Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Double Bash

Today we had Mason's Halloween party at his school and since Mike (shown above) and I are on the PTA we helped out at the party. In the morning Mason along with the rest of the school had a parade walking down main street to show off their great costumes.
Here Mason is as a Knight. He doesn't have his sword since it's against school rules. But Mason was the only one dress this way. There were so many Iron-Men, Spider-Men, Princesses so this year he stood out in the crowd. But after the parade we headed back to Mason's class to get it ready for the party. YEAH!!

There were so many activities for the kids to do. The kids were divided into 4 groups and just routed to each center. A pin-the-eye on the monster, Craft mask making center, I was in charge of a candy toss. Where the kids throw candy taffy into baskets and whatever they get in the basket they can keep. Wow they got some good arms for being first graders. I had to change my rules after the second group came to me. They had half my bag of candy already. Little stinkers! And Mike was in charge of the Mummy Wrapping Race. At the end the kids wrapped him up as a mummy. He's such a good sport. Here's hailey in her dance princess costume. She was my little helper picking up the candy the kids missed. We left at the end so the kids can go to lunch and we can head to the hospital. To be continued...... after the picture

Since Wednesday night I was sick and having pain in my back. I just brushed it off as pregnancy pain. But the pain lasted until the morning and all day even during the party. So mike being the caring and bossy one kept telling me that I should go to the hospital and get checked. Finally after the party I gave in. So we dropped hailey off at a friends house and we went. We didn't know what to think. When I walked into the hospital the staff was great and understood my concern. I explained my symptons and they gave me a bed so they can monitor me for a little bit. After 3 hours of being there they said I was in early labor. So we got sent home until I was dilated a little more then to come back. Mike was confused and excited and scared and etc. Myself I was in awe. I have been told by many doctors that I can't have kids anymore. And behold Lily. Then I was told I can't go into labor by myself and here I am writing this blog still in pain but not enough to go to the hospital again. So I'm thinking either doctors are wrong or some divine help is leading mike and I down this baby road.
Here is my daddy-to-be asleep in the pull out bed as the nurses did their thing with me. I guess all the excitement pooped mike out. (Actually he only had about 4 hours of asleep the night before since he helped out at the party so I told him to take a nap cuz either way he's having a long night. Either at work or at the hospital)
Anyways I have a doctors appt in a few days to check my progress but Mike has a feeling that I won't last until then. I remember Mike telling me that his sister was in labor for 5 days. Wow that is one amazing woman. I am not looking forward to that. So we are praying that Lily gets in the fast lane and gets here soon.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Nap Time

Here are a few pictures that i snapped with my camera phone while mike was napping. I just thought they were so cute.

He was cudding with my stomach as he takes a nap before work. He had his arm all wrapped around Lily.

Look how big my stomach is. Lily must be the right fit and really comfortable. Soft like a pillow? This one is my favorite. I can't wait for him to actually cuddle with her at nap time instead of my baby bump.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Carving

We carved our pumpkins today. They will probably get gross before Halloween but it was still really fun to do. The kids looked on-line for their perfect stencil with the help of mom and dad. After they picked their favorite stencil along with Mike picking his. We started the DE-gutting!!
I think this is the only moment Mason wished he got a smaller pumpkin. He kept saying this is disgusting.
And some of us needed more help than others. But I don't think dad cared. After we gutted the pumpkins Mike and I did the transferring of the stencils and the carving and the kids did clean-up duty. I think we got the better end of the deal. After all was said and carved we put on pumpkin masterpieces on our porch. Happy Halloween!!
From left to right: Mason(wolf), Mike (Detroit Lions-like he would pick anything else), Angie(jack o lantern), Hailey (witch)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Backwards Date Night

Mike and I went on the last date night we're thinking we will have before Lily's arrival. We went downtown to the Gateway. Not having a plan we just went for the adventure and figured we would wing it. As long as we had some "us" time we'd find something to do. As we were walking we seen a local artist was there doing caricatures. So of course I wanted one. So as we posed we were making small talk with him and he told us we must make great looking kids. WOW we were flattered! Maybe because we had a really cute picture.
Second stop on our unplanned but very fun date. We went to grab a bite to eat. What made this meal even more fun was we added a twist to it.

We ate dessert first. Mike being completely blown away with this idea- he loved it. We indulged in some delicious pie and an ice cream cookie sandwich I can still taste. Then we wanted to see how well we know eachother. So we ordered our appetizers for eachother. I ordered his and he ordered mine. The waiter thought we were either french or just freaks. We didn't tell eachother what the other got until it arrived. But to much of our surprise we did good. I ordered him what he would of wanted and he made a great pick for me as well.
Next a movie. We had no idea what any of the movies that were playing were about so we just picked the next playing movie. Which as "Max Payne". Wow that movie freaked me out. Mike really liked it. Doesn't surprise me though. For not having a plan on what to do on our date night I for one had an amazing time.

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Great Pumpkin King

Later towards the evening on Friday we went to "The Great Pumpkin King" Festival on a local farm in Sandy. The kids got to pick out pumpkins from the patch. They ran along the rows trying to find that perfect one. I could hear mason saying "too orange","too small", "too oval" was he walked pass some. However when he found his perfect one he knew it. He insisted on this huge pumpkin that he couldn't carry without dads help or rolling it around on its side . We tried to talk him into a little bit smaller one that he could carry but he really wanted it so how could we say no. Hailey was excited she got her baby pumpkin she wanted. Mike and I also picked up a pumpkin each for us to carve later.
Also at the festival we got some fresh apple cider (YUMMY!!!) that mostly Mike and I drank right from the bottle. My parents met us there so they can share in the autumn experience especially since they were the ones who told us about this. However thanks to grandma we all got hot dogs, hamburgers, and candy apples. Thanks mom for the sugar rush. And when night fell we all sat on blankets to watch the Charlie Brown "The Great Pumpkin King"movie they were showing on the side of a truck. We all had a great pumpkin time. Ha Ha

Monday, October 13, 2008

Nog and Pie Hunt

With 3 weeks until Lily is here Mike and I are trying to spend some quality time together. But I wasn't feeling up to having a night out on town so Mike and I rented a movie "Live free or Die Hard" (major man movie but I picked it) and picked up a few craving items we were having.

Mike and I were seriously craving pumpkin pie and egg nog. It sounded so good and yummy. But to much of our surprise each store we went to was sold out of one or the other. We went to 4 different stores in search of these items.Our pie and nog hunt took about an hour but worth the wait. So thank you Smiths Market Place for having the pie and nog to satisfy our craving. We returned home around 10 and watched our movie finally and dived in to our sweet delights. But this was really fun! Good thing we only have 3 more weeks of cravings.

Monday, October 6, 2008


We went to the doctors today and everything with me is fine. I'm doing great. However Lily is growing more than the doc estimated so he wanted an ultrasound to be done to see how she is doing. Check on the amount of fluid, get her measurements, etc. Mike was excited because he never seen her on an ultrasound screen since he always works. So today he got to see her. We are for sure having a girl. Mike was somewhat confused on what he was seeing in the screen but it didn't help she was all squished up. Although this picture is her face profile. ( She does Mike's lip pucker)

But good news is she's not that big of a baby. Still long but she's probably 5-6lbs right now and by delivery she'll be around 8lbs. But that I'm due November 19Th instead of December 3rd. Mike and I were planning on inducing around Thanksgiving since I don't go into labor naturally. But now that we found this news out Lily's new induced-due date will be in 4 weeks November 6Th. So we are rushing to get all the final touches. Nursing items, burp cloths, etc that we kept putting off. Lily gave her mom and dad a nice little surprise. Thanks baby girl!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Daddy Moment

Since Mike and I have found out we were expecting we have gone thru alot of emotions. Most parents know exactly what I'm talking about. However Mike lately has been getting really excited for her arrival. Lily isn't due until Thanksgiving time and he has already packed his camo diaper bag.

The little pink bunny is for when we are at the hospital. Mike wants to give her something especially from him. I advised him from the side lines what to we will need to pack like diapers, clothes, socks, etc.
He picked out every outfit and packed in his bag. These pink shoes he brought himself for her to wear. Mike is getting really into it. Yesterday he felt Lily move and push her feet out. It was great. Mike has only felt her a few times since she's been strong enough to kick. Lily will kick me none stop but once Mike puts his hand on my stomach she stops. We think she is shy but I think she's already a daddy's girl. But he felt her and he had the biggest smile on his face. And today while we watched conference he was playing with her. Mike layed his head on my stomach and would push here and there and she would kick him in his face. He would feel her shift and push and he loved every minute of it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

PS...I love you

OH yeah the thing right now with Mason is he has a girlfriend. Yes I know he is in 1st grade but he loves her and wants a true loves kiss. I explained that you don't kiss girls on the lips. Only on the hand or the cheek. He has already had his first kiss so I don't want my 6 year old son getting mono from lip-locking everygirl. So we told him he can only kiss a girl on the lips if he is getting married. But he told me that they only hug and hold hands. Yesterday he picked her some flowers and wants to give them to her. I think it's cute! But my little boy is now a little man.
(older picture but he still looks the same)

Thank You Rubbermaid

Lately I have been in my nesting mood. And for any of you that don't know what that is it's when a pregnant woman cleans her "nest" from top to bottom before the baby comes. So Mike and I (but mostly me) have been cleaning like crazy. I re organized the kids room. Reorganized our storage closets, our seasonal stuff,etc. Mike helped with the heavy stuff. But I noticed something that cleaning never stops so I have eased up some but not by much. But that's what I have been doing for the last 1 1/2weeks. But now because of that my mom thinks Lily is coming cuz pregnant women don't nest unless they are going to pop. Sorry mom but no poppin' over here.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Not so Dance, Dance, Dance

Hailey has been going to ballet class for a few weeks now and she is surprisingly the shyest girl in that class. For the most part she sits and watches the other kids do their exercises and dance moves. And she doesn't really talk to the other kids unless they approach her first. However since this her first class she is "soaking it up" mentally says the teacher and maybe next time or towards the end she will open up and move a little. But I have to say when it comes to doing the leaps in class Hailey never misses the opportunity to do those. But she still is my Dancing Queen!(after class)

(Her new dance outfit donated gratefully by her grandma)