Saturday, February 27, 2010

Back to Basics

Lately we've taken a step back to simpler times....Honestly....back to basics....So today Mike, Lily, Ducati and myself went outside to chalk art our patio landing..

Lily just wanted to eat the chalk and take photos... so of course I took some pictures of our little girl. I love her wrinkle smile.

But Mike was really getting into his artwork....

Until Lily walked through it....but she invented chalk pants.... just wait-they'll catch on!

Ducati was having so much fun with the art.... these are tears of joy

here's a cute picture of Lily...

But after chalking Mike thought it would be fun to do some throwing.... of Lily

She loved it..... but I love this photo more (below)This is what we're talking about....sometimes we can get caught up in the hostile of the latest video game or movie and forget to make these classic memories with our kids. So we're kickin' it old school.

Here's our final art piece.

Not bad, huh? We're original Van Gogh....more like Van Lassig's.

Friday, February 26, 2010


We went for a family fun day 3 weeks ago but I'm just posting it now. Sorry alot has happened with our family since 1/ 24. But here's our photos from that day....
First we went's our thing. Hailey needed alittle help centering her first strike! We're so proud...who knows maybe she can grow up to be the first pro-bowler who marries a vampire boy in the temple
Even lily had a few turns. But of course Dad kicked all our butts!

But Mason didn't play. We're teaching him about free agency and making choices=consequences. He made some choices that led him to sitting it out. But he's getting better at making better choices.Then we had alittle snack....and went to play some games. This family is slowly becoming a gamer family....Let's kill some spiders!!!!

She's some a great hook shot.....

The best thing was the prizes. Hailey got a shiny ringand my choice was the greatest discipline invention ever made......Chinese Finger Traps!!!
It took Mason about 25-30 minutes to figure out how to get his fingers out. Now I keep it in my diaper bag and if someone has a hard time keeping their hands to themselves I pull it out. It was a great day at Boondocks!!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zoo Day

Today was free zoo day at Hogle Zoo. So of course we went. The weather wasn't the best but oh well.... it was surely an adventure. This was Ducati's first zoo trip and just like Lily-she slept thru it.
Mason had an assignment on 10 different animals so he stayed focus on that. But we think he enjoyed the change.We seen some awesome animals and took some even more awesome pics....

Lily was loving this squirrel thing that kept running up to the window glass

Hailey's so cute....

But take a look at Lily while visiting the baby elephant....Here's Suriand here's Lily......She was so busted trying to climb into the elephant park... But then our little sugar girl turned to all spice with this BIG tantrumMike and I couldn't help but laugh....

But we took it as a cue to start heading home but not without our first attempt at taking a family photo.

We think when it's only 2 crying out of the 6 of us-it's a good photo.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Today after church Mike had to go to work so we did most of our celebrating yesterday. But we exchanged gifts....
Mike got me a New Moon poster and some Twilight candy that Lily grabbed hold of before she riped it. That's how Mike holds me ♥♥♥

I gave Mike some cologne and a book.....I know.....A book? But he's been wanting to read this book for a while....Lily and Ducati each got one of these glowing hearts...She's even wearing her heart dress. She's in the love spirit.

For Mason and Hailey we made these photo Valentines for them....they liked them!

But it was a special day even though my love had to work. We had a great Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Our Valentines Day was wonderful. We started off with going paint balling. We went to Paintball Addicts in Salt Lake. What better way to show our love than shooting each other? But we totally rocked it when we entered the game. The other players took advantage of the fact that we were newbies. So the other players on the field ignored us...except when we shoot them. ( I shot someone in the face!) But once the others players seen how Mike and I worked as a team they went after us. Punks! I got shot in the face and finger. Mike got a finger shot (lame!) But towards the end I ran out of paint balls so I exited the game....Mike did as well but he stood in to psych the other team out that he was shooting at them. Smart move....but this was so much fun. We are now paintball addicts. ;-) ♥

Afterwards we went to the Salt Lake Temple. We clean up nicely,huh? We met Daina and Aaron, Brian Thatcher and his wife and attended an endowment session. It was so beautiful. I just kept admiring the history of the temple. Then we came home and ate dinner with the missionaries in our stake. After eating we played with our sweet♥hearts...

Then Mike and I made truffles. Actually I made some for our dinner but we gave them to the missionaries....they needed a Valentines gift.... But I'm so proud of Mike. He now can cook mac and cheese, microwave meals and truffles.

They were so delicious.....

Ducati loved them...
All this and it's only Saturday.