Friday, August 10, 2012

Let's go Fly a Kite

After Boondocks we came home to eat dinner when Lily noticed that the wind outside was kicking up. A storm was brewing but she didn't notice that. She noticed that there was enough wind to fly kites...something she's wanted to do since I picked some kites up on clearance for 50 cents.

So we ventured outside to see if we could get a kite up.  First we tried in our backyard. The kite flew but only for 1 or 2 seconds and only a few feet off the ground. (too many trees)
 So we went in the cult-a-sac and tried again.... And from Lily's facial expression- SUCCESS!!!
 Mike got the kite going so high that Lily and Cati just stood in the street and stared.
 Then Lily wanted a turn. She was so happy that she got her kite up and going.

You can see her kite and the storm coming.
After her turn Ducati had a turn. And while Cati was flying her kite Lily went inside and grabbed an umbrella. When she came back outside and asked for help to open it. As I opened it and pulled it up I expressed to Lily that she doesn't need an umbrella. Then right when I handed it back to her the rain started.
Lily laughed at me so much. She danced and sang,
 "I told you it was going to rain. ♪ I 'm dry and you're wet ♪♪." 
Mike gathered the kite in. Cati and I ran inside since I've already broke 1 camera due to water damage. And Lily....she danced in the rain for a minute. Such a great night. 

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