Thursday, May 31, 2012

Graduation Day

This day came. I wasn't expecting it so soon but after I realized that I  blinked I can see how this post came about.
Our sweet Hailey graduated from Kindergarten today.
She's been so excited for this day! She's ready to start her summer vacation.
But to remember her graduation we recorded it all so I'm going to making a cute video for not only her baby box but also family. I love our video recorder!
A few highlights:
her class sang a bunch of adorable songs to sum up their year
 Hailey and her friend, Anna, playing around while singing a song. :-)
 Hailey took the show a few times with either spins, the sign for "I love you" or pointing at someone in the audience. This girl loves being on stage.
 After the kids sang their songs they all exited the stage so they could each receive their certificates of completion.
 Then a little end of year party in her classroom.

 Well actually just arranged herself some play dates while Mike and I gathered her belongings.
Hailey with her best friend, Emmy. (while she has tons of BFF's but this is her #1)
 But our little girl is now entering into 1st grade. Here she is showing off her certificate. It was such a nice ceremony. And I admit this Momma cried a bit...well more than a bit but I'm just so proud of her and all she's done this school year.

Monday, May 28, 2012

3 Memorial Day weekends

This holiday weekend we didn't spend it as a family. Semi-Bummer.....BUT it was still a great weekend for each of us.

Mason and Hailey- went to their other dad's house and spend the weekend doing all sorts of things. I'm not sure what exactly what but from I know they said they played, went to Toys R Us and watched a movie. ☺Sounds good to me.

Lily, Ducati, and me (Angie) were at home. During the weekend Cati had a stomach bug and Lily was having several nose bleeds so we needed to take it easy and be close to home. But even though they weren't in 100% party mode we still managed to have tons of fun.

We had a camp out in our living room. This was really fun. Chips, fruit and cups of pedialyte were on our late night snack tray.  Lily said, "We're staying up all night and we'll watch Diego"
 I think they made it to 8:30 before they just fell asleep.

 My mom came over for a visit. We had a plan to go to her house but with Cati's stomach bug she came over to our house. We went to Target for a few things where my mom ended up spoiling them with new skirts, shirts, hair ties, and these socks. My girls inherited my love of crazy silly socks.
 And what would a girls weekend be without jumping around like silly monkeys
On Sunday I said a prayer and got the girls ready and headed to church. I might sound alittle wimpy since it's only 2 kids. But 2 older kids are much easier than 2 toddlers. But we did it!

Mike- he was in Connecticut. Fun huh? But his visit was more for personal gain than personal fun.  Brent, Patty, and Mike were sealed as an eternal family in the Boston Temple.
I really honor my husband and his choice to do this. While reading scriptures awhile back ago Mike was prompted that he needs to be sealed to his dad, Brent, and stepmom, Patty. So he prayed about it and received the confirmation that he needed to do this. So he came to me about the idea and asked for my input. I didn't have any thoughts about I prayed about it and received the feeling that this was what he was suppose to do.

So now how to make it happen. I only write this because this experience really strengthened my testimony. With our tax returns we paid tithing, paid bills, purchased a few items like a car, then saved the rest. And shortly afterwards Mike lost his job. So we ended up using that saved money to pay for our household. But God blessed Mike to find employment quickly so we only needed to use some of that money. We were still able to hold onto several hundred dollars. Not much but still something for our emergency fund. But when this prompting came we knew that this was how he was going to make this prompting come to life. I admit that I was alittle worried about spending everything we had. Mike doesn't make much and we barely make ends meet anyhow (where my testimony is weak still) but I prayed for help so I wouldn't worry about money. I felt a peace come over me and I know that Heavenly Father will provide for us so I was on board.

Anyways  Mike paid for his ticket with some help from Brent and Patty. (tickets on a holiday weekend with only 2 weeks notice are NOT cheap) But he purchased the tickets and once that was done things really started to get interesting. We fought, the kids misbehaved, his work schedule increased to the point that he didn't sleep for almost 26 hours. ( you can see his dark circles...poor sleepy Mike)

 But we all persevered and he made it to Boston.
After everyone was done in the temple Mike called me (which was nice) and told me all about his amazing experience and that the only thing missing was me....AWWW! I admit that I would have wanted to have been there but we all know that if we waited until I could have gone Satan would have done more than he currently did in order to postpone it even longer.  But we were both happy that this happened the way it did. Well actually everyone (Brent, Patty, Mike, and me) was happy that this ordinance was able to happen.

We are all happy that Mike enjoyed his time with Brent and Patty. But when Monday morning came we were all happy that Daddy was coming home. As we waited by the airport gates to meet Mike our girls were getting so excited.  When they laid eyes on was so adorable! Lily squealed in delight, ran towards him, hugged him so tight that he fell over alittle. Cati was so happy that she hugged then danced alittle then went back for another hug then busted another move all the while singing ♫ "Oh yeah...Oh yeah.. daddy's home..oh yeah" ♪♪

 But they felt alittle better when Mike gave them their souvenirs. What girl doesn't love purses?
 As we drove him Mike was telling me about his trip and I could hear in the backseat the girls naming off all the things they planned on putting into their new purses.

Lily had a surprise for Mike. She drew him a picture and added some bedazzle to an envelope.

 Lily.....she was stuck on Mike the entire day. But I don't blame her. The longest she's ever been away from Mike is 1 night (when we go on our annual over-night getaway) so 3 days must of seemed like forever to her. But we don't foresee any reasons for him to travel again so she'll be alright.

 And my souvenir from my in-laws..... a new Boston hat. I had one when we went there a few years ago but it had to be sold. So they replaced it with a new one. Which I'm very happy about. And my hubby purchased me a flip flop Chicago key chain during his layover in O'Hare. It's totally me! :-)

After Mike was settled, unpacked, and hugged out Mason and Hailey came home around 7:30pm. We had a quick FHE and then it was time for bed. I have to say- this wife was excite to cuddle her hubby again.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Potty Train In A Day

It's a wonderful day in our house. Ducati is potty trained!!!!!!!!!!!

After 4 kids and years and years of diapers we are finally done!
(she's posing not peeing so no worries)

I read an article off of Pinterest Potty train in 1 day. I was skeptical but I was desperate so I read it and it made tons of sense. 

How to potty train in a day in our house- panties, tons of chips, candy, salty treats, and SODA! I hate giving my kids soda but when I read this article it made sense. When you drink soda it makes you have to pee because of all the sodium. It's a given- it just happens. So on the BIG DAY you get rid of all distractions like TV, other kids, house work, etc and ONLY  focus on the trainee that day. So that 's what I sort of did. No house work, hardly any TV, and I couldn't get rid of Lily so she she became our Potty Cheerleader. 
And now it's time to pump Cati up with soda. 
  Diet Dr. Pepper 
Orange Mountain Dew- WINNER!

The purpose of peeing every 15 minutes is it that through the constant action repetition she'll learn faster than just sitting on the toilet and nothing happening. And it worked! By lunch she knew what to do and starting running to the toilet by herself.  Since this glorious day she's had maybe 2-3 accidents ( mostly due to someone being in the bathroom already), is weaned off of Mountain Dew, ate about 1lb of candy and earned herself her own set of panties after a week of no accidents.  I love being diaper free!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

To forgive one another

So this post is not meant to be followed by any ridicule or negativity but a lesson I don't want to forget. Like most of life's trials they will bring along a great teaching opportunity and a humbling reminders of things that we need to improve on.

Last night we as a family went to Mason's school play. It was a great evening. Hailey seen so many of her friends from class and church. After all done we were headed to our car when a mother of 1 of Hailey classmates approached me.

From what she was saying about my daughter...WHOA!!! Watch out everyone- this Mamma was enraged. Mike was talking with Mason at this time but when he seen this woman talking to me either it was my body language or the spirit (<--- I think more of this one) he told Mason to hold on for a minute and came over to me and started hearing what was being said. At this time I just zip my lips and let her finish her ranting. I was ( and still am) thankful for all the knowledge that I was able to obtain from the classes Mike and I were given the opportunity to attend because I was able to handle this situation in a much healthier way.

Long story short her words lead to my daughter crying. Oh man.....I was hurt that this happened. When we drove home those 5 minutes seemed like an eternity as Hailey sat quietly in the backseat. And I know she was running it all through her head and the process of internalizing was beginning. And I know for a FACT- that once it settles into her core belief it takes alot of work to let it out. So once we got into the house everyone went to bed while Mike and I talked with Hailey.

We listened to her. We validated her feelings. We comforted her. We held her. Then it was time to teach....and to be honest all I wanted to tell her was to be angry and never speak to this person again. However recently Mike and I have been teaching our kids that whenever a situation arises like a trouble, question, concern, or thought and they need an answer they are to turn to their scriptures. So we searched the scriptures on what to do in this situation and then Mike read the story of Judas betraying Jesus. And how Jesus instantly forgave him even right after he kissed him.....this really changed my mind set.

So we talked about how this classmates mom didn't have all the facts. And we explained that even though we may not know why her classmate and their mom would do this we should not judge. We are required to forgive. I reminded Hailey how Mike and I follow the promptings of the holy spirit. And when something doesn't feel right we don't do it. So I explained that while this lady was talking to me all her words didn't carry the spirit. All it carried was angry and that's not of God. And I began to tell her that I did feel the spirit burn in my chest like fire when I looked down at her. She was curious to why it was burning so I told her. That the spirit was telling reminding me how much I love her and I am to trust her..... like RIGHT NOW!!

As I said this a conference talked popped into my I asked her if she wanted to pray for her classmates family. She at first said "No" (just like in the talk) so I knew what to say. I asked her if she thought that Heavenly Father would answer her pray. She wasn't sure. So I asked her to try and we began to pray. She asked for this family to be happy and not mad anymore. She asked if her heart could not be sad anymore. She asked that her classmate would tell the truth so they can be friend still. She asked for help to forgive.

After her prayer she said to me that God will answer her prayer and then came the thought to her that she'll make a gift for her classmate. (Me- I didn't want to. Bad example Mom) Hailey wanted to show this girl that even though she and her mom weren't the nicest Hailey wanted to show that she forgave them and that she was still going to be nice to her. So this morning she woke up and made a candy jar (photo above) with 2 flowers glued on top for 2 friends.

WOW!  A very humbling experience for this parent. Hailey is such a sweet spirit. She has this kind and loving spirit about her that she's always been the first to forgive when moments of hurt. I am so grateful to her mother. However this mother it took me like 3 seconds to be on the same page with her. And during those 3 seconds I think I must of sinned 100 times with all those negative feelings you person could hold. It's  said that "we need to be like a little child" because "blessed are the meek for they will inherit the earth". This experience has shown me one more thing that I need to strive to be better at; to be like my 6 year old and forgive one another.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Golden Spike

Tonight Mason had his school play. What a sight! Each 4th grade class put on a show about Utah history with an added twist of kid humor.
Mason needed to be at the school early to get ready so while we waited we grabbed a seat and enjoyed some treats.
 The auditorium filled up fast. We seen so many friends from the neighborhood and church.
 Mason's class showed the story of The Golden Spike and the railroad. It was fun, cute and very adorable seeing all those kids dressed up like cowboys. I recorded his performance and plan on sending out a few copies to grandparents.
 Afterwards Mason was really happy to have been a part of his class melodrama. We're all so proud of him.

Camera Tricks

Not really a post but more like photos. Mike got me a new camera a couple of months ago since my other one just wasn't cutting it anymore. So outside today I was playing around with some settings and I think these photos are my new favorites. 

Green Filter-
 Blue Filter-

Red filter-

Friday, May 18, 2012

Reading Coupon Date

With all those coupons that Hailey and Mason get from school for passing off either a reading chart, for getting a great report card, or for being just a super awesome student I would just threw them into a jar on top of the fridge and never really thought about them. I really don't know why I did this. But then Mike told me a few days ago that when he was a kid that he must of only redeemed 1 coupon so he just lost interest in trying to earn them.

So Mike and I made a goal to try to redeem as many kid coupons as we could to show our kiddos that their hard work does pay off.
First Hailey redeemed her Free Sundae from Artic Circle for reading 5 hours in 1 week. Pretty great accomplishment since I don't even think I read 5 hours a week.
Lily and Cati got one of those free courtesy cones so when Hailey seen the BIG difference from their ice cream and hers she was really excited :-)

Then came lunch at Wingers for reading everyday of the month. During the school year Hailey would come home and give me another coupon and say that she's 1 or 2 away to earning enough coupons for the entire family at Wingers. She's so sweet! 
 (side note: some months she would bring home a different restaurant so we have about 4 different restaurants to eat at)
So with her extra coupon she "paid" for Lily's kid meal. 
But it was a really nice lunch date with my girls. And Hailey seemed to glow with a sense of pride and self-confidence when she seen that her hard work did pay off since she was able to pay for both those meals. She's so sweet! ♥

Thursday, May 17, 2012

I'm going there someday

Being on the Relief Society Mid-Week Activity Board has been truly a new experience.
This months activity was planned around the temple. So everything was temple-ish.

The decor was planned to be all white. White table clothes, white flowers, white picture frames with photos of temples inside, white food, white dishware, etc. You get the idea!

So the setting up of everything was really simple and easy since there was no need to match colors since everything already matched. Even I know that white matches with white. :-)

The lesson consisted of a sister in our ward explaining the signs and symbols that are located on temples.
For instances the one that sticks out in my mind right now is the square circles.

photo source

These square circles represent earth meeting Heaven. I know that these square circles can be found almost everywhere on a temple. After I took a better look at our sealing photos I don't know why I didn't notice them before. They are all over in the background of this photo
 this one. And of course they are huge since I'm leaning on it in this photo and you can still make out what it is.

Anyways back to the activity...... after the lesson the committee arranged for a sister to sing a song about being at the temple. Being more musical inclined the song really touched me. With her sweet voice mixed with those sweet words brought that feeling of the sweet spirit around us all.

But for the fun activity for the night we arranged for everyone to do a craft. We made temple blocks. Everyone around here are big fans of those blocks. Birthday blocks, temple blocks, and maybe more blocks down the road.

Mike and Lily were so kind to help sand the blocks while I got ready for the activity.
The age recommendation for this activity was for 8 and up. Mostly due to having to sit during a 25 minute lesson. So this was a great opportunity for mothers to attend an activity with their daughters. And I was planning on bringing Hailey with me. I know she's not 8 was no big deal. I knew she could sit nicely during the lesson.  But she had a soccer game that night so she had to miss this activity. I think she's such a great team player that she didn't want to abandon her teammates.

So even without my Hailey the night was amazing. It was really fun. But I left alittle early so Mike can go to class and within minutes of Mike leaving Hailey ran through the door yelling for me to get ready  so we could go to the Relief Society activity. When I told her that the activity was over she was bummed until she seen the stuff on the table waiting for us to make the temple block.

Now she was happy☺

While we waited for the paint to dry we played around alittle.

After she painted her block with a few coats of pink it was now reaching 9pm so I sent her to bed. The following day we finished it up. Here's her masterpiece.
 Pink paint, blue sheer ribbon, felt flowers with buttons as their seeds, and felt hearts. With all this hot gluing I only got 1- 2nd degree burn on my arm. I say that's a huge success.But it was such a great opportunity for us to bond and to have a chance to talk about the temple and how amazing of a gift it is to all of is.