Wednesday, April 27, 2011

CRT testing

Taking test suck! I think it was one of my least favorite pastimes. And I must of passed down this hatred to my son since he's been dreading his end of school testing. So I tried to make it a more positive experience by giving my testing hero a real hero's reward. A 'Thor'gift set. He's been talking about this movie for a while now so when I seen this shirt at Target for $2 and the toy for $1.99 (coupon) I couldn't pass it up.
 Since the movie isn't out until next week I made some homemade movie tickets. He's so excited to be seeing this movie. But I think the best part was after I gave him his gift I seen all the stress from the day just disappear.
And since the movie pass is for 2 tickets he tells me that if I'm good that he'll take me. What a ham!! 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hee-Haw Farms

When I saw this deal on City Deals I thought this would be great for a family activity. But the gift card expired this week  and with Mason and Hailey being at their other dads for spring break we decided this would be a great opportunity to spend some time with our nieces and nephew. So thank you Steve and Julia for letting us spend some time with your awesome kids. So off we drove to Spring Fling at Hee-Haw Farms in Pleasant Grove. There was so much to do there.

We went inside a fence yard and were able to pet and hold all the baby animals. That was so awesome! Lily was so excited to touch all the baby animals.

Cati wanted to hold her baby bird so much she almost broke his little neck. I had to keep saying "Nice hands" for her to remember to be soft with the little chick.

Sara was so excited to hold these little bunnies.
 Cati just wanted to give cuddles.
 Lily was so excited to be holding the bunny herself. I love her smile.

 Cati checking out the little pigs. They kept smelling her. They must of smelled her ham sandwich that she had at lunchtime.
 I really enjoyed myself too. I've never held a baby animal before. I know...I need to get our more.
 Sara must of enjoyed herself....she had a perma-grin on the entire time.

All the goats were excited for Mike.

It was so funny to watch these goats follow Mike around. Other animal news: Mike and I tried to catch a piglet but after about 20 minutes and not even getting close to it we gave up. 
 I got a cow to come over to me and  he let me pet him before he went over to the calf and drank it's pee. That was gross. And Katie got rammed by alittle goat. It shows how sweet Katie is, she told the goat "Hey, that wasn't nice!"

Katie really wanted to hold this little goat. She chased it for bit.
 And after catching it, they bonded. I love how they both have their eyes closes. And how it's eating her hair.
But towards the end they became friends that it would jump on Katie to be held.
Sara really wanted to hold this white and black one. But it was really, really, really quick. But her determination paid off.
 Hay Jump:
 A hay tower with high jumps made everyone happy.

 Cati jumped into the hay sacks and said aloud " I did it"

I may not remember the magic that comes when going down a slide. But I do want to remember the smiles when I saw all the kids smiling.

 And I want to remember how my husband still knows how to let his childish innocence out. lately his saying is "everyone has to grow old, but that doesn't mean I have to grow up."

Lily was absolutely loving her time with her cousins.

I've seen tire swings but these swings are so cool!
 It's hard to take a photo of kids twirling and rocking in every direction. But I managed.

 These tire swings were made into horses or tractors. How awesome is that?

Dirt hill+ tractor bikes=  homemade entertainment.
I thought Mike was up on this hill to tell the Boppers to come down.

 But I was wrong....... he was showing them how to roll down the hill.

 But of course their adult supervisor crashed. I love my husband!
 But nothing can hold my husband down. He got back up and pushed that tractor back up the hill where Aaron met him.
 They both went but I think Aaron had to psych himself up to get going. But that kid is brave. No one else wanted to try.

 Pony Rides:

One of the best benefits to homeschooling is having weekday free days. Today there was no one else at the farm so everyone got to go on as many rides as they wanted. Including the pony ride. That's always a nice benefit.
 Lily only wanted 1 ride. Even though she cried the entire time she stuck the ride out til the end.

  Tractor Hay Ride:
If you have a weak stomach and can't stand constant bumps this isn't the ride for you.

 I love Mike.....I know that's random. But it's so awesome!
 Cati and Lily didn't like all the bumps. But I was the one complaining of the weak stomach.

 Aaron was really enjoying this ride.

 Random Pics:
A few pics of the farm. Mike and I really fell in love with this country livin'.

Animal Tractor ride:

The first time we rode Aaron ran to the front seat and sat there for about 5-10 minutes while all the girls took a 2nd pony ride. It was so funny that he did that. But I'm very proud of him. It can be hard to let girls go first;especially when the entire trip has 5:2 ratio of girls to boys.

Great fun for all of us.  We had so much fun. But for me....I really love this photo. Aaron with his silly head tilt. Katie and her cute smile. Sara with her pretty pose. My crazy wind hair. Mike with his awesomeness and our little girls....just looking pooped from having so much farm fun.

  It was such a great day!