Saturday, October 20, 2012

Grandpa's visit

Mike's dad, Brent, made a visit to Utah for a long weekend. When our kids heard that he was coming they were all so excited. These visits come around once a year but when they do all our kids want to do is play, play, and play with him.
 It was too bad we couldn't spend more time with him while he was here. Between Mike working 2 days, Mason and his debate watching homework, and fixing a pool- but we're not complaining. We enjoyed every minute of it. :-)
As you can see from the photos...


 Hailey coming in to set these boys straight.

 After playing in their homemade park Grandpa treated us to Chuck E. Cheese. Super fun! Our kids were too focused on the singing mouse to look at me long enough to smile.
 After filling up everyone was very eager to play.
 Mason sort of went off on his own. Pre-teen independence :-)
Hailey kept going between Mike, me and Grandpa so mostly Cati and Lily are photographed since they had to stay with me since I was holding their tokens.

A witness to Ducati's creative thinking. (Laying on the bowling game)

 Lily playing against another little 3 year old. It was so most cutest air hockey game I've ever seen.
 But even though most of our time together we were just playing around calling eachother ,"Poopie Apple pie face" (inside joke :-)......) we also went to Bountiful Temple together. How amazing it is to spend time with family in the house of the Lord. Such a great visit. We all can't wait until his next visit.

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