Friday, August 10, 2012


After work on Friday Mike and I took our girls to Boondocks. While parking the car Lily asked us in a very concerned voice if we were going to hike a volcano. (since they have a volcano in their mini golf course)
But when we entered inside these girls went from curious to overly excited in about 1 second.

 Lily and Cati loved riding the carousel. They would play a game then run back to the horses. Then play a game and run back to their horses. It was fun to watch them. Maybe next time we'll just keep paying the carousel- it'll save on alot of leg work.

After our game card was empty and tons of tickets were counted Mike and I allowed the girls to get whatever they wanted with their tickets. And you'll never guess what these girls got from the prize counter?

Candy, huge pixie sticks, bracelets, more candy, hair clips, a pencil, more candy and this Best Friends necklace. They really liked it.
They look so cute with their new treasures.
 While on the drive home Lily tried to eat her huge pixie stick but she couldn't figure out how to eat it without spilling or wasting her sugars. So figured out how to cup her hand and just ate it out of her hand. Smart girl. :-)
 Mike seen this when he looked in the rear view mirror so I had to sneak a photo. They're making their best friends heart. So cute!
It was a fun little outing for us all but my favorites moment was when Lily and Ducati were saying " We're best friends forever" :-)
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