Friday, October 26, 2012

Free Theater Night

Our luck has been changing lately. Mike won 2 tickets to tonight's rehearsal showing of The Lion in Winter. 
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A couple of months ago I entered Mike and I into Utah's Free Theater Night lottery. You pick 6-7 theater shows you would like to see and then it's all a matter of luck. I didn't win any which is OK. But Mike won 2 events. But sadly I didn't open our email in time to confirm the first shows tickets. Thankfully I seen this one so I was able to claim these tickets.

The show was great. Lots of drama. Sort of like a soap opera set in 1183. So very interesting to watch to the point I was talking to Mike that it needs a sequel. I know....I'm a movie person:-)
But tonight was such a wonderful evening. A nice change of pace from Redbox. :-)

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