Thursday, April 22, 2010

Rock-n- Roll Baby

Mike and I love to play Guitar Hero. And it's rubbed off on Ducati. (we did not pose her)

So Rockin' Cute!!


We usually don't post every Family Home Evening that we do. But last week we did my favorite childhood activity and I wanted to share it with everyone. When I was a kid (from 7-15) I use to make my own clothes. Go figure since I don't know how to use a sewing machine. So I taught my family how to make tie-dye shirts. They really seemed to like it so I just wanted to post it. ( Afterwards Mike is hooked'll see want I'm talking about in a later post)

But here are a few photos of our evening....

Ducati just sat like this.... Mike didn't even have to pose her.
But here's 2 of our end products-
I have worn my shirt already but have not taken a photo of it. It's actually wicked awesome! Mike, Mason, and Hailey have not been photographed yet but I'll catch them.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Cooling off

After our field trip we talked about what we learned then had some fun in the fountains. So here's some adorable pics of the kids water fun....

The photo above Lily was chasing  a plastic bag around. It kept flying around her so she kept spinning around with a huge smile and a cute giggle. Until Mike had to catch her. Great memory!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Field Trip

With homeschooling Mike and I wanted to take advantage of this great weather and get out of the house so we planned a field trip to the Gateway. We started out with a pack lunch for all our students ;-) Then we headed to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum. It was way fun! Here's all our fun photos....

The Garden Center- it's a huge beehive that shows kids (and adults) how bees work to make honey. With all these tubes, holes, balls that all connect to the big beehive.
Market-the kids learned where food comes from i.e. gardens, farms, etc. It was adorable that they filled up their cart with produce. Yes for fruit and veggies!

Construction zone- here you can build houses. It was funny- the kids just wanted to demo the houses. They watch Extreme Home Makeover too much
 Neighborhood house- this was a little play house with a living room and kitchen. Mason went to the couch and read this kid a book. Hailey and Lily went to the kitchen to cook Mike and I a meal. I had hot cocoa and crackers.
 Toddler Time- when we got to the museum we signed the kids up for a reading/craft project. So they listened to a Dr. Seuss book and made a craft.
 Lily found a frog and was entertained with it during the story.

Water Works- this cool place showed how miners did....something... everyone was just splashing around when we were here.
 Some other awesome things that were at the museum...
This was an awesome field trip. We really need to plan some more of these.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Mike and I had not had a date for it seems a while. So our lovely friends, The Schiebe's, watched the kids for a couple of hours so we could have some one on one time. While on our date we went Laser Tagging. AT first we felt out of place since the place was filled with teenagers but then we seen a few adults. A Few! But we still played. It was alot of fun. Except when those little teenage rascals would come right up to us and shoot us in the chest  and keep shooting until we could recharge and shot back. After the longest 15 minutes of my life the game was over. Then we recieved our score cards.

 Mike ranked #27 out of the 33 that played.

I was #30. We blame those cheating teenagers.

Anyways we got some panda express and jamba juice. I know they don't really go together but the food was oh so yummy!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

                                                                "Why so serious? "


I love my husband. I love how he thinks. I love when he smiles. I love how he calms me down when things don't go my way. I tell you these things because when he went out and brought this (below) I told myself these things in my head.
He tells me that the kids will have fun. Sure....I knew it was more for him. I kept telling him that I don't want one yet. It doesn't look safe. But my husband is spontaneous. So if anyone wants to come bounce come over. 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

No Bunny Easter

Mike and I sat the kids down and explained that there was no such thing as a Easter Bunny. After a few questions the kids were OK with that. They actually took it a lot better than I thought. So we explained that we can still play bunny games but it's going to be dad hiding the eggs not a weird over sized rabbit. They agreed. So we started off by making these bunny baskets.
Here's Lily's basket. She wasn't much into details so she was the first one done.
 Ducati let me help her with her basket.  But then the egg games started.

 Mike went outside and literally just threw the eggs and egg bags around the house. The rules of the game was the each kid had to pick their own eggs. Starting with the youngest each kid had a 10 second advantage to find eggs before the bigger kids ( mostly Mason) came out and ran around like crazy. So Mike manned the room. I took Ducati and Lily out and have 20 seconds to find what we could.

Lily went crazy getting as many eggs as she could find.

Then Hailey came out. See the egg bag behind her. She didn't even see it. Lily came behind her and grabbed the bag.
But then it was Mason's turn. He went out running. Towards the end they all needed some help finding some eggs. Mostly due to the fact Mike purchased camo eggs the kids couldn't see them in the grass. Ha Ha

 Afterwards they all came inside and counted their loot.

 Ducati enjoyed her prizes very much. Yummy easter lollipops!
Mike played lizard jacks with the kids before conference started again.

There was no bunnies hopping around our house but the kids were still very happy with this the outcome.

But besides bunny game we watched conference, took some notes, ate some good food, and enjoyed each others company. Happy Easter!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fool's Day!

Usually we don't celebrate this joker's day but this year Mike and I decided to give it a try. Especially since Mother Nature pranked us. What a wonderful spring time photo. But it's OK. After explaining to the kids what today was all I heard for about 30 minutes was "Hey Mom- you have a spider on your head. Ha Ha Aprils Fools". Each kid alternated what was on my head with something different from a teddy bear to a grape. It was cute how they tried. Then I started the morning off with these tiny baby sized pancakes. Mason and Hailey didn't like them.
But Lily didn't seem to mind. I guess it was just the right size.
Then Mike woke up and did the prank of clear wrap on the doorway. He had Mason run into our room and WHAM!! His face went right into the clear wrap. It was mostly Mike and I doing some little prank but later Hailey wanted to join in. She wanted to scare Mike so I mixed some marshmallow creme and red food coloring and put it on her arm. She was suppose to run out and scream like she got hurt....but she got stage fright. She came out giggling. Mike still played along.

But she gave up and just started eating her fake blood. It was a fun day. Happy April Fools' Day!!!