Wednesday, July 29, 2015



In teaching my kids that there will be times when they will have a choice; to sacrifice time, money, talents, or their physical self to help achieve a greater goal. Because nothing falls into your lap. I tried explaining it over and over again and then my opportunity came along. My work was offering part time workers more hours. So after talking it over with Mike I signed up to do 6 weeks of double shifts. (8hours a day) which all the money will be used to pay off our #getawaytoday payment plan for Disneyland. This week is my first of six weeks and I'm so tired and sore.  Hailey asked me what was this #Mickey on my badge for and I retaught the lessons of sacrifice for goals. She looked me, gave me a kiss in the forehead, an told me to relax; that she'll make me lunch. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Las Vegas

On our way home from San Diego we made unexpected overnight stop in a Vegas to show our kids a few places we liked when Mike and I went for our anniversary.
Our kids were overwhelmed with amazement when they seen The Strip.
We went to Coke world first.
After playing around looking at all the amazing Coke merchandise we order Taste of the world. 
 Some were very yummy where we were arguing who will get the last sip from the cup and some were yucky, yucky, yucky!

Next stop M&M Store!
Big mistake!
When our kids seen the wall of m&m's their eyes opened wider than I've ever seen. Joy/excitement/happiness/bliss/love.... It was a dream come true.
A kid in a candy store can be very expensive.
So expensive I couldn't check out so mike did it. Cost for our half a bag came close to $25! They savored  every bit.
Afterwards we walked around the strip and seen so many amazing things.
Lily and Cati screamed,"Olaf!" And ran right up to him. And of course Olaf needed payment for his photo since he's in between jobs.

More amazing things we seen 
Bob the minion 
Lego Liberty 

A quick stop in Paris
Magic floating man 
Caesar's palace
The fall of Atlantis
And of course we needed to show our kids the famous Carlo's Bakery
Yes dreams did come true!
They were so excited to be eating another Buddy canoli that they couldn't contain themselves. Honestly who could. I was so excited too!

So after an amazing and long night we slept in our cheap motel like an old deaf man. 
Next day we stocked up on some White Castle and pop and started our drive home. 
Our kids absolutely loved Vegas. 
I know some people in our lives are completely against vegas. That it's a place of sin. A place of pornography, sex, alcohol, adultery, greed,etc. 
yes this is all true. 
But if that's all one person focuses on then that's all that person will see. 
We found so many family oriented places that one day wasn't enough for us to experience it all. Plus Las Veas can't be that bad since God put a temple there. :)
We can't wait to go back. 

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Train concert

Mike and I got some tickets to see ,Train. Remember them older Angie.
" Drops of Jupiter in her hair. Meet Virginia". You love this song 
It was nice to get out and hi alone with my amazing fella. A few highlights besides enjoying music from our yester-years. 

Falling in love with a new song from the opening act. We loved it so much we downloaded it while the guy was still singing it.... Just to make sure we didn't forget. 
Headphone by Matt Nathanson
Next The Fray.
Since these bands are from we were in our late teens most the people here were either old or really old.

 It's funny to see all the once young rockers now turn into the old rocking parents. And there were tons of kids at this concert. Some even rocking band onesis. Ha- there were so many kids that Mike and I are planning on bringing our kids next time. 

Oh! And tons of faded saggy tattoos! That's so going to be me. Old people with tattoos are awesome!
The sky was beautiful that day.

Back to my post.... 
 We listed to amazing music. Purchased ridicously overpriced food. Danced on our blanket. Cuddled under the stars. Got stuck in traffic. Sang the "headphones" song over and over while in the car. Late to pick up kids from sitters. Held hands the entire night. 
Forgot the words of the songs but won't forget this night.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Sneaky Girl

I am notorious for being done with Christmas the day AFTER  Christmas. :)

So when I find amazing deals on items I will stock up and just hide it somewhere until it's needed. So being in our new house the space to hide items is limited. So I will hide gifts in my room under my side of the closet, in a box, wrapped it in something ugly like extra fabric and just leave it be.

This usually works but Ducati has increased her snooping skills and has become very sneaky.
Her latest find was this Elsa doll. She was just "looking" for something for me to wear when she seen something sparkle. Which lead to her finding it.

Which lead to about 20 minutes of her being really, really quiet so I went on the search for her. And I found her outside singing, "Let It Go", twirling with the Elsa doll. She looks at me and asks if she could have it. (Grrr!) 
Yes you can
"Thanks Mom. Let It Go!"