Friday, October 12, 2012

Talent/ No Talent show

I admit if I didn't sign up to bring something to tonight's show we might of skipped it. Thankfully I did because it was so fun. 

Our ward/neighborhood held a Talent/ No Talent Show. (No Talent for those you like to perform but might be off key alittle :).....)
A Cafe Rio style dinner was provided along with a table devoted to all sorts of cookies. 

The group that put this together really planned for everything. We played a few games while people sat and ate. Like name that nursery rhythm.  Which I thought I know them all but some how I got Little Boy Blue and Little Miss Muffin all mixed up. So she was napping and he was sitting somewhere. hahaha....
There was guess how many candies in the jar. 
A text battle between 2 teens and 2 adults. I think this was my favorite game to watch. They each had to text a sentence with their name attached to the message to a mystery phone number.
Guess who won that round? The  teen. This 16 year old young man had enough time to put his phone back in his pocket,cross his arm, and enjoy his glory. But during round 2 mad gab and round 3 a trivia question the adults took it back. To end of battle Teens 1, Adults 2. Yeah for adults!!!

There were some contest games like throwing marshmallows into your partners face....I mean into their mouth, balancing pennies on a popsicle stick in your mouth, and some more I think I'm forgetting. I love these types of Minute to Win it games. 

The talent show had so many great acts. A skit from Napoleon Dynamite, tons of girls showing off their tumbling skills, rockets set to classical musical, a couple of musical numbers, a few stories told, a slide show of photos, a couple of silly skits, and a couple of display tables that people showed off their talents. Like photos, painting, quilts, etc. 

It was a really nice evening. Lily wanted some silly pictures with Mike.


 The last act of the show was from the Bishopric and other Elders. They asked all the kids to come sit on the floor in front of their table. So I went with Lily and Cati and we all sat on the floor.  Their table was set up with plates, cups of water, napkins, and boxes of pies. So the classic making of a pie eating contest. The men were giving each other some good but clean teasing to one another. The Bishop was encouraging everyone to cheer for him.Then, they each took a slice of their pies on put them on their plates and that's when things got interesting. As soon as everyone thought that the Bishopric was about to dive into their pies they grabbed their cans of silly string (that were hiding) and sprayed all the kids.

 There was silly string everywhere! Some kids laughed. Some were in shock. Some kids cried. And some were mad (which is what my girls were). Lily told a member of the bishopric, "That was not a nice trick!" He apologized but she just walked away. Later when I was talking to his wife (who I visit teach) Lily told her that she didn't like his trick so she gave Lily his pie. :-) Now that's funny! It was such a great evening. I do hope they do this next year. And if not it was still a very awesome night :-)

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