Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blessings & Candy

Today was one busy day. Mike and I started by going to Sara's baptism. It was a very special experience that we were blessed to witness.Then after this Mike and I had to get ready for this evening.... but we had a few things to still do to pull off his costume.Then we picked up the kids and went home to eat and get dress. I hate going shopping hungry so I figured the same logic applies to trick or treating. So the kids, Grandma Sue, Mike and I ate pizza.... Jack-O-Lantern Pizzathen it was time to get ready and dressed in our costumes....a lot of make-up was involved......
Mason as Indiana Jones
Hailey as Vampire Girl...Bella

Lily tried to eat her was really funny...but she's our little skeleton

Can you guess what Mike is for Halloween????...He's 2Pac. He painted himself in make-up and even put in a magnetic nose ring. But he looked great.

and I was a gypsy.... Then Aunt Daina and Uncle Aaron came......and Wow they were such a big help....So Mike and I had 3 extra helpers this holiday. Grandma Sue to capture all the finest moments and Daina and Aaron. We loved the help.... but the kids especially loved having them around!!!

So now it's time to hit the pavement....and start TRICK-OR-TREATING!!!!Mason had a plan of attack...when Hailey and he would go to a house they would ask if they could have 2 candies...and if the person said "Yes" then they would ask if they could have 3 pieces. This worked so many times....they each had over a 100 pieces of candy. Even Aunt Daina and Uncle Aaron got their hands on some candy....
Here's some photos of Daina and Aaron with Lily Skeleton. Lily didn't want to sit in the stroller, Mike was all painted, and mommy's arms can only carry her for so long but they seemed not to mind holding her. When she would get a new candy in her bucket she would check it out and examine the yummiest of it. If it didn't pass her standards she would throw it on the ground. And if you take her bucket....Whoa! She yelled at you... It was so adorable....

I thought this photo was cute of Hailey and her Aunt Daina.....
As we walked around our neighborhood Mike and I realized we have no idea what our neighborhood really looks like....we need to get out more. But as we walked around we all found a house that made homemade donuts. We were just talking about how this is the first year Mike didn't get some of those homemade donuts and hot chocolate from his old neighborhood family. But just in luck we found some up here....sorry no hot chocolate but still so good.

Here's a pic of Lily holding onto her 2 favorite treats at this moment....
Would you walk by him in the middle of the night? I don't think so..... I love Mike's creativity.
But towards the end of the evening Hailey started to get alittle tired but she still wanted to collect some more candy so her hero helped her accomplish that.
But when the skeleton fell asleep we started to head back home....She would wake up randomly and check that she still had her candy. And when she seen she still had it she laid her head back down and fell back to sleep.

When we came back home Mike made some hot chocolate and I rummaged through the kids candy and took out the candy that the kids aren't allowed to eat but they still made out with tons of candy. We had to give some away and still have a big bowl of it. Oh well....
This was such a exciting evening....Lily's first Halloween, Mason and his planning that paid off , Hailey and her bonding was just a great evening. Thanks Grandma Sue for all the pictures. Thanks Aaron and Daina for spending your holiday with 3 kids that are crazy about you.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Witches are Out

This morning we went to Garnder Village for their Witches are Out celebration. We got there right when they opened so we were able to enjoy the decorations with out the crowds.

There was so many witches everywhere and posed in all sorts of ways (ie. flying, on bikes, crashed on the side of buildings, etc). Mason was too scared to sit by himself so Mike had to join in on the photo.
But Mike found his second love..... Yes even Hailey was alittle skiddish around them.
Except Lily...she was just smiling. She's so fearless.
Here's a few that we remembered to snap a photo of:

But since we got there in the morning it was COLD outside so we stopped for some nice hot chocolate and a sweet treat, DONUTS!!! Absolutely delicious....

But after our snack time it was time to head out to get ready for the big a big crowd was forming around there. But not before we took our fall family photo

Best Voted

The kids and I walk home a few times a week from Mason's school and we walk by this house and we absolutely love it. Most people in our neighborhood only decorated with pumpkins or a flag...something small. But this house has kept the Halloween spirit so the kids and I decided to give them an award so show our appreciation.

Here's a few pics of the house.....

We put some candy in this spooky cat bowl and wrote this note...."Our family has voted and we think your house is the "Best Decorated" in the neighborhood. Thank you for keeping the Halloween spirit." And we put it on their doorstep and later when they open their door they'll see this great surprise. The kids loved doing this so we plan to do this again not just next Halloween but for Christmas too. So if you want "The Lassig Award" you better pull out all the stops.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mason's Halloween Party

Mike went to Mason's Halloween party in the afternoon so he'll describe the party:

"Waiter, there's a head in my soup." is what the kids had to say before they started their race. They all decorated balloons to look like heads, which they had to balance on a plate as they ran from one side of the classroom to the other and back again. Mason did very well in this activity, candy was a big motivator, but I think it is for all of us.
This is Masons attempt at creating a skeleton cup cake, I think he did pretty good, I'd eat it.

Here's Mason trying to balance in his mouth a spoon full of candy corn , which was part of another relay race, which unfortunately his performance in was not quite as stellar. He was yelling at the other kid that he was racing, saying "don't go yet" so that Mason could catch up to him. It was good fun.

This is Mason in his costume. ............any guesses???????, you're way off, he's Indiana Jones.

Hailey's Preschool Party

Today Mike and I had double parties to help out with so I went with Hailey to her school. This morning Hailey and Lily both dressed in her costume. Hailey's teacher doesn't care if Lily tags along to Hailey's functions since her class size is so small. So Lily got dressed in her skeleton outfit. See the green marks on her face....she took a bite out of a marker...but it's OK it makes the costume more spooky.
And here's Hailey in her vampire girl costume.....she didn't like the plastic teeth so I just drew them on her face. When we got to her school she seen a girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty and Hailey said "I bite princesses." I couldn't help but laugh. The teacher played some great Halloween music like Ghost busters, spooky sounds, etc. All the kids just listened with their eyes wide open. They colored some ghost. Made a goody bag to collect their treats.Hailey is on the left with the pirate hat. Lily is on the right with the green glasses.They sang a pumpkin song and had a little parade. It was adorable to see Hailey. Mostly since every girl in her class was a princess. Hailey felt very happy knowing she was the only vampire their.
That's our little Bella....(P.S. she's so excited for the New Moon movie)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Due Date

I went to the doctor today and all is well with Ducati. She's growing fine, has a great heartbeat, in the breech positions still but I was able to set the date of when we're having our c-section. December 11th. Sure it's 3 days before Hailey's birthday but our doctor assures me that I'll be out of the hospital if all is well by that Sunday the 13th. It's great to just look at a calendar and pick a date to have a baby....NO WAITING- I love it!!!

Pregnant Happenings: severe heartburn, kicks and head butts at the most random times, totally forgetful on everything unless I tell Mike or write it down, back pain every morning and night, still able to walk and exercise, sleepy all the time, no more cravings but then again I didn't have much of a craving stage. But getting very excited to be almost done.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

What's Halloween without pumpkin carving? We let each kid pick their prize pumpkin earlier this month and tonight we carved them up. We learned from last year to wait alittle so they don't get gross by the time Halloween comes.
Here's Hailey and her baby pumpkin. (from the pumpkin patch field trip) She loved that it was so easy to de-gut. She was done within like 5 minutes. So to pass the time until Mason and Lily caught up she drew on her pumpkin for a little bit.
Lily eating her pumpkin while I emptied it out. I swear she eats everything! On the bright side at least she's not a picky eater.Mason trying to empty his pumpkin. He got tired to spooning it out after about 30 minutes so I (mom) stepped in to help. There was tons of seeds everywhere from Mason pumpkin. Lily threw some on the floor (it clogged our vacuum for a minute) and Hailey cooked a soup for us. She tried to feed it to us....but only Lily was brave enough to try it. But here's our end product.... Hailey wanted a heart on her pumpkin. She's so girlie sometimes. But Mason wanted an alligator on his so he drew it and I carved it. Mike did Lily's pumpkin. We weren't sure what to put on there and when we asked her what she wanted she just did her cheesy bashful smile. So Mike just wrote her name on hers.
Here's how they look with the candle...

Just wait to see what we do with them after Halloween....