Thursday, November 27, 2008

At home at last

On Wednesday early morning Lily's and my doctor signed us out of the hospital with a good-enough-bill of health. She has to have a follow up on Friday for her jaundice level and I have to go back in 2 weeks for my follow up. So Mike packed up everything in our cramped room and away we went!!
We all got home around 11am. Mike helped settle Lily and I in then went to go get Mason and Hailey from their grandparents'. Hailey is doing much better with being a big sister ever since Mike stood the night with them on Monday. She wants to know everything that is happening to Lily. And since Lily and I aren't getting the nursing thing yet Hailey has hired herself bottle feeder. We don't mind it the extra set of hands.
Mason on the other hand thinks Lily is too small to handle. He just likes to look from a far. He's held her a few times but only for minutes.
But things on the home front. Lily fits right in with this family. The kids absolutely love her. Last night was the first night everyone was under one roof and I loved it. All my family was here and I really missed that. Being in the hospital for those 3 days made me crazy. But sleeping in my own bed, taking a shower without a chair in it, not having to call someone when I needed water, wow I missed my home.
But as today is Thanksgiving alot of things have been put into a new view. While we were at the hospital we got commented on our attitudes a few times. Especially since our ages it guess it's a rare thing to see. We don't need much and honestly don't have much but we do have a home filled with love, laughter, and great memories. We have 3 beautiful, smart, loving children that aren't being raised on the latest battery gadget. They love books, tickle wars, cuddling and spending time with their famliy and friends. Mike and I have a love that some may not have understood at first but have learned that we are perfect for one another. We learn from each other so much that it's a perfect fit. We are truely grateful and thankful for the life we were given.

Monday, November 24, 2008

She's getting better

On early monday morning when we went on our regular visit to the NICU the doctor said that Lily has been maintaining her sugars and that he's going to wean her from the IV and see how she does. If she does ok she would be able to leave the NICU and come onto the maternity ward with us.

So all day Mike and I focused on her and her feedings. We would say little prayers for her that when the staff checked her sugar she was within normal range.

However today was not a good day for Mason and Hailey. Hailey being her sweet 2 year old self was not understanding why mom and dad were away. The baby is out so now we should be able to come home. So Mike did the hardest thing ever....he went home. I know I needed him at the hospital for support but the kids needed one of us there for them. So he took the road less traveled. Plus he had job orientation the following morning so I felt he needed to be in tip-top shape.

Later that evening though Lily was released from NICU. At around 9pm she was in my room with me. I was in somewhat of a panick since I was to keep her on the 3 hour feedings but was afraid I'd sleep thru one. But the staff that night was very helpful and reassuring.

Welcome Baby Lily

After the blog on Sunday Mike and I headed to the hospital. We got there and checked in. It took about an hour for papers to be signed, questioned asked, and for me to be prepped. Around 9:30am the doctors took me back to the O.R. and did a few gross things that if you really are interested you can google it. And a few minutes later Mike came in the room with his bunny outfit.

I had so many emotions all hit me at one time. Happy, sad, excited, freaked out, worried, nervous that all I could do was cry. Mike was sweet and sang me a song so I could relax. After a few minutes of the doctors doing there thing at 0939 Lily Ana was born.

9lbs 7 oz, 20.5 inches long, brown hair, blue tinted eyes. Here's Mike having his first daddy moment.

Anyways after being snitched up and Mike making the phone calls and text messages we all went onto the maternity ward. However its not a happy ending. Since I had gestational diabetes the nursery had to monitor Lily's blood sugars to make sure she was making her own insulin. But she wasn't. So she was put into N.I.C.U. It was the hardest thing to see. Our little girl we have waited for so long for was now attached to a monitor with an IV in her and tubes and wires.
Mike and I were only allowed in their for her feedings so every 3 hours on the dot we headed down to the NICU and feed her formula (since I didn't have milk at the time) and bonded with her as much as we could. However we both knew that Lily needed this or she would be in bad shape.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Today is the THE DAY!!!

Right now it's 6:27am and mike is packing the car with our bags, putting Lily's car seat in the car and finishing any last touches we might have missed last night. Why? you ask. It's due to the fact that in about 45 minutes we are heading to the hospital to have Lily.

We are having a planned c-section this morning. Since Lily's a big girl and with my too-late-to-manage diabetes the doctor advised us that this is the best bet for her and me. He assured Mike and I that this is a routine and safe procedure. However I still have some fears. My sister in law Julia and I were talking yesterday and she was informing me of the how-to's and what-not's of c-section. But I feel good.

We are feeling so freakin' excited that the day has finally come. This has truely been the longest month we have ever lived thru. I thought getting married was exciting but this has nothing on it. So now I leave you all until next time. We're off!!!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mike's Surprise Birthday

On Saturday Mike had his birhtday. At first I don't think Mike thought I had anyhting special planned for him. I made him breakfast and gave him one gift. We agreed to wait until the kids came back from their visit with their other dad.

So we did some volunteer work at the local DI. While working I told Mike I didn't feel well and wanted to leave and come home. If he could just go get the kids while I stayed at home and relaxed and did a few things to get ready for his birthday.

While he left my mom and I decorated our apartment with blue and white streamer, blue and white balloons, cooked a few appretizers, baked his cake which later I decorated it with blue and white with a Detroit Lions set up on it. Alittle bit later Mike's family came. Sue, Steve and Julia and boopers, Daina and my mom were all here. And we just waited for Mike to show up.

Since Mike got the kids early he stopped off to visit a friend and went to the store to buy me some flowers. How sweet of him but he was late to his own party. Silly Mike!

But he was surprised when he came in. He just stood there for a few minutes and took it all in. It was super fun. We all ate, the kids played, everyone talked and laughed, Mike opened his presents, we sang him Happy Birthday and cut the cake.

At the end of the night he had a lot of fun and Thanked everyone for coming. He had a smile on his face the rest of the night. ( I got him that Detroit Lions hoodie that's in the picture above)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action

Hailey had her dance recital tonight and she did great. We got to the high school and she had tons of fans waiting for her. Her biological dad was there, her 3 grandma's, Mason, and Mike and I.

During her first dance she did all her moves and we could all tell she was having a great time. All the kids had their eyes on the teacher so no one forgot their moves. Half way during the dance Hailey was clapping as part of the routine and yells out "Hi MOM" and waves to me. It was so cute. At the finale where all the kids did their leaps into the air Hailey did a great job. And then all the kids took a final bow. The recital lasted about 25 minutes. But that's something we'll never forget.
Afterwards Hailey had photo op for about 20 minutes. Everyone wanted a picture with the famous dancer in the family. Here's Mike and Hailey. Then Sue and Mason and Hailey. Then after that is my mom, Felicia, with the kids. And last but not least a picture of Mike being a goof ball of a dad.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Destiny...Fate....whatever you wanna call it

Mike and I have found a few things in our past that just seem really AWESOME to us.

- Years ago I use to work with Shanna. When Dave and Shanna came to town I met them both. The whole time Mike was catching up with Dave I was just staring at Shanna. Not to be creepy but I just couldn't figure out why she looked familiar. Then Viola I remembered.....

-We were neighbors only a few years apart. Mike lived on Winsor Street with his family. Then a few years later I lived in the house right next to it. I think it's still kinds cool.

-Lastly Mike knows my family. Actually Mike, Michelle, and I think Sue. When he lived in Murray the family 2 houses down with 4 girls named Suzette, Trisha, Cynthia, Laurel, etc are my family. Michelle and my cousin Trisha were best of friends until her untimely death. I spoke with Mike about my cousin Trisha when we first meet but he must not of been paying attention to me or something but when we seen Suzette at the doctors office and started talking it all clicked.

Some might say that I was stalking Mike but maybe it was fate that we be together. That since our lives have been inner twined for so long it was only destiny that we meet. So finally after years of crossing paths we finally met. Maybe that's why we knew so fast that we were meant to be together. Cuz we've been in each others roads for the past 10 years. So we already knew each other just hadn't met yet. I feel this is the coolest part of it all.

And the Doctor says.....

Mike and I have seen 5 doctors since we found out we were expecting Lily. Mostly for insurance reasons. But the newest doctor we have seen, Dr. Bell. He'll be the one to give me the c-section. He is pretty old school. I mean ancient medicine was founded by him. He says that my diabetes is a VERY SERIOUS DANGEROUS matter. Which pretty much scared the living day lights out of me. So now he's looking into my old charts and trying to find some clues to see exactly how old Lily is. He thinks that a due date we once got for November 23rd is more accurate than any other we have once received. But since he was trained on measurements on how developed a baby is and my measurements are out of whack he is looking at the charts and the older ultrasounds to find his clue. So half doctor/ half detective.

When we left the doctors office Mike and I weren't as shocked to hear that the due date has changed. I have an appointment on Thursday for a dietitian. Even though I have about a week and a half to two weeks I still need to learn how to manage my diabetes. So to all who look at this blog and/or talk with us Lily will come when she comes. She is a big, bold and beautiful baby girl.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Parent Teacher Conference

Tonight we had parent teacher conference and Mason is doing great. For the past few years I would hear from his teachers that he is very smart but aggressive. This year 4 out of 4 teachers said he is amazing and really smart. That he is one of the best readers in this reading class. That is sounds out words and is doing good in math. Mason's teacher tested Mason at the beginning of the year to see where he was academically and he scored a C. But now he is an F. (I know confusing but the higher the letter the better is it. I thought he was failing but he's not. He's above average.)

But what I really enjoyed hearing is that Mason is doing great with his peers. That he is turn taking and talking politely with others. With autism it can be really hard to keep his hands to himself since it makes him a more physical person than verbal person but this year he is doing great. And that he is happier than they ever seen him. A teacher said that from the start of the year to current they noticed that he is happier, calmer and just has a whole turn around in his attitude. Mike likes to think that it's his doing. But to be honest it probably is. Mason and Hailey had a rough year and I know it helps to know that they have parents that really love them and are interested in their lives. I owe Mike alot for everything he has done for me but I see that he has done alot more for my kids....our kids.

We found a Dr. with a degree!!!

Well we went to see the specialist; so here is the skinny on what he had to say. He said that Angie should be keeping a very strict watch on her diet since she has gestational diabetes, while others (our pretend doctor) had told us not to worry to much about it, we had also been told that if we waited until forty weeks that Angie would be able to have Lily naturally, however our new, real doctor told us that this is going to have to be a C-section since Lily will be roughly 11 lbs. once we reach forty weeks. (For those who don't know women who have diabetes make a lot bigger babies.)

So we also got some 4-D ultrasound pictures.

This is Baby Lily still inside of course, but isn't she cute; I think that it is pretty awesome to be able to finally put a face with all of the kicks and punches she hands out so freely. Angie says that she has my nose.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Doctor Dolittle

So to understand this entry you'll have to read 2+2=4 entry which is in the October archive. Mike and I went to see the doctor yesterday and now we think that the medical profession is just a guessing game. (I can say this since I want to be in the field later in life)=)

At the doctors office I found out I have gestational diabetes. That's ok. I know it happens to pregnant women and it goes away after delivery it's just for the moment I have to cut back on sweets and monitor my blood sugar. But we already knew that so I've been cutting back on juices and watching what I eat. But because of this new discovery my doctor put our due date back to DECEMBER 3. When he saw Lily in the unltrasound he thought she was just older so this is way he pushed the due date into Novemeber. But now he knows she is just a big baby.

So my question to the doctor was if she's getting too big can I have her early so she's not to big to deliver naturally? And we had a few other questions but Mike and I got the impression that he had no idea which later was confirmed. So on thursday I have an appointment with a specialist who can anwser some of our questions and will do more test on me and Lily.

But to answer how we are doing with this new development...Mike looks like he is doing ok. But I can tell that it bugs him cuz he was getting really excited for Lily to be here and worried since I'm still in pain and still dilated. (I know he loves me but it's funny when he calls me and I don't answer. I get yelled at cuz I can pop any minute and he needs to know how I am doing at all times-it's sweet) And for me I feel the same way too. Lily is ok. Bigger and I'm assuming smushed. She doesn't kick as much anymore but pushes alot.

But like I wrote prior that some divine help has put Mike and I on this baby path so I think we should just stick to that. Let God handle this matter and Lily will come when she gets here. I might have her early since my body is getting ready but the day is all on him.