Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am a Mormon

I am a Mormon!

That's all :-) hahaha...

All kidding aside this past weekend the 182nd Semi-Annual Conference  commenced.  It was absolutely amazing!
I know that President Monson and the General Authorities pray and fast on what they need to speak about. Their talks are made to teach, guide, and answer questions to prayers for some but this past weekend I literally felt that they were talking only to me; one-on-one.

What's even more amazing is that Mike and I can be sitting down next to each other and I'll hear what I need to hear and he'll hear what he needs to hear and it can be totally different. That only happens though Heavenly hands.
In the past I would take notes during conference. I would write down any key words I wanted to remember. I would write down scriptures that someone referenced to. I wrote down quotes, stories, lessons, or just about anything that jumped out at me. This year I just wrote down inspirations I received. I normally don't share my notes but hey.....

I know it. 
I live it. 
I share it.( I added this one :-)....)
I love it.

I received so many ideas on future FHE. I wrote some of them down as you can see. A lesson on virtue by showing modesty using Barbies. Another to explain the Proclamation To The World in sections to our kids.

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This will take some more research but 1 topic was already spoken about during conference. I'm not sure who spoke about it since it seemed to be repeated over and over again. But I was completely impacted when the 1st Elder spoke about the abuse of a child or spouse. And he wasn't talking about abuse like beating but of yelling, becoming angry, not being kind, or being denied birth. This really hit me. I have never denied a child birth. But I've known women who are pro-choice. I hold no judgement but I this did lead to a talk with Mike. Did you know that in 2008 there was about 1.21 million abortions. In 2007 there was around 827,000. I about hit the floor when he read that to me. And we know so many people who have adopted or who are waiting to adopt. And I know so many people who give every cent they have to doctors to bring a spirit into this world. This made me cry.

But more than this I try my hardest to keep my cool. My kids are miracles especially since I was told I couldn't have any more.  But I admit that I do yell at my kids. I yell due to being angry from juice boxes being smashed into the carpet or someone peeing on our laptop but nevertheless these are all excuses and I promise to me, my kids, and God my behavior will stop.

Ok off the serious side ~ my top note was an idea for a family activity. To make shirts that say
"I am a Mormon. I know it. I live it. I love it."

Mike and I can't wait to get our Ensign in the mail. I usually pick up more copies from the Distribution Center for us since we don't like to share, Mike's home teaching families, and my visiting teaching sisters. It's so wonderful to be able to mark, highlight, and write notes in the margins of personal thoughts or feeling that I received while reading it.

Anyways this conference really helped me. I had so many questions that I've been praying about for weeks and didn't receive any answers to. I was confused on what course to take my family on and which way to turn. But like a wonderful quote I seen off of Pinterest 

I was being test. I didn't fail the test but I didn't pass. So now Heavenly Father was going over the answers with me during conference and I'm so thankful for that. Because now I know what to do, where to do, and how to do it.

Here's the link if you're interested in listening or watching these amazing messages
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