Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Halloween Decorations

I love that my kids are finally at an age to really appreciate holidays.
I love that when we go shopping we can't leave the store without a trip down the holiday section. I love how they check the calendar every day to see how close the next holiday is. And I love that they love decorating our house.

Thankfully our family is money smart this way. After holidays I stock up on any and all decorations. So last year Wal-Mart clearanced all their Halloween stuff for 25 cents after a few days. So we were grabbing handfuls of stuff and just throwing it all into our cart.

This year our girls have been kindly nagging me on when we were going to pull out our Halloween decorations. Last night I bit the bullet and climbed under our bed and found the box! That's a mission worth blogging. :-)

Any who Hailey is come today due to a small cold. So she was able to help decorate our house alittle.

We made this Halloween style wreath all with things we had around the house. Prepping was easy. I had this wreath circle thing just laying around the house in my "Do something" pile, I had tons of plastic creatures from the Dollar Tree bags, and the door knocker was from last years decorations.
The flowers I had in my craft closet. I just sprayed painted them black and red. So after I put everything out onto the table I instructed the girls to work as a team to make the wreath. Wow! Trying to get 3 girls to agree on a style is harder than I thought.  But here's what they made. Not bad huh?

We then added some gel cling stickers to our front windows.

Not bad if I do say so myself. Now to work on the inside ☻☺

And here's Hailey..... from the looks of it she must be feeling so much better

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