Thursday, October 25, 2012

Get Air

One of our parenting goals is to go on more kid dates. So tonight I had planned to go out with Mason to the Utah Symphony.  Something new to expose him too. Something cultured and educational. In hopes that he'll love it the way I do. But this morning I got a silly ol'fever that I couldn't break. So instead of canceling on Mason Mike happily stepped in and took Mason out on a guys night. They went to Get Air! 
 Get Air is a local indoor trampoline park. Pretty much there's trampolines from wall to wall.

 I've been seeing deals for this place on KSL a lot and with a coupon code I was able to pick up 2 1 hour jump passes for about $7 (retail $20).
As I can see with my son's big o'smile he had a blast. They were flipping and jumping off of everything. Mike showed off his crazy tramp skills to all the pre-teen boys. I'm glad Mason had alot of fun. I know.... what was I thinking....the sympathy. This mom will have to re-think her son dates from now on. :-)

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