Monday, January 31, 2011


It's been a nice pace around our house. Christmas is over. Birthdays are done and yes I am preparing for this years birthday bundles already. But January has been nice and quite. Well not too quite.....
Ducati is a full walker now. On December 30th she took her first step to Mike. It melted his heart knowing she gave him that honor. But now she's walking all the time and even trying to run. She's grown up so fast.

 Mike and I have so far kept to our New Years Resolutions. I have read more books than I originally wrote down as my goal but who's counting?? And Mike he's taken and passed his Utah Vehicle Inspection course. So now we can cross 1 thing off our resolution list.
But the big thing in January was we got our taxes. Yes! After paying down so bills, splurging alittle on the things we never have money for like a new bike helmet and my essential oil kit. We got a new van.  We went to our first auto auction...and WOW was that an experience. After a 4 hour headache from the salespeople  we walked into the auction and loved it! The turkey talking auctioneer, the rush of bids, the fast pace of it was awesome!

We picked up this 99 Plymouth Voyager for a steal. Lily was so excited she wanted to drive home herself. I don't know who taught her how to drive.

So thank you January for coming and going so fast.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lately Mike and I have making the time to put ourselves first. At first I thought "This will be easy!" But then life comes and that thought was starting to fade. But not in our house! Since finding a sitter can be a job all in itself we've had some awesome home dates.
This is one of Mike's favorite kid games. Who doesn't love Mouse Trap? But it turns out that we were playing it wrong as a kid....who knew????

But you have to all those high-sugar foods that made you so hyper when you were a kid. But now we just had stomach aches after eating all those treats.

 His favorite kid movie? He picked up Harry Potter and the half blooded prince. This was an awesome home date. 
But we have had some amazing new memories together when we do get out. Mike took me to the Salt Lake City Library. Might sound lame but I'm pretty lame. I love books. I love quiet time. I love this library.

But the biggest surprise date was on my birthday. Mike set up everything from the sitter, menu, outfit, and activity. He did such a great job! We went to see the show Momix:Botanica. I never heard of it but he assured me that it was a dance performance. All I have to say is this show was AMAZING!!!
 Us at Kingbury Hall. He was so tired but he was such a great sport.
We've had alot more dates but these were a few of my favorite far! I love spending time with my husband. He has shown me so many times how much he truly loves me. I feel so blessed to have him in my life. I feel even more blessed to be his wife. *sigh* He's the best!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Years 2011

New Years in our house is usually BIG and  LOUD with all our snoring. But this year Mike and I made it a special evening. While he put the girls down I set things up in our living room.

Candlelight, virgin Martini's, favorite snacks, a 2011 resolutions "wish-list", Time Square New Years on TV, and the love~made calendar that I made for him.

(I attached a special photo of us from that month from the previous year and wrote a love note on each page. )

(You can see January's page. )

While enjoying the drinks and watching the 2011 ball drop we talked and wrote down the 4 things we want to accomplish this year. And so far Mike is already headed down the path of marking 1 off. He is attending a mechanic class next week to start his NEW career in automotive mechanics. I am so proud of Mike for taking this step. He has found his calling-the 1 thing he enjoys and that will bring in a paycheck. It can be scary (or at least for me) to change career paths from accounting to mechanics but that's one of many reasons why I love him. He's fearless! This year is going to be wonderful- I can feel it! (I has to be..I started out my new year with a kiss from my favorite person in the whole world)