly snowed background at Bountiful Temple she did freeze a little.

and here are some pictures with her friend, Hailey (also the girls name). So both Hailey's were getting baptized together. They couldn't be happier. :)

Now to keep calm and feel the spirit for this amazing day.