Friday, August 3, 2012

Trails Away

Today was one busy day. Between grocery shopping (if you coupon you know it can take longer) Pinewood Derby, sealing cracks in our house, random errands, and blah blah blah.....I was on empty. So Mike loaded everyone up and took us on a walk on the trail he runs.  
 Walking on the trail there's a little barn with some animals so the kids loved this. Mason was instigating the sheep in the background.
 Lily was a fan of the Llama's and all the sunflowers. And yup...she's barefoot.
 Ducati....she wanted to walk back to the car but she ended up stopping every so while to sit and rest. She's so funny. :-)

After a nice trail walk Mike took us all for ice cream. Since the girls and I didn't have shoes on we waited outside on the patio tables.
 Lily is showing off her dirty toes.
 Nothing brings me back to balance than nature and ice cream. Hahaha!

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