Saturday, October 13, 2012

Park Hopping

Tonight we had a family date night. We haven't done one of these in a while. So to enjoy the last little bit of cool weather we had a Park Hopping Date Night. I printed these papers off the Dating Divas website which is where I found these idea.
So the idea of the date is to visit 4 different parks and do the activities on the checklist at each park. Easy enough right?

Here's some photos of our Park Hopping Date Night:
- Slide 10 times down a slide

-Play ring around the rosies. (when we all fell down)

-Find 15 unique rocks
 all we could find at 1 park was mushrooms so they're under the super"unique" rocks section

-Play duck, duck, goose

-TRY monkey bars two times. I emphasis try since Mike was the only one to be able to get across them. But hey...we tried :-)

- Play Freeze Tag 
no photos :(

-Find 5 neat leaves
 At this park Lily brought over an entire weed plant for her leaf. haha :)

-Have a race around the park
we usually saved this one until the end and just raced from the park to our van. 

-swing and jump 3 times
 As you can see some understood this more than others. Lily would just jump into her swing. It counts since she's still jumping and swinging.
 And Mike- he's all about going BIG or going home. Kids around the playgrounds just stood and watched him while he flipped off the swings.

-write your name in the dirt

We had such a great family date.

 We must of been out for about 3 hours park hopping. When we came home we had apple slices with a homemade caramel dip and watched Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin King movie. We all had so much fun. And the proof was sleeping in so late the next morning that I awoke in a panic that we were going to be late to church. (which we were:-) Small sacrifice for family fun. 

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